"Oh my god!" said Carline only to suddenly be drawn out of her thoughts by other boat being jolted.

"You okay?" Nick called out to the boatman on the other boat.

"I, I think so," he said only to suddenly before the boat got jolted again.

"What the hell is that?" said Nick looking over the edge of the boat.

"Nick look!" Carline shouted pointing to the other side. Nick turned and saw there was a huge dorsal fin swimming around the boat.

"Is that a shark?" said Nick in surprise.

"I think so," said Carline right as the two felt the boat get rammed, causing both to fall over.

"I, I don't understand, what the hell is making the sharks ramming the boat like this?" asked Nick right as he saw the other boat get rammed and the boatman fall into the ocean.

"Quick, quick over here!" Nick shouted. The man swam as fast as he could towards the boat. Nick quickly threw his ladder down for him to climb up the minute the man got to the top and onto the boat; their boat was once again jolted. Nick raced to the helm and started up the boat.

"Are you okay?" asked Carline as she tended to the boatman.

"I think so," he said. He looked out to the water. "Shouldn't we stay and see if we can save the divers?"

"We are I'm just moving the boat away from this so called crazy shark!" said Nick.

"Hey Nick," came Thea's voice over the radio.

"Kind of busy Chief," said Nick.

"Okay um but you haven't seen or heard from the diving team have you?" asked Thea.

"Here," said the boatman grabbing the radio, "Chief, we had a problem. I think all of the divers are dead. I think they were attacked by a shark!"

"A what?" asked Thea.

"I think the dive team was attacked and killed by a shark!" said the boatman.

"Oh my god!" said Thea, "Hang on I'll be right there." She quickly ran out of the office to her car.

'This is not going to be a good day is it?' she thought as she drove off fast.

"Nick, are you heading back to the harbor?" asked Carline.

"Yeah I want to make sure this boat hasn't been damage from all that ramming," said Nick.

"What about the other boat?" asked Carline.

"We'll come out and get it with a bigger boat to toe it in," said Nick.

"Can come back out with you?" asked Carline.

"We'll ask the chief," said Nick.

When they got back to the dock Thea was already there waiting for them.

"Everyone okay here?" she asked.

"Yeah for the most part," said Nick jumping out of the boat, "But we're not going out there with out a bigger boat."

"So what all happened?" asked Thea.

"The only thing I saw was one of the divers coming up and shouting that the other divers have been attacked and having him suddenly pulled back under the water and then it turned red," said the boatman looking stunned. He had to have both women help him up out of the boat.

"Should we call for an ambulance?" asked Carline.

"Already have one on the way," said Thea right as it pulled up. "Good he needs help and we may need someone out on the boat with us."

"I'll go," said one of the paramedics raising his hand.

"Alright," said Thea running after Nick who was getting a bigger boat ready.

"Wow this is a real impressive," said Carline running after them as well.

"Thanks it's my own boat. I call her the Orca," said Nick.

"Where did you get that name from?" asked Carline.

"According to my mom it was the name of her dad's boat. I just thought it sounded nice," said Nick.

"I only asked because that was the name of the boat in my uncle's made up story," said Carline.

"Can we just get going?" asked Thea jumping into the boat.

"Chief can I go too?" asked Carline.

"No," said Thea.

"Please, I would very much like to see if I can view the sharks," said Carline, "Maybe I could be of some help."

"Alright fine," said Thea.

"Great," said Carline jumping into the boat as well.

"Well here we are," said Nick stopping a few feet from where the shark originally attacked. They could see the other boat just sitting there in the middle of the water looking fine.

"Getting anything on sonar?" asked Thea.

"Um no, nothing," said Nick.

"Okay, why don't we go ahead and move closer to the boat," said Thea. Nick carefully pulled up next to it and Thea immediately jumped over to the boat.

"Be careful there chief," said Nick.

"Its fine," said Thea walking into the cabin looking at the radar. It too didn't seem to show anything, not even a sight of the divers.

"Well I have a bad feeling about this," said Thea walking out of the cabin.

"Are you going to get another dive team out?" asked Nick.

"I should, but then again I'm little bit hesitant," said Thea.

"Hey Chief, something's coming up on radar," said Carline.

"What's that?" asked Thea.

"Something's coming up on radar," said Carline.

"She's right," said the medic. Thea ran back into the cabin and also happened to see it too was picking up something.

"Do you think it's one of the divers?" asked the medic sounding hopeful.

"It looks a little bit too big to be a human," said Carline, "I think it might actually be a…," Both she and Thea's boat suddenly got a big rock.

"Not again!" said Nick looking over the edge.

"Nick look!" said Carline pointing off to the side where a dorsal fin was heading straight towards them.

"Oh crap, is that another shark?" asked Nick.

"Shark?" said Thea leaning over and looking off the edge. Suddenly out of no where the shark reared its head within inches of Thea's. Thea stumbled back startled but not before making exact eye contacted with the animal. Visions of her on a banana boat barley being missed by another shark.

"Chief you okay?" shouted Nick.

"Yeah I'm fine! Nick, toss me your spear!" said Thea.

"Spear?" said Carline.

"I got to kill that thing fast!" said Thea.

"Kill it!" said Carline, "But chief…,"

"Shut-up and let me do my job!" said Thea, "Nick the spear!"

"Right," said Nick tossing it to her.

"Come on you son of a bitch, come on!" Thea shouted getting the spear ready.

"Has she gone mad?" asked Carline.

"I don't know," said Nick.

"Come you son of a bitch!" said Thea leaning over the side with the spear. The minute she did, the shark again reared its head out of the water, its mouth of huge razor sharp teeth already opened.

Thea immediately shoved the teeth threw his mouth piercing his skin. The shark immediately went back down under the water with the spear still in his mouth.

"Damn it!" said Thea, "Nick you got another?"

"Uh yeah, you want me to use?" asked Nick.

"Yes!" said Thea.

"What, Chief, you can't just kill it!" said Carline.

"Oh yes I can! I got to before it kills us!" said Thea.

"Nick, please don't do this!" Carline begged.

"Nick, you see it you stab it! We have to kill it!" said Thea.

"Sorry Carline but I have to do what the chief says," said Nick aiming the spear again at the dorsal fin as it swam by. Nick immediately threw it and also pierced the animal. The animal tried to swim away but wouldn't give up as he did his best to keep his hold.

"Don't let go Nick!" shouted Thea as she ran over helped him pull at the spear.

"My god this thing is strong!" said Nick.

"Just keep hanging on!" said Thea. Before long the shark stopped thrashing and just laid there in the water.

"Is it dead?" asked Medic.

"Let's hope so," said Thea as she grabbed some rope and tied it on the spear handle, "Let's real it in!"

"Right Chief," said Nick.

"Chief Brody, why did you kill that poor thing?" asked Carline.

"Miss Hooper is it?" said Thea, "Please don't start with me on the poor thing. This thing was hardly a poor thing, trust me!"

"Will you look at this thing?" said the medic, as he and Nick hauled it up a bit, "It's got to be one of the biggest sharks I've ever seen!"

"Wow," said Carline looking the shark over, "Actually if I were to guess this shark's just a baby."

"A baby?" said Thea.

"Yeah something tells me that he's was going to grow bigger if the chief hadn't killed it," said Carline.

"Oh come on, sharks don't get that big," said the medic.

"Yes they do, trust me!" said Thea, "It's a good thing we killed it now!"