Forgive and Forget

Chapter 12: Rescued or Kidnapped?

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This was the second time that I woke up in a strange place I did not know. I sat up mindful of the pain in my chest. Looking down I noticed my whole front covered in bandages. I then looked around the room. It had a window letting in sun light. There was a chair next to the bed that I was sitting on but no one occupying it.

Unlike last time, I could actually remember, well, not my past but what happened before I woke up. I remember fighting the Blaze Knight and getting cut by his sword. But how I had gotten here, I do not know. There was someone in my mind but I could not think of who it was. I barely saw their face but I could remember them saying something.

'Don't worry Lesus, I am here. I will help you.'

I can't remember who it was though. I was brought out of my thoughts as the door began to open. A man with dark brown hair came in. My eyes widened. It was him, that person who I had seen in the city the day me and my companions had stolen the stone.

My friends, had they been captured? That knight that came. He said that they had been. It was all my fault.

"Good, your awake." He said with a bright smile.

"You," I said not knowing his name, "I'm sorry, I never asked you name."

He waved it off, "It's okay. You can call me Alex."

"Alex," I said the name, "Where are we and how am I here?"

He walked up to the chair and sat down, "We are in Oak Town. I used Instant Teleportation and brought us here. If it wasn't for those people you were traveling with, you wouldn't have gotten so hurt."

"My friend, that knight said they had been captured." I felt like I wanted to cry.

How could they have been taken when I worked so hard to get them back? I had fought, not one but two, Holy Knights in order to protect them. They had helped me and I failed to help them.

"I am not sure if they were captured or not." Alex said, "That knight that you talked about was me. I had taken out one of them and stole their clothing so that I could get close to you in order to teleport us here."

"So, they might not be captured." I said. He nodded. A sigh of relief passed my lips. I might not have failed them after all.

"You shouldn't worry about them. They are the ones who got you into this mess in the first place. I rescued you from them. You would have died if it wasn't for me." He looked like a child with the pout on his face, "They shouldn't have dragged you into this mess. It is entirely their fault."

"No, you don't understand. I wanted to pay them back for helping me." I tried to reassure him, "They didn't force me to do anything. I wanted to help them."

He sighed then smiled up at me, "You are too nice of a person. Now that they are gone, you don't need to worry anymore."

I frowned, "What do you mean?"

His smile seemed to brighten, "You are with me now and I will protect you. Those people are bad and will never hurt you again. I am the only person you can rely on."

I was confused. I didn't believe that my friends were bad. Sure they were thieves but they were still good people. Plus I didn't want to rely on anyone and become a burden to them. I just couldn't. But before I could voice my protest Alex stood up.

"I will go get you something to eat. There is a bakery in town. I had some of their cinnamon rolls. I am sure you will like them." He told me then walked to the door and left.

I got out of the bed, careful of my wounds. I wasn't wearing anything other than my ripped up pants. There had to be something for me to wear. And just as I thought that, I noticed a set of folded clothing on a table a meter away from the bed.

I picked up the shirt. It was a white short sleeved button up shirt. The pants were light purple. The outfit was loose to accommodate my injuries most likely. When I put them on they had to be the most comfortable things I had felt since I lost my memory.

My injuries didn't hurt that much. I must have been unconscious for a few days. My friends must have already passed through this town. Caecilia said it would only take a day to get here plus another to get to Leaf Bud City.

I remembered something. I had the stone. They wouldn't be able to make any money even if they did make it to the city. I should have given it to Archie. I am such an idiot. So I was right, I did fail them. Maybe I still had it with me. I looked around the room. None of my other cloths were there so maybe Alex has it. I decided to ask when he got back. I was too tired to worry about it now despite me just waking up.

I sat down at a table in the middle of the room. I crossed my arms on the table and rested my head in my arms. I didn't want to lie back down on the bed. My body was too stiff for that. I had just gotten comfortable and was almost asleep when the door opened and a cheerful voice interrupted my blissful almost nap.

"I'm back and I brought some food." I looked up at him with sleepy eyes, "Oh, did I wake you? I'm so sorry. I hadn't realized."

He seemed like he was about to cry, "No it's fine. I was just resting. I am a bit hungry though."

That seemed to cheer him up as his smile returned. He walked over to the chair next to mine and sat down, holding a bag to me. I took it. The pastries smell good.

"I got a cinnamon roll and two sweet breads." He said.

I first reached for the cinnamon roll. It did look good. But when I bit down on it I froze.

"What's the matter?" he asked, "Does it not taste good?"

"It's…" I started as I released the bite, bringing it out of my mouth, "It's too sweet."

"Oh, I didn't know you didn't like sweet things." He said.

"I didn't either. I hadn't had anything sweet since I lost my memory." I said, "And also I need to ask you about my things. Do you have the stone that I had in my coat pocket."

"I have no idea what you talking about." He said. I could tell that he was lying. I don't really know how I know, but I did, "I will go get you something better to eat."

"You don't have to do that. I can go out myself." I said getting up but his hands pushed me back into the seat.

He shook his head, a smile that seemed so fake held on his lips, "I will go get it. Your wounds aren't fully healed and there are knights patrolling the town looking for you and those thieves."

I felt angry that he kept disrespecting them, "You shouldn't call them that. They may steal but they are good people and my friends."

"You don't have your memory so you don't know any better." He told me as if scolding a child.

I didn't like the way he said it, "Would it matter if I had my memory or not."

"I will be right back with something for you to eat." He walked out the door completely ignored me. I heard the faint noise of the door being locked.

There was something not right with this person even if he said we used to be friends I could trust him. I didn't want to trust him. I'm starting to think I was kidnapped rather then rescued.


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