Black walked slowly through the castle, steeling himself for the battle facing him. He could do this, he knew he could. But N believed in his flawed vision so much...

Could he do this?

Just when he finished walking up the stairs, he was ambushed. He let out a yelp as a man appeared just before him; the Shadow Triad. Black had always wondered how the king of Team Plasma had managed to recruit the ninjas...

"This is the room where our King spent most of his childhood. I don't feel anything, even when I do enter the room... maybe you will," he said, then disappeared. Black stood there, staring at the room to his left. The place where N had spent his childhood... he couldn't resist it. He went in.

Black didn't know what he was expecting inside the room; maybe a forest or something - somewhere a Pokemon could live with him. He remembered what the maids had told him... about how Ghetsis had only given the young N Pokemon that had been injured or somehow harmed by humans. Yeah, he figured a nice habitat for Pokemon would be a place fit for N.

What he wasn't expecting was a child's playroom.

He walked a few steps into the room and tripped over a toy train track. Black barely kept his face from hitting the floor. "Damn train tracks," he muttered, sitting up and brushing himself off. He looked around.

There was half a basketball court on one side of the room. A couple of giant wheels with a skateboard, and a skateboard ramp... in the back of the room, he could see some art.

There was no dust anywhere, as he would expect if nothing had been played with. For the first time, he noticed the train running up against a block he had knocked into it; he lifted the block up, and it continued its course.

"N is every bit as human as you or I."

Black looked over his shoulder; the Shadow Triad member was standing in the doorway. He stepped into the room, making not a sound.

"This is where N grew up? I thought that he would have been out in a forest somewhere... he loves Pokemon. He almost seems to be one of them sometimes..." Black muttered. The Shadow Triad chuckled.

"That he does... but you see, he is merely a child. Nevermind the fact that he is grown... I hope that, when you battle him, you do not view him as evil for his vision. It is the vision Ghetsis has ingrained in him. Keep that in mind."

The Shadow Triad member walked out of the room, leaving Black to ponder this new view of his enemy.

Was he really an enemy?... Or was he merely a confused friend?