Missing Scenes

A Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Explorers of the Sky Fanfiction by the Catflower Queen

Chapter 1: Time to Heal

Chatot sighed, giving one last glance towards the room before shaking his head and slowly making his way down the hallway. When he exited into the main area, he saw that the apprentices were huddling together in small groups, quietly talking among themselves. When they noticed his appearance in the room, all talking ceased as they quickly gathered around him.

It was silent until Dugtrio found the strength to ask what was on everyone's minds. "How are they doing?"

Chatot sighed. "Azelf seems the least injured. He had some gashes and bruising from where he fell to the ground, but it's mostly exhaustion. Whatever he did to set up that crystal barrier almost completely drained him of energy, so it wouldn't have taken a lot of effort to beat him. He'll be fine after he rests."

Dugtrio gulped. "And… and Team Rainbow?" he asked.

Chatot closed his eyes and took a big breath. Once he had composed himself, he launched into his explanation. "Paula… appears to have taken a great number of blows to the chest. Her ribs aren't broken, but they are heavily bruised. She also has a large number of gashes, the largest being the one across her cheek-likely resulting from Grovyle trying to injure one of her electrical pouches-and the one on her upper arm."

"Is… is her electrical pouch okay?" Croagunk asked, showing an out-of-the-ordinary amount of compassion. No one was too surprised, though. After all, the poison glands of a croagunk were similar to the electrical pouches of a pikachu in that both were in roughly the same area on the cheeks, and if something damaged them it would either severely lessen the amount and power of the electric/poison attacks that could be produced or it would leave the pokémon unable to use any electric/poison attacks at all. If anyone in the guild could empathize with Paula about such an injury, it would be Croagunk.

"Yes, thank Arceus, her pouch wasn't damaged. But it was very close," Chatot explained. "Aside from that, Paula will be fine once she gets over her exhaustion."

Everyone sighed in relief. But the relief was short-lived when everyone saw how Chatot's face had rapidly drained of color and he had to close his eyes. "Laura, however…"

Everyone glanced at each other, sharing looks of terror, before Sunflora asked, "O-oh my gosh… what's… what's wrong with Laura?"

Chatot had to look away and take a shaky breath. He was very quiet when he gravely answered, "Laura… I am honestly fearful of her chances for survival."

Everyone displayed looks of horror.

"Hey, hey! You're joking, right? There's no way that's true!" Corphish begged.

"What's the matter with her?" Chimecho whispered in despair.

"When that… that criminal," Chatot spat the word out with venom, "threw her to the side at the end of the fight, he broke her arm. Unlike Paula, Laura's ribs were broken, and on some parts of her body her skin was so cut up that it resembled ribbons. The amount of blood she lost… at this point, her immune system will be too weak to handle something as simple as a cold without leaving her…" he trailed off, unwilling to complete the sentence, before shaking his head. He sighed, continuing, "It appears that she tried to take the brunt of Grovyle's attacks, likely because their matching types would make the moves less effective on her. And all that is leaving aside her exhaustion." When Chatot finished, he bowed his head and whispered, "At this point, all we can do is wait and hope for the best."

Everyone was silent and teary-eyed.

"Well…" Loudred began. "At least her LEG wasn't broken. Then she'd have to try limping around like a NORMAL treecko, for once."

With that, Sunflora practically exploded at him. "OH MY GOSH!" She shrieked. "Loudred, why would you even SAY something like that?! Did you not hear what Chatot said? Laura could DIE, and you're over here making jokes about how she walks!"

"C-calm down, Sunflora! He didn't mean to ridicule her," Chimecho said in an attempt to soother her friend. "He was just trying to look at the positive side of things… right, Loudred?" Chimecho asked, glaring at him in a way that said "Your answer better be 'Yes' or you will be in a world of pain."

Loudred gulped. "The p-positive side of things… RIGHT…"

"Well it DIDN'T WORK!" Sunflora yelled again before she burst into tears and started sobbing into her leaves.

Loudred and Chimecho tried to calm her down while Chatot turned to the remaining guild members.

"Where did Guildmaster Wigglytuff go?" he wearily asked.

"Oh," Diglett began, tearing his eyes away from the scene of the distraught Sunflora. "He, ah, he went to get Officer Magnezone to tell him of the recent developments," Diglett explained. "He didn't want to go, considering…" he trailed off, looking towards his injured friends. He sighed before continuing, "But he figured that there might be a chance to catch Grovyle if we acted quickly."

Chatot nodded his approval before asking, "Has the great Dusknoir returned yet?"

Bidoof shook his head. "No siree. No one's seen him since we left for Crystal Cave."

"All right," Chatot sighed.

"Hey, hey… you should get some rest, Chatot. We'll look after Team Rainbow and Azelf for you," Corphish offered, seeing Chatot's exhaustion.

"Thank you," Chatot said, giving a weak smile. But the smile quickly became a frown when he added, "Be sure to wake me if… if anything happens."

"Um… is there anything we can do to help them at all?" Chimecho asked timidly, looking away from Sunflora now that her sobs had trickled into small sniffles.

Chatot sadly shook his head. "The only thing we can do for them now is give them time to heal."