Barnaby feels all sorts of weak, all sorts of shuddery when Kotetsu binds his wrists up in front of him, when the simple, cloth gag tightens around his mouth, and oh, god, he's already bucking up when Kotetsu's hands drag down pale, bare thighs, dipping just slightly lower to pluck at the top hems of opaque, black thigh highs.

He's not sure what brought this on. Probably something he said or something he did to rile Kotetsu up without really thinking about it – something that left the man stewing all day or maybe even for days, but now Kotetsu's handling him like he wants him, grabbing at him with rough, calloused hands, bruising him where he bites the side of his neck and sucks on the soft, pale flesh, where his fingers dig into his thighs and leave fingerprints marking his claim.

Barnaby likes it, though. He has no complaints, not until Kotetsu pulls back, and even then he only whines, wriggling and shifting in the bed, openly wanting. Kotetsu just grins at him and reaches for something on the nightstand, and Barnaby blinks in open confusion when it's his phone.

"Would you mind, Bunny," Kotetsu begins, murmuring – no, purring as he licks a stripe up the side of Barnaby's throat, fingers pulling free his cock, "if I filmed this?"

Heat flashes hot and dark over his face and Barnaby suppresses the urge to shake his head, even as he shudders over the slick smearing of lube between his thighs, even as he twitches and jerks up as Kotetsu's cock slides between them. Kotetsu's already got his phone ready, without a doubt – he's already filming as he's shoving Barnaby onto his side, spooning behind him, biting his shoulder and holding that phone up to get a good shot of the blond's face as his cock slides between his legs, slick and hard and slowly fucking between his thighs with a breathy, hitching groan tearing from Kotetsu's throat.

"I wanted to do this… because I wanna see your face when you're desperate."

A moan, low and oh, yes, desperate, wrings its way from Barnaby's throat as well. He wants more than this – far more than Kotetsu languidly grinding up against him, breathing hot and heavy against the back of his neck, his cock so hard that Barnaby nearly sobs from the need to have it inside of him. Kotetsu's merciless, though – grabbing hold of his hips, holding him in place with that one hand as he moves his hips like he's actually fucking Barnaby, like he's shoving himself so deep inside of him that he wants to writhe and buck and groan, but it's not the same, and Barnaby's left panting around that gag, clenching his hands into fists and twisting partially to try and bury his face into a pillow.

"Don't do that," Kotetsu pants out, a sharp jerk of his hips making Barnaby tense and deliberately squeeze his thighs around the hard length of Kotetsu's cock. The older man groans, grinds his hips in a little circle, savors the slick, easy slide and the tightness still somehow there. "Look up – look at me."

Barnaby does, flushed and panting around his gag, eyes lidded and heavy, and that's all it seems to take – Kotetsu's breath sharpens, quickens against his throat, the slap of his hips against him harder and faster, the grip of his hand tighter and rougher. He bites again, hand shaking around his damned phone as his teeth sink into Barnaby's shoulder and he groans, jerking his hips forward, then back, before spilling himself messily over the curve of Barnaby's ass.

"Good," Kotetsu breathlessly manages to groan out, panning his phone downward, and Barnaby simply huffs, shoves his face down into a pillow for sure now. "Yeah, good. Now I'm not the only one with footage, right, Bunny?"

All things considered – though Barnaby doesn't feel inclined to say it in that moment – Barnaby thinks he might want this in his archive, too.