The sight that greets Kotetsu as soon as he waltzes through the bedroom door is far from what he is used to. Instead of wrapped up around his laptop, Barnaby is sprawled over their bed – his thighs open, his head thrown back, one hand between his legs as the other twists mindlessly into the bedsheets.

Oh, Kotetsu thinks, not entirely processing for a moment as he simply watches, listens to the sound of Barnaby's hard breathing, the scrape of his limbs against the bedding, the buzz of the vibrator buried deep into his ass. He swallows hard as he watches the thing, as thick and as long as him, if not more so, pressing slowly into Barnaby – sliding deep into him until the base of it is flush against him and fuck, watching Barnaby groan, watching his back arch and his cock twitch with anticipation as he turns the setting on that thing higher –

"Come here."

Barnaby jumps, jerks, eyes glazed as they fall upon Kotetsu – and he obliges, even if he's whimpering as he does it, crawling to the side of the bed no matter how his muscles twitch, because it's where Kotetsu quickly moves in kind, already unbuckling his belt and pulling free his cock that is too damned hard in such a short period of time.

Barnaby doesn't need prompting. His mouth is on him, licking him, lips parting to draw him in, to swallow him down that perfect throat as his mouth stretches around him so perfectly. Kotetsu shudders and groans, hips bucking forward, hands wrapped up in blond hair to pull and savor the way Barnaby chokes down every inch of him and seems to love it with every little muffled groan that tears from him.

Barnaby's even more overstimulated than he is, but he's waiting – obviously, intently, panting when Kotetsu pulls out of his mouth, strokes himself roughly, wrenches back on the younger man's hair and comes over his face. Barnaby has one hand scrambling back, slim fingers twisting and pressing at that vibrator, pushing it deeper inside of him still, whimpering and shuddering as his lips part to taste Kotetsu just as he comes, back arched and body entirely too-taut.

Leaving Barnaby to his own devices could sometimes be a very good thing.