Bunny has a way of doing certain things that can only be called cute.

Kotetsu bites his tongue most of the time. Has to, lest Bunny get pissed at him for calling him cute all the time – but isn't that better than calling him not cute? Ah, he digresses. Bunny's cute, no two ways about it, and Kotetsu likes watching him, picking out the certain way in which he does things that makes it also endearing.

It's little stuff. Starts with the man's sleeping habits, for one. He's a light sleeper as a general rule, and often times takes awhile to actually get to sleep in the first place – that is, unless he's curled up against Kotetsu, a leg thrown over him and his face pressed into his shoulder. That is, unless he's discovering a kotatsu for the first time at Kotetsu's parents' house, tucking himself underneath it and passing out in only moments with a content sigh.

Basically, unless he's warm.

There are other things – the way in which he flushes over cooking failures, over cut fingers and proverbial spilt milk. The way in which he goes out of his way to spend time with Kaede, to take her with him when he's getting his hair done and even spoils her with a manicure. Geez, he's pretty sure Barnaby's been a dad his whole life, with the ease at which he handles the girl (even though he knows Barnaby is nervous and anxious about all aspects of parenting, even if he doesn't say it), and that makes Kotetsu happy.

Because it's like it is all meant to be – like this was supposed to happen and Bunny's supposed to be with them and everything's okay now because of it.

Kotetsu decides to make a point of keeping it that way – down to every cute thing, every perfect thing.