The Thing

The night was darker than usual, and thundering louder than it should have. The lighting was bright and quick, but it didn't penetrate all dark shadows. The rain made as much noise as the thunder, as it came pelting down and beat up anything that wasn't protected.

It was only one week after the whole event with Frakly, M'reagro and the turtles, including Splinter, April and Casey. And only the night before, people like the police, were wondering why the Morgue had been broken into and why any one in their right mind would steal a body that was so mutilated it was unrecognisable. They also didn't know if it was related to the break in, about five days ago, at the Scientists Metal Research Laboratory (SMRL), where the scientists there had been building something extraordinary. They had given little detail of their making, but had said that it was something very expensive, robotic like figure strong enough to crush metal, and they had just installed a compartment into the top half of the which could control the whole thing if the right item was added. They would not state what was needed, but something only the size, if not smaller, than a football. There had been reports of black dressed figures, from the surrounding apartments round the Laboratory, seen around the building, but that was all.

Now, though, the lightning wasn't welcome in one part of an old building, where darkness and shadows were valued. But the flash of light hit something in the basement, through the grate. It was big, bigger than a man. And it shone. It was metal. It was property of SMRL.

Next to it was another big thing. Though it was a bit smaller, it was hard to tell what it was. The insides of it could be seen, but they didn't spill. The head looked as though it had been worked on, as there was a hole where the top should have been. Something from inside had been removed. That something was now sitting in a compartment in the metal body.

Staring at the metal body, was a figure. His eyes were on the body, and an unpleasant smile was twitching on his lips. He knew what he was doing. He would bring his Master back, and take revenge out on those freaks. He had even begun to plan out how he would attack them, and who to kill first. He was still steamed about hearing one of the four was brought back to life somehow. He would make sure that green mistake was taken care of first, to make sure it doesn't come back again. Then its brothers would say goodbye and die before him and his Master. They had to die soon, he knew they would. He had stolen the best possible contraption for his Master. It was 99% guaranteed to help kill those freaks. Unfortunately the last 1% would be up to his Master's brain to achieve the goal. But the man, and the rest of his fellow soldiers, was confidant Shredder could beat them . . .

Okay, I thought I'd add something . . . A sequel is looking brighter, but I really don't know if I should . . . I'm not sure if I was boring you all with the first lot and you was just being humanly kind and reviewing, but I'll try . . . Hehe.