"Barnaby! Barnaby, look!"

Barnaby isn't sure what to make of the picture thrust into his face for a moment – especially when he's half-asleep on the couch, glasses askew, and it takes a moment for him to right them, right himself, and stare at the drawing Kaede dangles in front of his eyes.

She's redrawn that family picture again – constant perfectionist, this child, rather unlike her father in that sense. Her art is improving, but it seems this time like she's found a glitter pen (or stick? Barnaby doesn't even know what kids use) to make the rainbow with, and it's sort of sprinkling off the paper onto his face.

Did she also line his glasses in it?

Well. Not that he particularly minds – it's the thought that counts – but still…

"I drew this one specifically for you," she huffs, and thrusts it at him again, a little color in her cheeks. "Dad's got the one on the wall, so you needed one, too."

Barnaby smiles, then – as warm and genuine as he can ever remember being, and only after he's met Kotetsu, only after he's become a part of that man's family.

"Then you won't mind if I frame mine, too?"

"That's obviously what you should do."

Barnaby supposes glitter glasses are tolerable for a family like this one.