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Warnings: PuPu and humor.

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What To Do With An Alien

They had been perplexed by an intriguing enemy for some time... It was round and they had seen it carrying things over the sky in different places of the world. It seemed like an UFO and when they found it too close to them, they did what they were taught to do... they fought it.

Following the direction where the UFO had fled after being defeated, they realized that a small blue creature appeared from inside the shattered pieces of his flying saucer.

"Oh, look, it's an alien!" Selphie said excitedly. "How cute!" She tugged Squall's jacket and stared at him with bright big green eyes. "Can we take him?" she pleaded.

"Yeah, can we take it, Squall?" Zell grinned widely as he waited for his leader's answer.

The brunet stared at the other members of his group with a look of disbelief.

"I think we should keep him for analysis," Quistis inspected the blue form of the alien.

"What?!" Rinoa was startled. "Are you thinking of dissecting the poor thing?! I didn't know you were so mean, Quistis."

"No!" the blonde woman defended herself. "I was saying that we should bring him to Garden to study it only!"

"I don't know, guys," Irvine said. "I think we should let it roam free, let nature take care of him."

"He's going to die if we leave him here, Irvine," Rinoa said. "I think we should take care of him and then let him go."

"No!" Selphie exclaimed. "We need to carry him home, take care of him and teach things of our world to him..."

"Yeah!" Zell exclaimed excitedly. "Teach him to fetch things for us!"

"Zell, he's not a dog, he's not an animal, he's like... a human being, but tiny and blue," Selphie said.

"Honey, I think you're exaggerating," Irvine said. "He's not human, I think he's more like an animal, and animals must roam free in nature."

"But it's clear he's out of his natural environment! We should take him with us..."

Squall stared at his friends discussing the matter and rubbed his temples to ease his headache. He sighed deeply and walked to the direction of the blue alien. It was so small and frail. His body was injured and he waved what would be his little hand at him, "Elixir... Elixir please..." his tiny orbs stared fixedly at Squall's direction.

Suddenly the group stopped their debate when they heard a song resound over the air. It was the victory fanfare and they all turned to see the small blue body stretched on the ground, lifeless, a deep cut of a blade in his chest.

"End of discussion," Squall said as he headed to the Ragnarok. "Let's go."

They all stared at each other for a long moment of awkwardness... and then followed their leader in silence.





A/N: I think most people who played the game must have opted for giving PuPu the elixirs and receive the unique PuPu card, to collect it or refine it to get good items, but I decided to tell a story of a more tragic fate for the blue alien xD