I do not own Doctor Who. He just came for a visit :)

I was incredibly upset after I failed my driving test and started thinking of things that could cheer me up, so I wouldn't cry on the way home. Then, the Doctor came and promised he could make me feel better, so we went on a trip.

"Is it supposed to make that noise?" I asked.

"Er, it's fine," the Doctor said, waving it off. He stood behind me, watching over my shoulder every move I made. He had promised not to touch anything. "You've just drifted a little close to the, um, end of the universe, where we'll probably be destroyed."

"What?!" My hands froze on the controls. The alarm was getting louder.

"It's fine!" he insisted. "Just… pull back some."


"Pull the zigzag plotter!" the Doctor yelled over the increasingly loud alarm.

I ran around the consul, tripping in the rocking time machine and almost falling down the steps on my face. Grabbing the zigzag plotter, I pulled it down and then pushed it back up a few times. The alarm quieted and then turned off completely.

"Am I doing okay?" I asked when I could breathe again.

"Absolutely! Beautiful, perfect…" The Doctor had sat back on the bench. "Maybe put the brakes on before we drift into the Middle Ages?"

"Right." I pressed a button and pulled the final lever. The TARDIS lurched to a stop, throwing us both to the floor on our faces, and then began moving again, shaking like we were in an earthquake.

"I'll fix it!" I said, grabbing the consul and pulling myself to my feet. I twisted gear-like doodad and grabbed another lever but stopped when a loud gonging sound began. "Is that… is that the Cloister Bells?!"

The Doctor was beside me now. "Ah, I think I should probably take over now," he said apologetically. With that, he began fiddling with the controls, running around in circles, his hair and bowtie askew. "You did a magnificent job, but it seems the TARDIS is feeling a bit rambunctious today."

The room hadn't stopped shaking; in fact, it had become more violent and the Cloister Bells even louder. I grabbed onto the railing to keep from tipping over and busting my head.

"Hold on!" the Doctor cried. He flipped a switch and grabbed onto the railing beside me. "Geronimoooooooo!"

I screamed as we hurtled through the cosmos. The Doctor had been right about one thing; piloting the TARDIS was a hell of a lot harder than driving a car.