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Angra Mainyu, Persian God of Darkness, source of all evil in this world, former Avenger class of the Third Holy Grail War, and now the corrupted conscience of the Holy Grail tried the best it could to sigh in boredom (Or the closest thing to it, since being a spirit in the Holy Grail did not give it any type of vocal cords). The reason why it was bored again was simple. There was nothing to do within the Grail. The closest thing it got to entertainment recently (By its point of view) were the events of the Fourth Holy Grail War. The very memory of that day made the dark spirit 'smile' with glee. Six Servants, each more powerful and unique than what had been originally planned, fought to the death and caused chaos within Fuyuki City. Messing with Saber brought Angra Mainyu a huge amount of happiness, so that was another bonus of the previous war. Sure, two Servants had gotten new bodies due to its little 'spill' but hey. It was a small price to pay in order to get back at Emiya Kiritsugu.

You do not fuck with a God of Darkness and think you can get away with it.

Unfortunately, all that seemed to do was make Kiritsugu even more determined to make sure there was no other Grail War after the fourth. He used explosives to create a 'bump' in one of the leylines, which would ensure an earthquake in thirty to forty years. Thus, Angra Mainyu decided to 'speed up' the next war. Which brought Angra Mainyu to now. It was planning to make the Fifth Holy Grail War truly special. One that was even more exciting than the last war. Originally, it had originally planned to allow the fifth war to go its course since it had its fun with the fourth. But if it was going to be the final war and the only chance Angra Mainyu got to return to the real world, then by Godhe was going to have the show of his life before the end result came in.

Angra Mainyu 'grinned' within the Holy Grail as it chose the combatants of the Holy Grail War. Each Servant was more powerful than the ones last chosen in their own ways. It had also decided to add another Master into the fray just to shake things up once more. Plus, it allowed its former class to be in the war once more. (Perhaps Angra Mainyu still had pride as the Servant Avenger. Go figure…) And to shake things up even more, Angra Mainyu decided to bring in a veteran of the Fourth War.

Lets see how the son of that asshole Kiritsugu and Saber react to these Servants!


Waver Velvet, now given the title of El-Melloi the Second, looked at his right hand with an utter serious expression on his face while sitting down in the kitchen. This morning after waking up, he had found that his former Command Seals for Rider had changed. The blood-red markings had turned into the image of Team Dai-Gurren's symbol. The flaming skull and sunglasses forming two Command Seals while two flame marks were on both of its sides, thus making the third Command Seal.

Waver could tell what it meant. Magical tattoos do not just change shape overnight. He had been chosen to participate in the next Holy Grail War, which was apparently coming fifty years early.

"I heard theories that it would take place earlier due to the destruction of the previous Grail, but I never would have thought it would take place this early. Nor that I would be chosen for it again…" Waver thought to himself as he gazed at the Command Seals. It had been ten years since the event that had changed his life forever. The lessons taught by Rider to him had never faded away, nor did the memory of their friendship throughout the war. He had used Team Dai-Gurren as a symbol of equality within the Association, and had instilled those dreams to numerous others. Every day, Team Dai-Gurren became bigger and bigger as did their sway over Clock Tower. Some members have even been talking about overthrowing it and instilling him as the new head. However, Waver knew that they needed even more power than they already had in order to truly take control. Especially with the rumors floating around of the director's unimaginable strength plus his two thousand years of experience…

Waver then heard a loud burp erupt through the kitchen, making him sigh before turning to see 'Bender' with a bottle of the Archibald's finest wine in hand. The faulty Mystic Code kept giving him, his young wife, and the numerous servants around the estate trouble for years. Especially with his constant consumption of alcohol, which was a small fortune on its own. "Listen meat bag, it doesn't matter how many times you hide the cigars I will find them." Bender informed Waver before taking out a cigar (The Cuban ones Waver had been saving for holiday).

"Perhaps I'll quite just to spite you." Waver shot back before staring at his new Command Seals once more.

"Oh bite my shiny metal ass." Bender told him before walking behind Waver and looking over his shoulder. "Hey, when did you get those?"

"Last night." Waver muttered before glancing at Bender. "I'm now a participant in the Fifth Holy Grail War, apparently."

Bender then gasped before Waver heard several blunt objects hit the floor. "Oh you've got to be kidding me! I've got to deal with that crap again? Nu'uh! No way in He-!" Waver then took a magnet from his pocket and placed it on Bender's head. "Jimmy crack corn and I don't care! Jimmy crack corn and you don't care!" Bender sang as he began to dance around. "I'll freaking kill you meat ba-!" Bender shouted in rage before Waver took out a vial. Bender then reverted back to his original liquid mercury form and shrunk before flowing back into the vial.

"Finally, some peace and quiet…" Waver thought to himself while sighing in relief. It was a good thing that he remembered that episode of Futurama, otherwise he would havenever found a way to make Bender shut up. Waver then got up and poured himself a cup of coffee before putting in the usual amount of sugar and milk. He was completely self-reliant despite the personal maids Cristina assigned to him.

"Good morning my husband…" A voice sung out, making Waver turn to see Cristina Archibald. She had grown since five years ago, and was now nineteen. She reached about Waver's chin now, and her bust size had increased to a low C-cup (Waver only knew about this because she kept bragging about it.) She wore black pants and high-heels along with a blue shirt. Her blonde hair was still long and reached to her waist. Her blue eyes were still full of hero-worship to Waver despite being married to him along with mischief. "How was your night with Sasha?"

Her personality however, had not changed a bit.

"It was… nice." Waver lied as he slowly took a sip of his coffee. Sasha was one of the two personal maids Cristina assigned to him. Apparently, they were mistresses that she approved of to help 'sate her husband's manliness'. Luckily, she and her fellow maid Clair were just as uncomfortable of the situation as he was. So when Cristina let him go 'satisfy himself' while she slept, he just stayed in their rooms on a chair reading a book before falling asleep. Its not like he hadn't dreamt of sleeping with them, after all they were both beautiful in their own way, its just that he was more of the 'one is enough' crowd. And with Cristina, one was definitely enough. During the night she became legal, she had done things to him that would haunt him for the rest of his days.

Harems may work in anime or manga, but in real life one forming for you with a wife like Cristina heading them was scary as Hell.

"Husband, what happened to your Command Seals?" Cristina asked, making Waver grimace. He should have hid them better…

"Oh well, she would have found out sooner or later…" Waver thought to himself before replying with, "Apparently, I have been chosen to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War."

Cristina let out a short gasp while covering her mouth with her hands. He had told her stories of the Fourth War, and he made sure to not leave out any details. "…w-we have to tell the Association im-!"

"No, we will not." Waver said while setting down his mug. "The reason why I got to live so long during the Fourth War was both because of Rider and that I never registered myself as a Master. Thus, I was relatively hidden from the other Masters. Even when I was revealed as a Master, they had no idea where I was staying at since my family did not own any property in Fuyuki."

"I see." Cristina muttered as her face became utterly serious. "So, we must keep ourselves hidden from the other Masters during the beginning of the war. That way, they will not be prepared to face us."

"We?" Waver questioned curiously to Cristina, who closed her eyes and smiled at him.

"I'm going with you husband. You cannot go out there into a battle like the Holy Grail War and expect me to be content with staying here. Your battles are mine too." Cristina informed him, making Waver give a small smile. Despite her personality, she truly did love and care for him. "Plus this would be a perfect opportunity to get you a Japanese mistress!" Cristina allowed a small bead of drool escape her lips as her face reddened. "You always talk so much as to how you love the Japanese culture, and what could make you happier than giving you another mistress from Japan itself! Oh my, husband will be so manly with his new mistress! Perhaps I shall join as well!"

…And with that, Waver felt like reverting back to his nineteen year old self and begin crying.

Did Rider ever have to deal with such crazy girls in his life?

Elsewhere (Fuyuki Church):

"Let's have a party~!" A man who looked a lot like the star Ryan Reynolds sung while dancing around the house of God dressed in only his heart-shaped boxers. "Don't you be tardy~!"

"Ah, its so good to be back." A now older Kotomine Kirei said out loud while chugging a can of beer, burping, and crushing the can with his forehead before throwing it over his shoulder. "But one would think that TIM would be too busy to even begin writing this sequel. After all, he has that new story 'Sins Of Zero' and real life to deal with."

"Ah, guy likes the attention is all." Wade Wilson, formerly known as Deadpool and Assassin from the Fourth Holy Grail War, informed Kirei while sitting down on a bench and taking out a 'Marvel Swimsuit Edition' magazine. "I mean, doesn't every writer on this site do it for both fun and attention?"

"Do not forget reviews. Considering how many he got for his old Naruto crossovers that he used to be popular for, this story makes him realize how cliché his old favorite genre was." Kirei told Wade, who nodded in acceptance before flipping a page.

"Still can't believe he is making this fic a whole new Route with hints of Un-!" Wade began before getting a Black Key embedded into his forehead.

"We can't have spoilers remember?" Kirei asked before Wade pulled out the Black Key, the wound healing completely afterwards and looking like it never happened (At least when you ignored the blood.

"Right! So then…" Wade began before looking at the 'viewers'. "Lets have the readers find out what Servants TIM is using for this fic!"

"Yes, and in the meantime…" Kirei then pulled out a plasma screen TV and turned it on before sitting besides Wade. "It's Bea Arthur time!"

Early Morning (Fuyuki Forest):

"Five times…" Waver muttered as he drew the summoning array onto the ground using chicken blood (Nostalgia purposes of coarse.) while Cristina looked on from behind him. They had arrived in Fuyuki via private airplane only a few hours ago, and he decided that they would summon their Servant right away. It was still dark, which meant that practically everyone was still asleep and the sun hadn't even begun to rise. So nobody would notice the bright flash of light that came with the summoning. It hadn't been hard to 'borrow' the chickens, but what had delayed them was making sure the chickens stayed in their cage long enough for Waver to chop their heads off. (Something that disgusted him and Cristina both) "Alright…" Waver muttered as he threw the small corpse away and looked at his work. "That should be it." He then turned to Cristina before saying, "Please, give it to me."

Cristina nodded before handing Waver the extra and necessary thing for the summoning: Rider's Nodachi. His friend's former weapon, given to him while dying, would be the Summoning Catalyst Waver used for the ceremony. It would bring his friend back from the Throne of Heroes so that they could fight side by side again. Just like that time ten years ago…

"But there is no guarantee that Rider will still have his memories from that time…" Waver thought to himself with a grim smile on his face before softly taking the Nodachi from her hands and unsheathing the blade. "But, it will be worth it…" Waver then tiptoed to the center of the array before stabbing the sword into the ground. He then quickly got out before facing the array and taking a deep breath. This was it. There was no turning back after this.

Waver raised his right hand towards the array and began reciting the words that had forever changed his life ten years ago.

Elsewhere (Tohsaka Manor):

"Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master Schweinorg." A grown Tohsaka Rin muttered to herself as she read from the spell book in her right hand while holding her left towards the array in front of her. The sunglasses of her father's former Servant rested on her face, and the red light that was emitting from the array reflected on them. It had been ten years since her father and his Servant died attempting to get the Holy Grail, and now thanks to the early warning of her guardian Kirei (Stupid Otaku priest…) she would participate just like him. Her mother had expressed worry over her participating, but she shook off those concerns. As the head of the Tohsaka family, she was obliged to participate. Even if she did not want the Grail for anything. "The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate." The Catalyst she had chosen was her father's necklace, and although she did not know what it would summon it was guaranteed to be powerful. After all, her father gave it to her. She could have just used Archer's sunglasses again, but he had failed her father during the Fourth War despite his skill. Thus, she had to make sure she summoned the Servant Saber for the war. "Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Shut. Repeat every five times. Simply, shatter once filled. I announce. Your self is under me; my fate is in your sword. In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer. Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead." Rin felt wind that was not truly there begin to fill the room. This was it, no turning back now. "You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence…" Rin looked at the array fully before shouting, "O keeper of the balance!"

Smoke then erupted into the room, and a wave of energy hit Rin before knocking her on her ass and making several pieces of furniture fall. The sound echoed throughout the entire household, no doubt alerting her mother. "Rin!" Aoi shouted before rushing into the room and helping her daughter up.

"I-I'm fine mother…" Rin muttered as she got onto her feet. Slowly, the smoke began to fade away. Revealing the Servant she had summoned. It was a man in his early twenties with spikey brown hair and yellow cat-like eyes. His attire was… strange to say the least. He wore a dark blue jacket that had two large brown buttons on both sides with a white low-collar shirt underneath. He also wore a red necklace with a small bell on it, dark blue pants and brown shoes. However the thing that struck Rin the most was the strange tattoo on the bottom left of his neck. It was the roman numeral 'XIII', or simply thirteen.

"Hey, how's it going?" The man asked while closing his eyes, giving a goofy smile, and waving at Rin and Aoi. "I'm the Servant Archer. Which one of you is my Master?"

"Archer?" Rin asked herself before looking at the gun holster on his right thigh, which held a strange revolver in it. Rin let her head droop a bit before muttering, "Of coarse I had to screw up today of all days…"

"Rin?" Aoi asked curiously before a loud grumbling noise echoed throughout the room. Mother and daughter looked at Archer, who had a pitiful expression on his face and his right hand over his stomach.

"I'm so hungry…" Archer whined out, making Rin smack herself in the face with her left hand, which now had three red Command Seals on them.

Unknown to Rin, she was not the only Master who didn't… quite get what they were expecting.

Elsewhere (Edelfelt Manor):

Luviagelita Edelfelt smiled with glee as smoke billowed from the array and covered the wine cellar in which she performed the ceremony. She had arrived in Fuyuki City a year before after her family had been invited by the church overseer (Kotomine something or other….) to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War, which would happen early due to the catastrophic events of the Fourth War. She had researched about the war as soon as her family sent her off to Japan. A battle between seven Masters and seven legendary heroes was truly something grand to participate in. Not to mention that she got a chance to one-up the head of the Tohsaka family, her family's rival for decades. They shared the same style of magic and while hers was the oldest, the Tohsakas had helped to create the Holy Grail.

You can't beat an achievement like that.

Afterwards, the grudge between the two families started. The Edelfelts had attempted to participate in the Fourth Holy Grail War, but the mass-murdering Master of Caster had summoned the Servant and thus stole their slot in the war. But she was making sure to summon her Servant early, just so that there would be no possible way for her chance to fight in the war can be taken away from her. She even made her not so discrete announcement to Rin, her fellow 'classmate' and the head of the Tohsaka family, that she would most definitely be a Master and fight her the first chance she got.

Luvia blinked as the smoke cleared to reveal a girl around fourteen or fifteen years old with fair white skin, shoulder-length dull blue hair, and ruby red eyes looking at her intently. Her attire was… strange to say the least. She was in a form-fitting white suit with light armor and black highlights on her arms that left little to the imagination. The number '00' was emblazoned on the part that covered her collarbone. In her right hand was a blood-red spear of considerable length that was even taller than her. Its helical shaft twisted into two separate points.

"I am the Servant Lancer." 'Lancer' informed her in a soft, quiet voice. "Are you my Master?"

Luvia quickly looked at her left hand and saw blood-red markings, depicting a circle split into two by the very same spear Lancer was wielding. Those were the Command Seals, making Luvia's place in the Holy Grail War now official. "Indeed I am." Luvia said with all the confidence she could muster towards the Servant while keeping a superior look on her face. After all, she had to assert her stance as a Master to the new Servant. "I am Luviagelita of the Edelfelt family."

Lancer slowly nodded before saying, "The contract between us is now complete." She then looked at Luvia directly in the eyes before saying without a hint of emotion, "What Servant will be our first target, Master?"

"Hm, you sure are eager…" Luvia muttered to herself before turning around and beginning to leave the room. "We shall handle the tactics for the war at a later time. I need to sleep for school."

"Very well Master." Lancer responded before slightly bowing and dissipating from view. As Luvia walked up the stares towards the kitchen of the manor, she began to ponder the identity of her new Servant. She had chosen by her own will to not use a catalyst, and thus get the Servant that would be most compatible with her. While she might not get the strongest Servant in the war, she would most likely get the one who would be most willing to follow her orders and thus make her not waste any Command Seals.

"But I have never heard of a Japanese legend about an albino girl wielding a spear such as the one she held…" Luvia thought to herself while placing her hand to her chin in thought. "Perhaps her legend is a minor one? Well, no matter. I'll research tomorrow. For now, I must rest…" She then entered her room and plopped herself on her utterlymassive bed before closing her eyes. Soon, she fell into a deep sleep and a small smile grew on her face.

"Shirou… no… that's not proper…" Luvia muttered as she tossed and turned on her bed. Lord knew what she was dreaming about…

Elsewhere (Matou Manor):

Matou Sakura shielded her eyes from the smoke engulfing the room. Behind her, her 'older brother' Matou Shinji looked on with judging eyes towards the array. Shinji had forced her to participate in the Holy Grail and win the device for him, not wishing to participate and thus put 'the Marou family in danger'. And since she was the only one left in the family with Magic Circuits, she was the only chance the Matous had in winning the Grail now that her 'grandfather' Zouken was gone. Sakura looked down slightly as she remembered the day she returned from visiting Kariya-Ojisan's grave to find her 'grandfather' gone and all the worms killed. Thus, she did not have to go to the worm room anymore due to there not being any worms.

It was quite possible the happiest day of her life. It was like Kariya-Ojisan had rescued her from that horrible torture from beyond the grave.

Since then, she had been trained by Byakuya, Shinji's father, in Magic without having to use the worms. However, she could only use a few water spells and nothing more. Apparently, she lacked the five elements and could only use 'Imaginary Numbers'. Byakuya died several years ago, leaving Shinji as the new head of the Matou family. He was distant to her and often remarked about her failure as a Matou. It hurt her, but she endured. After all, she had found the happiness Kariya-Ojisan told her that she would find.

Her Sempai, Emiya Shirou.

She loved the clueless young man with all her heart ever since she first saw him and heard his dream was to become a hero of justice. He was the only reason she would participate in the Holy Grail War. She would protect him and the others who she considered her true family from this War. And maybe, just maybe, she could start a family with him…

"YAHOOO!" A shout echoed through the room, making her gasp in surprise. In the center of the array was not anything that could even close to the gorgon, Medusa. It was a teenager with spikey blue hair that almost resembled a star. He was well muscled (from what Sakura could see with his well-toned arms) and had green eyes along with a wide self-confident grin plastered on his face. On his right shoulder was a star-shaped tattoo. He wore a sleeveless black shirt with a funnel-like collar, with white trousers that are black from the knee down and just a little short of being full-length jeans. On the front of his collar, two short strips of grey material adorned with rivets stretch down fro, the top of the collar to the breast of his shirt. He also wore similar strips around his neck, forming a scarf. He also wore grey fingerless gloves and black boots with white tips that had a star shape on the toe of each. "You have just summoned the greatest Assassin on the Throne of Heroes, Black*Star!" 'Assassin yelled while pointing at Sakura, who stared at him with shock. "You will never find a greater Servant than me! I'm a bigger star than every hero that the world can pump out!"

"…Only you would summon and Assassin who does not know how to stay quiet." Shinji muttered to himself before turning and leaving the room. "Do not die too soon in the Grail War. If you loose, attempt to be at least the fourth. If you do that, then you can give the Matou Family some pride in taking you in." Shinji then left the room, leaving the two alone.

"Hm, guess he couldn't stand being near my greatness." Assassin boasted before looking at Sakura with a grin still plastered on his face. "Anyway, get some rest. I can tell its late, and you need all your strength before I introduce myself to the stage!"

"O-Okay…" Sakura muttered before beginning to walk out of the room with Assassin following behind her and making sure that each footstep could be heard.

Just how could this Servant be even considered an Assassin?

Elsewhere (Einzbern Manor):

Illyasviel blinked as she observed the Servant she had summoned in front of her before pouting and pointing at it, shouting, "What are you doing here? You're not Hercules!"

"I'm sorry if I'm not the Servant you were expecting." The Servant in front apologized while looking at her. He was a teenager dressed in a completely white one-piece suit from head to toe, a blood red and stylized 'C' on his chest, two gun-like devices on his waist, and most of his head covered in a mask. On the forehead was a golden v-shaped headpiece, but it did nothing to cover up the teenager's handsome face and deep blue eyes. "But I know for a fact that I am the Servant Berserker and not this 'Hercules'."

"AH!" Illyasviel screamed while pulling her hair, confusing 'Berserker' a great deal. "But Hercules was going to be the strongest Berserker ever! Grandfather said so when he gave me the catalyst for him!"

"I cannot answer as to why I was pulled her, but I am here now." Berserker then gazed at the ceiling for a moment before asking, "What do you intend to do now?"

Illyasviel sighed before placing her head in her hands. Hercules as Berserker was supposed to be the ultimate Servant, due to the twelve lives he would get from his Noble Phantasm and the monstrous strength he already had in life. Now that she got this strange Servant who claimed to be Berserker yet did not even show a hint of madness, her original plans were ruined! "Nothing." She muttered out before looking at Berserker. "We will go out and play with the other Servants tomorrow. I need to revise my plans now that I got you instead of Hercules!"

"…Alright." Berserker said with pity in his eyes before walking out of the room rather than dissipating. Illyasviel now glared at the array with utter fury written all over her face. She had heard about how the Masters of the last war summoned strange Servants rather than the ones originally intended, but she never expected it to happen again, and not to her of all people!

"You'll just have to wait a bit longer for me 'Onii-chan'." Illyasviel thought to herself before walking out of the room. "But do not worry. I'll be seeing you VERY soon…"

Elsewhere (Ryuudoji Temple):

Kuzuki Souichirou blinked curiously at the strange array that had appeared in front of him and billowed smoke everywhere in the courtyard of the temple. He had awoken early due to his training regime as an assassin, and was simply making his usual rounds around the temple. He was not a man of faith, and simply treated his religion as a daily occurrence. After all, he found no meaning in it. Nor did he find meaning as a teacher despite teaching children about the world around them. Even he could recognize himself as an empty man. He found no joy in life, and only continued to exist for some reason or another.

But today was different. While doing his usual routine, a small thought passed through his mind. A wish he once thought that he had abandoned. It was a simple wish.

He wished that he could find meaning and joy in life.

As soon as that thought came, a blood-red circle formed in front of him and began to glow before billowing smoke. When the smoke cleared, it revealed a young woman with a slim figure, waist-length red hair and brown eyes wearing black boots, a blue skirt, and armor of a single metal that consisted of a strange cross with a red symbol of a winged creature underneath and steel gauntlets on her hands. She was also holding a western-style sword with a blue handle and a wing-like guard.

"I am the Servant Caster of the Holy Grail War." The woman, 'Caster', informed Souichirou while gazing at him. "I ask of you, are you my Master?"

Souichirou then looked at his left hand, which now had the blood-red markings of the winged creature on Caster's armor and two swords beside it.

Apparently, his wish for purpose might have just come true…

Elsewhere (Shed):

Bazett Fraga McRemitz coughed as smoke clouded her vision and got into her lungs. She had done it, she had finally summoned her Servant and if her blood was truly passed down from his, then she just summoned Cu Chulainn. She had been enamored with his legend since childhood, and had always wanted to save him from the tragic ending of his legend. Thus, when her 'friend' (More like creepy stalker since he always kept staring at her bust and asking if she wanted to come see his real 'Black Key') invited her to participate in the Fifth Holy Grail War, she was ecstatic. Finally, having to deal with that ass Kirei paid off! When she won the war, she would use the Grail to save Cu Chulainn from his fate. Perhaps even making his legend a bit longer…

Her face fell, however, when she looked at the Servant in front of her. It was definitely not the legendary Dog of Ulster, for Cu Chulainn was never recorded to have white hair, heavily tanned skin, and a scar running from the left side of his forehead past his left eye and ended in the middle of his left cheek, eternally closing said eye. The Servant wore a red coat, which had numerous holes in the bottom part that distinctly looked like bullet holes. Underneath the coat, the Servant wore black leather-like armor that had numerous scratches on it, black pants, and black steel-toed shoes that also had scratched steel covering his ankles.

The Servant looked at Bazett for a moment before smirking and saying, "I'm the Servant Avenger. You're my Master, right?"

"H-How?" Bazett asked while pointing at 'Avenger' with a shaky hand. "C-Cu Chilainn should have been summoned! Not you!"

"I guess you were told that you were his descendent?" Avenger asked before letting out a small chuckle. "You really shouldn't take your families boasts seriously. After all, they could have just claimed that he was part of the family just to make themselves seem bigger."

Bazette opened her mouth to protest the accusation before closing it. He was right. She had taken her family's claims by face value without truly confirming it. And because of her mistake, she now had a Servant who was not her childhood hero, but had a class that had only appeared during the Third War briefly before being killed off by the Servant Saber. "…I'm going to bed. I need some time to… soak this all up." Bazette muttered to herself before shambling off with her head drooped in despair.

"It's your own fault for being too trusting. Such a trait can show your weakness as a Magus." Avenger told Bazette before dissipating. Bazette then screamed in both frustration and rage before storming off.

Being summoned by Bazette may have changed his original plan, but it would not stop EMIYA from completing his goal.

Back With Waver:

Waver gazed at the Servant in front of him with confusion. It was definitely not Rider he summoned. It was a young man in his early twenties with spikey dark blue hair (Even darker than Rider's.), black eyes, and red goggles with yellow lenses on his head. He was wearing grey, low-rise jeans, a black neck brace, a matching black haramaki, and a long, navy blue trench coat with red flames on the bottom, gold studs and, from what Waver could tell with the wind making the Servant's coat billow, the Team Dai-Gurren logo on the back.

"Wait, I recognize him…" Waver thought as he narrowed his eyes, slowly recalling the person he saw in Rider's Reality Marble. His eyes then widened in realization as he thought, "I-It's Rider's brother, Simon!"

"Wow, I guess it has been a while huh?" The Servant asked with a grin as he looked at Waver. "Haven't seen you since that battle with Berserker."

"Husband?" Cristina asked curiously as she looked at the Servant. "Is this the Rider you spoke so much about?"

"Nah, you're talking about bro. I'm Simon, the Rider of this Holy Grail War." 'Rider informed them before looking at the Nodachi next to him. "I guess you were trying to summon bro again…"

"Yeah, I was…" Waver told Rider with a bitter smile on his face. He had not summoned his friend like he wished, but had instead summoned the one person his Servant trusted in life.

"Don't worry." Rider told Waver with a small smile forming on his lips before picking up the Nodachi in the ground and walking to Waver before placing a hand on his shoulder. "We'll win this war, and make bro proud."

"Heh, I guess your right… Rider." Waver told his Servant before showing him his Command Seals. "Members of Team Dai-Gurren have to stick together till the end, right?"

"Of coarse!" Rider laughed out before walking towards Cristina to introduce himself. Waver felt hope beat within his heart as Rider shook Cristina's hand.

He would win this war for real this time, and make… Kamina proud.

The Infamous Man Presents…

Fate/Stay Away

Omake- It's A Real Thing! Taiga Dojo Preview!

"Yo boys and girls!" Taiga yelled while 'stabbing' her Boken onto the floor. "The Taiga Dojo has finally returned! I shall be your instructor, the Tiger of Fuyuki City: Fujimura Taiga! Rawr!"

"And also returning is Student Number One: Illyasviel Von Einzbern!" Illyasviel said happily while standing beside Taiga and smiling at the readers.

"To think that this fic would come out so soon!" Taiga said happily before striking an attempted sexy pose at the camera. "I guess the readers could not get enough of me!"

"More like TIM had finally decided to get the first chapter off his chest and appease the audience Sensei." Illyasviel told Taiga before smiling whistfully. "Soon, I will see Onii-chan again…"

"Now my student, tell the readers the title for the next chapter!" Taiga commanded, making Illyasviel stand straight up.

"Stay tuned for the next chapter, 'The War Is A' Changing'!" Illyasviel announced before Taiga pointed her Boken at the 'screen'.

"Check it out!" Taiga yelled out with utter glee in her voice. "Man, it feels good to say that again!"

Note: Yo! It's TIM here with the much anticipated sequel to Fate:Zero Sense! The reason to this early release is that I wanted to get the prologue chapter out of the way since it has been bugging me for a while. Please note that since summer ended, my life is about to get pretty hectic now. So the chapters won't be as quickly released as the ones for Fate:Zero Sense were.

And all the Servants in this fic are from Anime/Manga lore, so if you recognize them good for you! If you do not, get researching! And as you saw, EMIYA will still be in this fic. But it will not be the same EMIYA that you knew and loved… (Cue mysterious music…) And as before, if you are not familiar with the Masters go on Type-Moon Wiki for more information.

Anyway, review! Reviews are fuel for my muse as an author, so the more reviews that have praise, constructive criticism, and suggestions I get the better this work becomes and the sooner chapters come out! So give your fingers a workout and get reviewing!