Danny Fenton was being scolded by his parents for, once again, breaking curfew. He had really been out beating up and getting beat up in return by various ghosts, including Technus, Vlad Plasmius, and the Red Huntress. Except the last one wasn't a ghost.

"You're grounded for a week!" his mother, Maddie Fenton finally proclaimed.

"Yeah, and no fudge, too!" added his father, Jack Fenton.

This latest injustice was finally it. No fudge? Danny couldn't suffer through this indecency. Frustrated, he decided to get back his fudge privileges once and for all!

"Goin' Ghost!" Danny yelled, startling Maddie and Jack with the randomness.

"Ghost?" asked Jack. He wanted to know where.

But his question was unnecessary, as white rings already passed over Danny's body, revealing a black hazmat suit, darker skin tone, green eyes, and white hair of public enemy number one, Danny Phantom.

"There, you happy now?!" Danny shot at them, exasperated. "This is why I'm always breaking curfew, been letting my grades slip, and have generally been victimized. I'm always out hunting ghosts! Ghosts, Dad, like you and mom have always wanted me to!" With a huff, Danny crossed his arms, pouting a bit. But he didn't want to quite let the point go. "See?"

Jack and Maddie just stared at Danny Phantom slack-jawed for a while, and then what Danny said processed in Jack's mind first.

"You've been hunting ghosts, you say?" he said eagerly, a broad grin splitting his face.

This snapped Maddie out of her state of shock, and she softly smiled proudly at her son. "Oh, Danny! I'm so proud of you!"

"Thanks," Danny said. He floated back to the ground, having been hovering uncertainly for a while, nervous that they wouldn't take the news so well, what with his extreme paranoia of Danny's-parents-not-taking-things-well. "Well, then. Glad that's over with."

"Say, Danny," Maddie thought to inquire while Jack's babbling about how great it was that Danny was a ghost hunter and how they could do father-son things and stuff became background noise, "What dangerous and over-protective-motherly-instinct inspiring things have you been doing ever since you became a half-ghost?"

Danny had more trouble tuning out his father, and so ended up only half-listening to his mom. "Eh?" he replied ever so intelligently. Then what she said caught up with him, and he became deaf to the world as the color drained from his face.

Oh no.

The dreaded maternal instinct and its mushy-cuddly worrying was probably the most terrifying thing in the universe.

He had no second thoughts, and flew away from the house intangibly in a zip.

Jack cut off his sentence, and he and Maddie blinked.

"Did he just…" Jack said uncertainly.

"Oh no he didn't!" Maddie said enraged. "After him!"

And so they ran off to hunt the ghost boy. After all, he was still grounded.