Forgive and Forget

What if it was Judgement Knight that had lost his memory instead of Sun Knight in Volume Four? Note: I have not finished ready Legend of the Sun Knight volume four so if anyone knows where I can find the rest of the book, that would help greatly with finishing my story. Of course there will be differences but still want to ready the LSK. I love that book.

Warning: spoiler alert for books all the way up to volume 4 move 6.

The beginning will be a lot like the actual novel but that is just because I need a starter and I like the beginning.

Also, I do not know if Judgement Knight's sword has a name so if you could tell me if it does that would be great. For now I will call it the Holy Judgement sword.


I would have never thought that someone could be as confused I had been in the last month. First I, Roland a death lord, had begun to live with a necromancer with the help of one of the most holy person who should despise the undead. Then I am forced to pretend to be a Holy Knight and replace said holy person in their fight (he sucks at using a sword) for a princess's hand in marriage only to be the one to save the day at the end. Now he had me stuck as a Holy Knight, surrounded by other Holy Knights who at any moment could discover that I am their sworn enemy.

Sigh I really need to stop doing what people ask me to do. By the way, if you are wondering, I am Roland or as people now refer to me, Slayer Hell. I am the fake Hell Knight. I am a replacement for the last Hell Knight. I did not want to become the permanent fake Hell Knight but the holy person that I had talk about earlier had underhandedly forced me into this position and I am unable to leave. That very same conniving, sneaky, shameless holy man just happens to be my best friend, Creus Sun. He is the Sun Knight if you haven't already guessed.

The reason why I am so confused at the moment is because of him. Earlier in the month, Creus had been on a quest and while he had been separated from his group an attack had been launched on them. Creus only made it to the group after his fellow Holy Knight had been pierced through the heart. In order to save him Creus used the resurrection spell to bring him back to life.

You are probably wondering why I am telling you this. That is simple. It was later learned that in order to accomplish a complete resurrection, there had to be a price and that price just so happened to be his eye sight. Knight Captain Judge had told me to keep an eye on him so that he didn't hurt himself on account of him keeping his blindness a secret. But for the past week that I had to watch him, he had escaped me over 20 times. I would usually find him but that was just because he usually wanted me to find him in order to get him something to eat. At the moment I had just lost him again and I was now looking for Judgement Knight. He had told me to tell him every time I had lost Creus.

Okay, so I guess he isn't completely blind. He had something called mage sight. He is able to use his mind and 'see' the elements in people. Each person is different and he is able to tell who every different person, thing, object, plant, everything was. He had a complete 180 view of his surroundings.

I had been looking for Judgement Knight for the past hour. It was difficult to find him on account that he hid his presence well. Just then an enormous explosion was heard in the distance followed by a slight earth shake.

Just then Blaze Knight came running around the corner, "Knight Captain Hell, there is an emergency! I am unable to find Knight Captain Judge or Sun."

"What is it?" I ask.

"Didn't you hear the explosion and feel the large amount of holy energy?! We need to hurry!" He said then ran past me. Deciding it was a good idea I followed him.

When we made it to the city square I noticed that Creus was already here. I could hear him yelling things to the holy knights surrounding him. I felt it was odd considering that he never yelled and always talked in his God of Light is benevolent speech. But for him to be yelling in public, it must really be serious. As I got closer I was able to make out what he was saying.

"Stop slacking off. Hurry up and move the rubble." He said and I looked over to what he was looking at. There was a crater at least ten meters wide. He looked more agitated than he usually did.

Once he noticed us he looked over and ran up to us but before I could ask him what happened Blaze spoke up, "Knight Captain Sun, what happened. Is Knight Captain Judge nearby."

Creus looked worried and turned his face towards the crater. I may not understand a lot of things but I could definitely make out what he was thinking.

"He, Judge Knight, he was here when the explosion happened and I can uh, sense some of his holy magic beneath the rubble." He paused, "I can't tell. The holy magic is not weak but it's not strong either and I feel that it isn't alive."

Blaze looked aghast at this, "You can't mean that he-he's-"

He couldn't finish his sentence. I could understand why. When I had been in the royal knights I had lost many comrades and many of the knights never liked to acknowledge the deaths. They had been so distrait over their deaths.

"I'm not sure. I can't tell if it is an actual person. There is too much holy magic and dark magic mixed together. My site is all messed up." He said sadly mumbling the last part to himself. I am not sure if Blaze Knight heard but he didn't seem to notice much anyway.

"Captain, we found something!" yelled one of the men who had been digging in the crater who I identified as a member of the Sun Knight Division.

The three of use rushed towards the crater. In the crater was a half buried Sword. The very same Holy Judgement Blade held by Judgement Knight. But where was Judgement Knight.

"No it can't be it. Where is he?" Sun mumbled again, "This is where I felt the holy energy. There is nothing else beneath us."

Blaze looked distrait, "No that can't be. He can't, he couldn't have de-no he's not."

Despite me being here only a month I had learned quite a bit about the Holy Knights. Even though they had been on opposite fractions, they all seemed to be good friends. Creus, despite his schemes, had most of the Knights as his allies. The same goes for Judgement Knights. I had only seen his true self when it was just me Creus and Judgement. He seemed extremely kind and would do almost anything for Creus. I did say almost anything.

It also seemed that the cold fraction looked up to Judgement a lot and he would always be helping the other knights when they needed help that included the warm knight fraction. He was almost as popular among the Holy Knights as Creus.

"No, I don't believe it." Creus said determined, "I know he isn't here."

Blaze looked at him, "If not here than where is he?"