This story happens after Iron Man 2...

"Tony!" Pepper yelled as she walked into his enormous mansion.

With no answer, Pepper looked to the ceiling as asked, "Jarvis, where is Mr. Stark?"

"He is in his workshop, ma'am."

"I guess I should have known that." Pepper sighed.

"Yes ma'am, you should have."

"Feeling sarcastic today, are we Jarvis?"

"Well with a creator like Mr. Stark, one can only be."

"Very true Jarvis, very true." Pepper giggled as she walked down into basement with a steamy cup of coffee.

"Tony? I have some paperwork you need to sign." Pepper sighed as she got no response.

With no sign of Tony, Pepper looked up a the sarcastic AI and said, "Jarvis, I thought you said he was here?"

"He is." A familiar voice chuckled behind her.

Pepper turned around sharply and dropped the cup of coffee between them. The large cup broke into pieces and coffee splattered all over the both of them. Tony busted out laughing but Pepper was furious.

"Tony!" She yelled as she walked over to the bathroom to clean up the liquid on her legs. "Ah, it's all in my shoes!"

Tony normally would have made a joke about the situation but when it came to her shoes, Pepper did not joke.

"I'll buy you new ones."

Pepper just glared at him with the I'm waiting for the graveling apology look.

"Look, I'm sorry I scared you but you should have seen the look on your face! So funny!"

"Ha ha." She said as sarcastically as she could manage.

"Sorry." Tony whispered as he gave her the puppy dog look.

Realizing she was being harsh and silly about the whole situation, she said, "Sorry, Tony. I'm just not having a good day."

"Wanna talk about it?"

"No, no. I'll be okay."

"So, paperwork?"

Pepper looked confused for a moment but then realized what she had come down here in the first place for. "Oh, yeah." She looked down for her bag but realized she left it upstairs. "They're upstairs."


They go upstairs and Pepper sees a huge bouquet of red roses sitting on the table.

"Roses?" She questions.

"For you." He holds her hands and looks into her eyes. "Just a little reminder of how important you are to me."

"Oh Tony, they're beautiful. Thank you so much!" She thanks him with a soft kiss.

He kisses her back but unwillingly breaks the kiss to say, "I have one more thing." He reaches behind the coffee table to retrieve a black box. She opens the box to reveal a diamond bracelet with a tiny glowing arc reactor on the end.

"I just wanted you to always have a piece of me with you."

"Tony, I can't tell you how much this means to me."

"Don't think." Tony whispered as he softly strokes her cheek and kisses her with earth breaking power.

Pepper smiled against his lips and broke away and whispered, "Paperwork."

"Later." Tony said as he kissed her neck.


"Fine." He reluctantly left her side to retrieve the paperwork from her bag.

"Thanks. Sign all of them on the bottom."

"Kay." He did as he was told and once he was finished, he asked her, "Want to go out to dinner, babe?"

She smiled and said, "Absolutely, hon."

He busted out laughing again and said, "My first pet name, how cute."

"Mm-Mmm." She simply answered.

As they were driving down the highway with the top down, Pepper noticed the speed he was going.

"100 miles an hour?! Tony, slow down!"

"Relax, love." He giggled as he put one hand on her knee and lightly squeezed it.

"Both hands on the wheel!" She yelled.

They arrived at the restaurant and were seated when Pepper noticed a certain someone staring her and her boyfriend down.

"Don't look now but a blonde bimbo is staring you down." Pepper said angrily.

Tony looked back and saw Christine Everhart coming towards them.

"Oh, perfect." Tony said as he grabbed Pepper's hand to try to calm him down.

"Be nice." Pepper whispered.

"No promises." He whispered back.

"Well good evening, Mr. Stark." Christine smirked.

"Evening, Everhart." Tony replied.

Pepper gave Tony a warning look.

"I see you're here with your favorite CEO."

"Yep." Tony simply replied.

"Did you need something Miss Everhart?" Pepper said sweetly.

"Nothing at all Miss Potts but I do have a question for you."

"Please ask it."

"Since you're not Tony's personal assistant anymore, I was wondering, do you still take out the trash?"

Pepper knew what she was suggesting but took the high road and said, "No, Christine, I don't."

"Oh, so you have someone else take care of your dirty details then, Tony?"

Tony was past angry at this point but he was trying to keep it together for Pepper.

Christine was about to leave when she noticed the bright bracelet on Pepper's arm.

"So, sporting a new diamond Miss Potts?"

"Yes, I am." Pepper simply answered.

Christine saw the arc reactor and said, "From Tony. Are you guys an item?"

Pepper glanced at Tony looking for an answer but he left the decision up to her.

"I don't mean to be rude but we were having a nice dinner before you came along and I'd appreciate it if you'd leave." Pepper snapped back at her.

Christine walked off in a puff of anger.

"Nice job, love." Tony whispered.

"Thanks. I swear that woman never gives up."

"I know but you handled the situation well."

"Yeah, I guess but I'll always be by your side defending and supporting you."

"As long as you love me." Tony said and leaned over to kiss her.

"As long as you love me." Pepper whispered back.

"Well, that's a long time, Potts."

"I know, Stark."