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Linear walked onto the balcony of the hotel. She smiled slowly as she looked at the sun slowly set. She was reflecting on all of the adventures she's been on. Linear walked and took out her ocarina. Every since Mag gave it to her she loved playing it. It was so uplifting and it let her relax. She started to play a new song she just learned, Song of the Ancient Sun. A small light shone on the ground and sparkled. Linear's deep maroon eyes spotted a gold necklace appear where the light glisten. She reached down and delicately picked it up. It had rays out bursting out from a diamond. She held it up to the half sun and a beautiful rainbow bursted out from the sky the balcony leading to a shadow in the distance. She put the necklace around her

"Mag look!" Linear whispered excitedly in her sweet voice. Mag ran out from the kitchen and opened the screen door. She pointed at the rainbow.

"Wow! What is that?" Mag said in a hyper mood(then again he's always in a hyper mood). Linear shrugged. Mag put his foot on the rainbow. Linear gasped, afraid that Mag would fall through.

"It's…it's… solid! Hey Gre! We're going adventuring! See ya later!" Mag yelled out.

"Wait Master Mag! Oh no drat!" Gre yelled from the kitchen. Mag grabbed Linear's arm and helped her up onto the rainbow.

"Where's Mag? Gre! Where did Mag go?" Chain whined also from inside the kitchen. Gre and Chain walked outside to see Mag and Linear walk across the rainbow. The rainbow started to disappear.

"Master Mag, watch out!" Gre exclaimed. Mag grabbed Linear's arm and they ran across the rainbow. As they got closer they realized that the shadow was an ancient ruin. The rainbow suddenly disappeared underneath Mag and Linear's feet. Linear closed her eyes, when something swooped her up. She opened her eyes. She looked down and she saw the town far beneath her. She was suddenly swinging. She grabbed a hold of the thing that was swinging her. It was Mag. He's saved her so many times! Linear smiled as she let go and jumped onto the entrance of the ruins, and Mag followed. A buzz came from behind them. Mag whirled around and sighed.

"Do you think a Gun would ever let a Launcher beat 'em to a Appraisal Item! Ha! Well, if you're going to adventure you at least need my expert advice! Mag, you'll end up getting us lost!" Chain barked egotistically. Mag banged his head repetitively on the wall.

"Stupid flying Cyframe! This I'm gonna hate!" Mag mumbled to himself. Chain landed herself on the ruin.

" Why do you always bring HER along? SHE can't do anything! You're always saving HER butt!" Chain complained. (By "HER" Chain meant Linear.) Mag was about to confront her but Linear stepped in front of Chain.

"Linear!" Linear said to Chain, louder than usual.

"Huh?" Chain wondered

"My name is Linear! I'm sick and tired of you always making fun of me!" Linear complained. Chain went quiet and her eyes widened. Mag was shocked as well, but also happy. He was happy that she was able to stand up for herself. Then the group slowly walked into the ruin without saying a word to each other.

The ruins had gold dragons holding up the clear ceiling. Strangely the ruins were not light but a faded dark mist filled the air. The air was soft and not humid. A black shadow flipped and landed in front of them.

"Hey little guy!" The voice said.

"Pepper?" Mag said. The figure stepped out of the shadows. It was Pepper.

"I saw you guys and these ruins so I thought I'd land here. I was using a Jet to hitch a ride." Pepper explained.

"On top of the plane! COOL!" Mag yelled.

"Yep! Mag, who's your little guy friend?" Pepper said, looking at Chain.

" I'M A GIRL! I'M CHAIN GUN!" Chain growled at Pepper.

"Sorry! Oh so you're part of the Launcher's rival family. Look's like little Mag's popular with the girls." Pepper joked. Chain blushed and quick turned around. Mag fell to the ground. Linear came over a rubbed his head. He slowly got up.

"Pepper…" Mag sighed.

"Let's get a move on already!" Chain complained. All of a sudden a misty voice shook the building.

"The necklace found by Evolutia unlocks the tombs, but that is just the beginning. Evolutia shall soon find her destiny in the tombs of the Ancient Light. To pass each floor all shall not only fight many fiends but also complete missions to unlock the gate to the next floor." The voice explained mysteriously. Suddenly a large symbol landed in front of Linear. She slowly put her hand up to it and closed her eyes.

"The four Dragons' eyes in full flame guides the path to the true gate. Firae, Aquaria, Windara and Earthan are the Dragons' names. Each one lights with their elemental stone. Each of the gates, North, South, East and West has an element. Only one person shall enter one of the four gates. These gates lead to Elemental Stones. The Elemental Stones will only activate from being found by their true holder." Linear said in a monotone voice. Linear opened her eyes and blinked.

"Let's get started!" Mag cheered. Linear nodded in agreement.

"Sounds like fun!" Pepper said.

Then the group ran off to confront their first fiend…