They get some weird things in the mail from fans.

This kind of takes the cake, though. Kotetsu's been a little weirded out by fanart before, but – uh, does this even count? It's definitely 'fanart', but plastered on a mousepad, with two… squishy things that were supposed to be for wrist support but were actually accentuating the damned thing's butt. Barnaby's butt, specifically.

What the hell.

Still, it's sort of disturbingly amusing to set it down and poke at it – to squeeze it – yeah, except Bunny's ass isn't that soft -

"Kotetsu, what is that?"

Until he gets caught. Kotetsu nearly jumps out of his chair entirely, looking up sheepishly and holding his hands up in surrender. "Sorry. We got some weird, uh, fanmail again and I couldn't really – "

Barnaby's staring at it. "Not another one."

Oh. Well. At least he isn't upset? Still, it's sort of terrifying that Bunny's seen things like it before. "Another one?"

"Yes. There was one the other day of you in lingerie."

"What?! Did you burn it?!"

Barnaby's expression says entirely otherwise, and Kotetsu fights down a hot flush – deciding that a better plan of action was to gesture with an irritable hand. "Turn around."

The blond's eyebrows arch high. "What?"

"Turn around! I need to compare."

"Compare what?"

Kotetsu growls, spins Barnaby around himself, and grabs a handful of his ass hard enough to make him fight down a squeak. "Yeah. Just as I thought – those mousepads aren't accurate at all."

"Of course they aren't! Mousepads don't work out."

After that point, it's sort of impossible to not awkwardly start a collection of the creepy little things, all kept in a desk drawer for 'safe keeping.' The fans keep sending them in, after all – why not?