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So what happened to all of these people? Well you should know that this is by no means a fairy tale. You are reading exactly what Jareth told me to write. Also, this epilogue is from me, your author's, point of view! Why? Because I couldn't convince myself to write this if I didn't do it this way.

Daemon's story goes on so that he realizes that when his title of fey was revoked his immortality was not. He is also living now. No longer is he a shadow of what once was! Party for Daemon! He lives aboveground now as various things. His identity and profession change nearly constantly. The last time I saw him he was disguised as a male nurse named Jimmy at my doctors. Yeah, I met daemon. Apparently people that have known magic before are attracted to me. I must smell like magic.

In any case, Philomena got what was coming to her… Oh right! You guys already knew that didn't you? Yeah because Sarah went all knife crazy on her! It was fun to write and imagine her as this really annoying girl from my school… Oh wait. That's rude. Sorry. I mean it's not like I have this demented fantasy that I can convince Jareth to take her to a man we know and have the man (for codename purposes we shall call him 'Jake from State Farm) rape her. She gets AIDs or HIV or something that kills her slowly. She dies and the man drives her down to the Bayou and we tie hams to her hands and feet and throw her dead body to the gators. No I've never thought about that in my life…

If you people haven't realized what happens to Sarah and Jareth… You're idiots. They live happily ever after. No matter how cliché that sounds they did. They had one daughter and one son. I've met them both and they are nice. Spoiled rotten as they are, the royal children are quite happy. Oh one more thing on their children, the eldest is the daughter and she's only five. The son is two.

Recently Sarah attempted to teach the goblins democracy. If you're wondering how that went let's just say that she discovered why the goblin kingdom has always been a monarchy. I do believe there was the great chicken war though. That wasn't fun. Flying chickens, bloodied eyes, not exactly the fun, drunken goblins we all know and love.

Jareth was also seen recently trying to teach Sir Didymus how to fence. It was discovered that Sir Didymus has lost his sight and was holding the wrong end of the sword. As it happened, Jareth didn't know what to say and remained silent. A huge mistake on his part. Didymus mistook him for the target and began hitting him with the butt of the sword. The goblins thought it was a game and ganged up on me and Jareth. We were tied down and beaten with the wrong end of the sword until Sarah showed up and released me. Jareth's ropes were tightened by a spell from Sarah. He certainly regrets the fight they'd had the night before.

What's happening to me you ask? Well Jareth fired me, realized no one else would work for him (*whispers* He's a slave driver!), and rehired me. That's all you need to know at the moment because I don't feel like telling you my life's story. It doesn't matter how much you want to hear about my regular life up until now. Bullies, near death experience, young love, and other stupid crap. Surely my life doesn't interest you. If it does PM me and perhaps I'll tell it to you. Just perhaps. I doubt anyone will truly care. It's a dull existence anyways.

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