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Chapter 1: Peace

When I opened my eyes for the first time, I was in a world of green colored water and clear, plastic tubes. I could breathe normally because of the tubes but the water gave me a hazy view of what was outside the glass. People were outside.

People with white coats

Questions immediately filed into my head.

Where am I?

Why am I here?

How long was I here?

But one question remained in my mind and sent me into a state of unease.

Who am I?

"Crow! Oi, Crow! Snap out of it!" A well-aimed eraser hit 'Crow' on the head, snapping her out of her reverie. She blinked before looking up to face her impatient friend. "…Yes?"

'Crow' was a raven-haired woman with olive skin and blue eyes who was already in her mid-twenties. Well, she couldn't really be sure if that was truly her age. Or her race. Or her name. It was all a guess. She could be younger or older than that but she didn't remember. Her short and abrupt speech and her dark choice of clothing intimidated many people so she preferred staying inside until it was dark. She was currently wearing a comfortable, black t-shirt that was long enough to cover her dark purple shorts that she was wearing underneath. A cute chibi panda bear was printed on the front.

Her friend rolled her eyes and made an aggravated grunt before crossing her arms. "You weren't listening to me at all, were you?"

"No." 'Crow' told her honestly.

"We're going to Korea." Crow's friend told her while smirking wickedly. "I got you and Snake a good job at a fancy school there."

'Snake', who was reading a rather thick-looking book, looked up and made a look. "Why? It's not like I'm unemployed. And stop calling me by that ridiculous nickname already, Azrael Serena L-" Azrael Serena or just "Seri" slapped a hand over Snake's mouth. "SHHH! It's 'Fox', remember?"

Seri was the 'youngest' of the group if you want to put it in appearance wise. If not, she would be considered the oldest. She's about 156 years old but she technically looked like a Middle School student if not a very short High School one. Seri had this habit of wearing clothing that looked like it came from a school genre manga. She was an avid fan of those Japanese comics and was not shy to admit it. In school, she was frequently picked on for her pigtailed white hair and eerie red eyes.

Was she an albino? No.

Was she human? Not quite.

Snake pried her friend's hand off of her mouth in annoyance before resuming. "As I was saying, it's not like we're bring watched."

Seri made a loud shushing noise. "You don't know that. Humans are so sneaky these days. You have no idea what they have in mind for you."

"One, I would know that. I'm a genius in technology. My homemade sensors would've picked up and disable any cameras within this room so don't worry about that. And two, I'm one of those 'sneaky humans'." 'Snake' told Seri flatly. "Now would you please explain why we should suddenly move to a small, Asian peninsula?"

"They caught our trail. If we don't move soon, they might catch us this time." Seri told the other two seriously. A cold silence fell in the room.

Crow broke the silence with a calm "Why now?"

"I agree with Crow. I thought that they gave up on finding us two years ago." Snake said in an irate tone. The book that she was reading crumpled up in her shaking hands. "And we were beginning to have a normal life too!"

Seri shrugged. "I guess they went back into the chase."

"Gah! And I was beginning to enjoy peaceful life without them at our tails." Snake said bitterly. Seri raised her eyebrows. "I thought you would be thrilled to go back to your home country, Min-suh."

"I'm not." Min-suh stated glumly.

Seri pouted. "But I thought you had a family there!"

"I do."

"Then why aren't you happy?" Seri asked and crossed her arms.

"Because of my family." Min-suh explained while pinching her nose. "I don't want them to get involved with the trouble that I'll bring when I visit. That's why…"

Seri's pout was replaced with a guilty look. "Oh, I didn't think about that."

"As if that didn't happen before." Min-suh stated. Seri's eyes flashed in anger. "Hey! I chose Korea for you! We're going! I had to beg an old friend to make room for you in his school."

"Well, beg him to drop the offer. I'm not going."

Min-suh was half Korean and half American but she sure didn't look it at the first glance. Her hair was a fine shade of light brown and her green eyes complemented them perfectly, framed with glasses. If a person bothered to look closer, they would notice that she had little hints of Asian traits on her face. Her features looked sharp and intelligent. One would expect that she had a job that involved with technology because of her talent but she was a doctor. She was only twenty-three years old, almost twenty-four which made Crow the oldest.

Maybe, if her age was what they guessed.

Crow seemed to be thinking deeply before she spoke up. "I think we should go to Korea."

Both Min-suh and Seri looked up in surprise at the length of Crow's speech. It was rare for her to say more than two words. The two shared a look. Min-suh looked back at Crow. "Why do you want to go there, Crow?"

"…A feeling." Crow switched right back to her normal way of speech.

Seri grinned. "Oh well, I guess when Crow says it like that, it's final! We're going to Korea!" She cheered.

Min-suh rolled her eyes but smiled a little. "Fine. You two win."

"Yay!" Seri cheered even more. "I'm going to pack everything for you two! Thanks so much! I can't wait to wear the uniforms there and eat ramen!"

"So," Min-suh began after Seri calmed down, "who is your old friend, exactly?"

Seri grinned. "You two are very lucky, Min-suh, Crow. He may be the most sneakiest, vain, sadistic bastard alive, but he's a trustworthy man who keeps his word. Especially when he owes a favor. Oh," After a moment of thinking, Seri added, "and he doesn't really like me very much."

"And that's supposed to not make us worry how?" Min-suh asked.

"Coincidentally, he's your old high school headmaster of Ye Ran High."

Min-suh blinked in surprise. "Is he even aware of our situation and who we are?"

"Very much so. He's not who you think he is, Min-suh." Seri told her. Min-suh shook her head in disbelief. "Are you sure you're talking about the right person? He's Principal Lee, an intelligent and well-respected man."

"I prefer calling him Frankenstein, a nosey, way-too-smart pain in the ass."

Somewhere back in Korea, a certain blonde headmaster sneezed.

"Headmaster Lee, are you all right? You're not catching a cold, are you?" Yuna asked worriedly from her place in a hospital bed. "We don't need another person in the hospital."

Rai looked at him with faint concern from where he stood.

Why of all times did I have to make a fool of myself? Frankenstein moaned in his mind.

Frankenstein feigned a smile. "No need to worry." Then, he turned to Shinwoo to change the subject about his accidental sneeze. "You did a wonderful deed, Shinwoo. Jumping in front of the car just like that in front of your friends. There aren't a lot of people who is brave enough to do what you did."

Shinwoo scratched the back of his neck. "Aw, really. When you say that it's a bit embarrassing."

"On a more brighter note, it seems that your cousin will be moving back to Korea, Ik-han, and she will be bringing her friends." Frankenstein told the short, nerdy boy. "Really? She's coming?"

"I can't wait to see Unni again! It's been a while since she last contacted us." Yuna said excitedly. Shinwoo nodded in agreement. "Noona always makes the best dinners! I hope she cooks for us when she returns!"

Ik-han grinned from ear to ear. "I'm glad that she's coming back home. But why did she contact you before telling Uncle?"

"She wanted it to be a surprise for him. As for contacting me first, she is going to be a teacher in Ye Ran High."

Frankenstein mentally winced when he said this. Yes, Min-suh was a student that he was very fond of because of her intellect and wit. He would've accepted her as a teacher without a problem if it were her asking. But that wasn't the fact.

He wasn't pleased that he had to take in a complete stranger who could be a potential threat to his clean house for all he knew and certain brat who he owed.

He refrained from making a frown and smiled pleasantly at his 'beloved' students.

Rai suddenly turned and began to walk away from his classmates. Frankenstein and M-21 followed him out.

"Aw, you're going already? Come again tomorrow. We'll be waiting!" Shinwoo called out after them.

But there were other trivial things at hand. It was better just to push away the future problems and focus at the one present.

Have you ever heard about the three greatest thieves?

There is Snake, who worms into even the tightest security and knows all.

There is Fox, who wears many different faces and fools people into trusting her.


There is Crow, who is aided by the shadows and snatches away a person's senses.

Once she cries, it's instant death for all her foes.

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