One day in Mascow Russia Belka and Kazbek were walking down the brick streets of soviet russia.

"so what are we going to do this time" said Belka nuzuling her husband that is the captine of the animals space program or ASP for short.

"I don't know maybe we sould go to the socialist workers united staue and maybe have some alone time" said Kazbek kissing her passtionetly on the mouth,"if i can have more of that at the staue then lets go" said Belka,As they made there way to the staue she for got ot tell him about her 2 friends living threre,

Before they got there they noticed that strelka and venya were just outside,

"how are you to love dogs doing" said strelka with a slight made Belka and Kazbek blush"stop it girly" said Kazbek in a commanding voice,

"so why are you guys here" asked strelka looking suppishus look on his face"me and my husband just wanted to have some time alone under the staue but as we see it is taken" finished Belka startign to walk away.

"nonsens go right ahead" said strelka they walked to the other side.

2 hours later they came out smelling like swet

"what..did you aannd him.." said venya stutering as soon as he found out what they did they fainted.

"i think we should go before he comes too" said belka smiling at her wonderful husband.

"then lets go" said kazbek leading the way to there aparment.

As they came to there street there was a note on there door in read:

Dear,mr. and mrs. kazbek you have been selected to help train the next dogs to go into space please report to the compound at 1500 hours tomarrow.

"what how can that be I am no commander but you are" said belka a bit worried kazbek snuggled her in his paws."they want you because you were one of the first dogs that had a succsesful mission" said kazbek.

"alright I'll give it a try but aslong as there with me" said belka kazbek replied"don't worrie I'll be there with you every step of the way" with that they went to bed together and still had the biggest grines on there faces.

(a/n this is the first Space Dogs fanfic ever so the next chapter should be up asap but this took half a week to make so good so I bet you didn't see that coming so ta ta for now)