Elemental Dragons

The group walked and confronted a group of monsters. Pepper happened to know all the weaknesses of the monsters. After the fight the group was walking until Mag went up in front of Pepper.

"Pepper, how do you know all these monsters skills?" Mag interrogated. Pepper took of her goggles. She showed everyone that she got a monster scan on her goggles.

"SO COOL! I'm SO JEALOUS PEPPER! I HAVETA GET ONE!" Mag yelled excitedly.

" Only one problem Mag, where you gonna get the money. You're still in debt," Chain sneered.

"That's right... I almost forgot..." Mag sighed.

"Eep!" Chain jumped. She heard something moving from behind her.

"It's only a kitten! It looks so lonely sitting here. How did it get in here?" Mag wondered.

"Look at its leg! It's hurt!" Linear whispered. She bent down.

"Linear the kitten's not over there. It's..." All of a sudden Chain fell to her knees, gasping.

"What's wrong?" Pepper urgently yelled running over to Chain.

"The kitten bit me!" Chain complained. " It's growling at me don't you see it?" Chain showed her hand to Pepper. Her hand was covered with blood. Pepper shivered.

"That's impossible! The kitten is over here chasing a small butterfly! But you do have teeth marks in your hand." Pepper contemplated.

"This is weird!" Mag freaked. Pepper locked her Cyframe in place. A blue light grew at the end of the Cyframe.

" What...what are you doing Pepper?" Linear cried. Pepper ignored Linear. Linear's eyes teared and she put her hand over them. Pepper aimed at four different areas. The blue light split into four separate lights hitting the areas.

"Illusionist appear!" Pepper yelled, " Your images won't work on me!" Her yell made Linear open her eyes and stop crying. All of a sudden the image of the kitten that Chain saw turned into a ghost-like figure that was visible to everyone. Mag put on his goggles and used his cyframe making the ghost explode.

"Ha! Piece of cake!" Mag egotistically announced. Pepper grinned at him.

"Heh... Thanks Pepper." He guiltily said. Linear got up slowly.

"Chain!" Linear gasped. Linear put her hands together and a light shone around her and healed Chain's hand. The group continued to walk. There was a large statue that was in front of them. The statue had four dragons intertwined with each other. Each had a different symbol on its head. Their eyes were empty and each of them pointed to a direction in the temple. At the end of where their head pointed were caged in pathways. On the cages there were the same symbols as on the dragon's head that was pointing towards them.

" Water, Air, Fire, Earth" Linear pointed at the symbols on the dragon's head. Mag looked at Linear. He's been protecting Linear for a couple of years now and yet he hardly knew anything about her.

"How do you know that?" Mag asked calmly. (Strange for him to be calm, huh?) Linear quickly turned around. She sighed.

"I... I don't know. My memories have been erased in one of the ruins, except, for the times after I met you. All I know is that it was horrible. I'm kinda glad." She turned around and closed her eyes and started to silently cried.

" Linear! What's the matter?" Mag exclaimed.

"N...Nothing." Linear stuttered. She opened her eyes and quietly smiled to herself. She turned around with her tears gone.

"The riddle was talking about these dragons probably." Chain yelled excitedly. Mag curiously put his hand on top of the symbol of Earth. It glowed an earthy green. Chain ran over and pushed Mag aside making the light disappear. Chain tried to put her hand on it but the statue repelled her hand.

"Hey! Stop it Chain." Mag complained as he regained his balance.

"I get it!" Pepper jumped, "Chain move away for a sec and let Mag put his hand there. Everyone, find the symbol that will glow when you touch it." Chain moved over to the side, and to the other dragon with the symbol of Fire. It glowed a fiery red. Pepper and Linear went over to Water and Air, but Water repelled Linear's hand and the same happened with Pepper and Air. They both switched places. The Air symbol lit up in a crystal white and the Water symbol turned an aqua blue. The lights all repelled the four of them to land on the floor and the sunlight disappeared. The lights turned into beams that shot to the doors in front of each of them, creating the symbols on cages to light up. Slowly the cages lifted and the lights faded. The pathway entrances each shone a different color and the sunlight reentered the ruins.

" Well I didn't expect that to happen." Pepper exclaimed shocked.

"We haveta get the stones from the element door that we lit up... right?" Mag guessed, and Linear nodded approvingly with a soft smile.

"I can't leave Linear alone though!" Mag cried.

"Get over it! Why do you protect her so much? She can take care of herself!" Chain complained, putting her hands on her hips.

" Hate ta break it to ya Mag, but according to what da riddle said, Chain's right." Pepper reported.

"But..." Mag whined. A hand touched Mag's shoulder.

"It'll be alright Mag. I'll be okay," Linear said. Pepper then took Chain by the hand.

"Come on let's go already!" She urged. Pepper, Chain and Linear ran off to their doors, while Mag reluctantly walked to his door.

Pepper- Ice Cave

As soon as Pepper entered the room the door shut behind her. She stepped forward and slipped on ice.

"Woah!" Pepper screamed landing on her back. She slowly got up, groaning.

"Huh? What!" Pepper yelled. Her voice echoed, " I was expecting a room, not an ice cave," Pepper shivered "It is cold, but whatever." Pepper walked carefully. She held onto a wall and walked herself over to another room. It was very similar to the room before. Suddenly she saw a mountain of ice move. She gasped and carefully, but quickly stepped back. Although the cold her palms were sweating under her gloves as two eyes from the ice darted at her. They were crystal eyes without pupils, but they had a feel to them, making them fit the atmosphere, the piercing cold. Suddenly, the eyes and an area of the ice moved, showing a human-like figure, made out of complete ice. It was about the same height as pepper. It's form of hair was a sheet or icicles packed together from the top of it's forehead to it's waist. It seemed like it was wearing a pair of ice jeans and an ice top with sparkling sapphires covering its neck.

"Those gems are an adventures dream!" Pepper yelled excitedly.

"Hehe... they're mine dear human, and the chances of you getting them, are very unlikely..." The ice creature cackled in a raspy voice.

"Oh please! You're talking to an adventurer and there is no way I'm backing down for a little fun." Pepper grinned, holding down her enjoyment. The ice creature sped forward and Pepper followed behind. The creature passed over a ground that was dark and seemed as though there was no ground there. So Pepper eagerly followed it. Suddenly, when pepper stepped onto that area of ground she speeded downward.

" Oh! Did I mention that I can glide run? I didn't realize humans couldn't do that!" The ice creature laughed wickedly staring down the hole.

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