Kotetsu likes Barnaby best when he's in repose.

Usually he's at the computer when he's like that, but now, he's sprawled out in bed, a book in his lap, leaning his back into the headboard. He looks content like this – happy, if Kotetsu can spare the word, and it brings a faint, goofy smile to his face, thinking about how he's part of why Bunny looks so happy, and how good it feels to think of the younger man like that for a change.

Loathe as he is to disturb Barnaby, Kotetsu can't help but want to be closer. He remains at a distance for a moment, folding laundry, taking his time to watch Barnaby out of the corner of his eye – watching down to the way the blond's fingers pluck at the pages of his book, long and careful and elegant, the way his head cocks a little bit and the way his hair falls over his eyes, over his glasses before he reaches up to push it aside once more.

Eventually, he can't resist.

He slinks over to the edge of the bed, dropping down to prop his chin on the edge of it for a moment. Barnaby pretends not to notice, though Kotetsu sees the slight rise of his eyebrows, prompting him to grin a bit, to slowly slide further onto the bed and carefully, as if he really were some big, oversized cat, nudge his way underneath one lean arm and nestle himself against Barnaby's side.

Unsurprisingly, Barnaby sighs, adjusts, and makes him more comfortable – resettling so that Kotetsu sits between his legs, leans back against his chest, and Barnaby's arms loop their way loosely about him, still holding onto his book, still thumbing through pages as if he isn't there at all.

It's comfortable like this, with words not even needing to be spoken, even if Kotetsu's a little worried that he's bugging Bunny at times getting into his personal space. Those fears are quickly squashed, however, because out of the blue, Barnaby leans down, presses a kiss to his cheek, and then resumes reading as if he had done nothing at all.

Kotetsu smiles, settles back, and dozes, because hell if he wants to know anything about robotics, but he definitely does want to use Barnaby for a pillow as long as he's able.