Jack had just gotten back to the Swan Station. Upon entering through the backdoor exit, he immediately heard the haunting beeps of the countdown timer. He quickly jogged to the dome-like room of the hatch and bent over onto the table, leaning toward the computer. The numbers had already been typed in. After a second of examining the screen, he tapped the execute key, resetting the countdown clock.

As he walked toward the kitchen, he began to scan the room for his friend, "Hey, Michael, what's with the numbers typed on the computer? You have to press exec-" He stopped mid sentence when he noticed the arch of Michael's back raising above the bar in the center of the kitchen. He was looking for something to eat, recklessly pushing dishes around and causing noise to echo throughout the hatch. "What the heck are you doing?" Jack asked in frustration.

Michael continued to push through the waves of plates and eating utensils before slowly raising up with a big, oversized oval plate in his hand. His face looked startled, "Hey. Man, I was just tryna' find a plate and figured I'd type in the numbers in case the timer started while I was searching. I'm going to make a turkey sandwich, you want one?"

Jack looked into the button room, reacting humorously to what Michael had said to hold back even further frustration as he frequently did. His head swiftly swung back to Michael, "A turkey sandwich? Really? Michael, I don't know what not pressing that button does—but whatever it is, I don't want to find out. None of us do."

Michael placed the plate on the table, hanging his head down and turning his back to Jack to open the refrigerator, "Sorry...Just, I have a lot on my mind."

Jack looked down to the floor in sympathy, almost feeling anger toward his self and how he was acting, "No. I'm sorry. You're right. I shouldn't have been so hard on you. You're a brave man, Michael, after all that you've been through."

Michael raised the Turkey out of the refrigerator, locking eyes with Jack. His expression that of guilt. "Nah, man. It's alright, really-"

"No. No it's not." Jack interrupted, "And later tonight, once we share what you know about The Others with everyone else, we'll get Walt back."

Michael replied with nothing more than a smile, he slowly walked over to the bar once again and began grabbing bread out of a bag he had already gotten from the cabinet.

After moment's of awkward silence and watching Michael prepare a turkey sandwich, Jack began to walk toward the hallway leading to the resting quarters, "Alright. I'm gonna go take a quick nap. Keep pressing the button, the others should be here soon."

Jack looked back once halfway down the hall to see Michael heading toward the computer room with a plate of food in his hands. He turned his head back around upon entering the bedroom. He realized he had let himself get all too comfortable sleeping in a soft bed while everyone else were forced to sleep outside, but couldn't keep his thoughts straight as he fell sluggishly onto the bed. He was feeling insanely tired for some reason. Slowly, he managed to edge his eyes open and turn his head to the nightstand, grabbing the alarm clock and sitting it for two and a half hours before blacking out and falling asleep.

Almost three hours later, Jack awoke to the sound of many people talking in the living quarters of the Swan. He blinked a couple of times, trying to wake himself up. After a couple of seconds he looked to the side of the bed at the alarm clock, which had been turned off. This perplexed him as he rose from the bed, stretching his arms and yawning while pulling himself up into the hallway, walking toward the voices. He could roughly make out the rough voice of Sawyer, the wise diction of Locke, and the calm voice of Kate debating with each other. Once reaching the end of the hallway, Jack burst into the kitchen and saw everyone sitting around the table in the biggest room of the hatch. Kate, Charlie, Hurley, and Sun were all sitting in the chairs around the table. Jin was behind Sun, propping himself up on the back of her chair. Sayid and Mr. Eko were sitting beside each other in the floor near the table. Locke was pacing near the kitchen, while Sawyer was softly perched up on the corner of the nearby couch, overlooking the group.

The redneck's attention was quickly caught by the sound of Jack's boots clattering onto the hard floor of the kitchen. He turned his head to face the Doctor, "Well well. Look who finally decided to wake up."

Everyone looked toward Jack, who was opening the refrigerator to obtain a carton of Dharma Initiative milk, "Yeah. Someone decided to turn off the alarm I had set." He explained, looking at Locke almost as if to accuse him of the action.

Locke quickly returned the look, "Yeah, Jack. It was me. Figured I'd give you the little bit of extra rest that you deserve."

Jack let out a loud chuckle, "No, John. I don't need any extra rest. If I did, I would have put more itme on the alarm, but I didn't. Where is Michael?"

Sawyer nodded toward the bathroom, "Takin' a leak. Why so anxious to see Bob the Builder, Doc?"

Jack began walking to the door, "Because. You guys need to hear what he has to say about The Others." He explained. Once reaching the bathroom door, he pecked on it with his knuckle, "Michael. You almost done in there?"

Just as he completed his sentence, the door eased open and out came Michael, "Yeah. What's up?"

"Tell them what you told me, about The Others' camp."

Michael shook his head, almost like a kid getting approval to do something from an adult, "Alright. When they captured me—they took me to this—to this camp. These people, they all live in huts. They have two, maybe three men with rifle's guarding a hatch like this one. That's where they probably had Walt. We can take these people. We can save him."

The group were surprised. They began to ponder in silence what Michael had just said in his head as Locke rose his right hand to his chin, "Well. Seems like we already know what to do after all. We get some weapons from the armory and plan an attack. Pretty straight forward, dontcha' think?" He said as he turned his head slowly to Jack.

Sayid arose from his sitting position, pushing himself up with the wall behind him, "Actually, no, it isn't that simple. I recommend having someone, preferably me, watching from a far off distance in an unsuspecting location with a scoped rifle. We could use the walkie talkies for communications and have every base covered. We mustn't go into this recklessly."

Jack began to shake his head, "Before we devise an attack plan, we have to think about security of our people first. Now, I have a couple of ideas-"

He was interrupted by Charlie, who had almost spit out a mouthful of tea, "What? Bloody security? Are you saying that you anticipate some sort of attack?"

Sun let out a surprised noise, "No. We can't let them attack the camp. We couldn't defend ourselves. What would we do?"

Sawyer butted into the conversation, taking offense to Sun's comment, "I don't know about you Kyoto, but I think I'd handle myself just fine."

Suddenly everyone began to talk at once, and the thoughts of everyone in the hatch began to blend together in one huge glob of noise.

"What about Claire? I've got to protect her and Aaron."


"What if they have already thought of this? Maybe they have an attack planned out this moment."

"Don't worry, I have an idea."

"Oh yeah, Doc? What kind of ideas do ya got, 'cause I sure ain't getting' any safer out there on that beach without a gun."

Just as the mumbling and arguing was getting louder, Mr. Eko rose from his sitting position and slammed his stick onto the floor, creating a loud thud that reduced everyone to silence. He slowly walked over to the table, getting closer to everyone and staring them all down. "Enough is enough. If we ever wish to find a solution to this problem, it is highly recommended we approach it from a calmer perspective. We must listen to each other, and function as a democracy. John, what is it that you have to say? I notice that you remain deep in thought."

Locke was staring at nothing in particular, but quickly jolted his eyes at Mr. Eko once hearing his name. "Oh, nothing much. I just figured we could use trip wires connected to bags of noisy objects to alert anyone of outsiders. Sort of how we did with Ethan."

Mr. Eko nodded, "And you, Jack? What is it that you have in mind?"

Jack stepped closer to the group as well, clearing his throat. "I think we should do mandatory sweeps around the camp. We set up a perimeter and patrol it for anything suspicious."

"Sounds like a plan, only problem is, who's goin' to play Mr. Security?" Sawyer asked, obviously delighted by the idea.

Jack looked over to Sawyer, shocked by the question, "Certainly not you. I'm sorry Sawyer, but I'm not giving you a gun unless you're in my sight."

Sawyer stood up from the corner of the couch with an angry look on his face, "Oh yeah, as if a punk like you could stop me-"

"ENOUGH!" Yelled Mr. Eko, his voice echoing in and out of every corridor in the Swan. "Who is it that you would recommend for the job, Jack?"

Jack thought for a minute, looking at each and every one of the survivors separately. Once reaching Charlie, he paused and nodded. "You up for it? We all know you can use a gun."

"What? Me? Of all people?" Charlie asked in a panicked voice, slightly confused, "I don't...I can't...shew, I'll do it. Good way to make myself useful, right?"

Jack smiled in agreement, "Right. Anyone else up for the task?" He asked, looking around once more.

The group sit in silence for seconds, awaiting someone else to step up—it was a two person job.

Just as Jack was about to give in and offer Sawyer the position, a unsuspecting voice caught his ear, "I will do it." Announced the Korean man.

Sun looked back to Jin, who now gathered all eyes in the station to himself. He returned the look to her, "I must protect you, Sun."

A tear began to build up in Sun's eye as she grabbed Jin's hand, squeezing it to her chest.

Jack stepped closer to the table, feeling comfortable with how things were going, "Okay, good. Now, we just have to discuss who's going to be in the rescue squad..."

After moments of exchanging looks and silence, the southerner was the first person to speak up, "Well hell, Doc. I'm definitely up for that. You said I could have a gun if I was in your sight...right?"

Jack looked back to meet eyes with Sawyer, actually smiling, "Alright, Sawyer. Who else?"

Hurley rose his head up from the slouched position it had been for most of the conversation, "I'm coming dude."

Jack's face was immediately filled with surprise, "Uh...Hurley? You're sure?"

"Yeah, dude. You think I wouldn't do anything I can to get back at these bastards? I'm in."

Sawyer began to laugh loudly, "Really? You really wanna' go? Can you even use a gun, Curly?"

Jack looked back to Sawyer again, "Shut up. Hurley's coming with us."

Sawyer rose his hands up beside his head, turning around and walking back toward the couch, "Fine, fine. Sorry, Sheriff." He said before falling onto the couch.

"I want to go, too." Kate's voice called out to Jack, eager to find his reaction.

Jack looked to her, "Kate...I don't know if that's such a good idea."

"Why isn't it? I can handle myself." She argued back, an upset look on her face now.

"She's gotta' point, Doc. Freckles ain't no priss." Sawyer hollered out from the couch, away from everyone else.

Jack looked over to the bookshelf of the hatch, thinking, before turning his head back to the group, and Kate, "Alright. You can come, too." He announced with a smile. "And later, when I find Desmond, I'll offer him to join us, and that can be it. Me, Michael, Kate, Sawyer, Hurley, and Desmond."

"Wait. No one else can come with us." Michael complained, waving his arms around to show everyone his displeasure. "Another person may bog us down. We have to be quick. It can only be us."

Locke's right eyebrow rose, "I don't see how that makes sense, Michael. You're going to need all the firepower you can get."

Charlie shook his head in agreement, standing up from his chair, "Yeah. Don't you want to do all you can to rescue your son?"

Michael turned his back to everyone, walking up to the wall and resting his right hand on it, supporting his body weight, "No. That's not it. It's just...that's just how it's gotta be, okay? It's my son we're talking about here. I call the shots, I say who goes. We have enough people. It's gotta be like this."

Jack scratched his head, "Alright. If you want this, then this is how it'll be. We'll start drawing up plans sometime early tomorrow, but for right now, everyone needs to get a good nights rest. Tomorrow is going to be a tiring day for all of us, and everyone is going to need to be as alert as possible."