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Two years. Two splendid years had passed, but neither April nor Michael had ever forgotten him.

April squatted to place the bouquet of yellow zinnas, flowers of remembrance, she had been holding, in front of his headstone and read the engraving on it as a light warm wind blew some of her long brown hair into her face.

Jerry Hamilton


Brother & Friend

April forced a smile. "I promised last year I would start a tradition and visit every year to bring flowers on the anniversary of your death, didn't I? I know I didn't always keep my promises when you were alive Jerry, but this is one promise I am going to do everything in my power to keep, because I miss you and you were a great friend. A great friend deserves one back. It may be too late, but I can't do anything about the past. If I could, I'd have told you everything. What I did, and what was after me." She sighed. "Maybe if I had, you'd still be alive. You will never know how sorry I am about that."

April stood and turned, walking towards Michael, who was standing by her Chevy Sierra, holding a blue leash in his right hand. Toby was sitting by Michael's feet, looking regal and wise, Akitas being one of the dog breeds that could pull that look off with flying colors, even when leashed.

When April reached him, Michael kissed her softly. "I wish you'd stop blaming yourself for his death."

"That is the one thing I can't do," April told him.

Michael understood. He too had guilt that he would likely carry with him for the rest of his life. It was a part of being human he'd come to accept. One of many parts.

At times he still missed his former life as an angel, but when he was with April, it was quickly forgotten. She was his power now, his grace. He would never regret his choice. She was worth the guilt and pain that was part of being human.

April bent to give Toby a pat on the head and took his leash from Michael's hand.

She led the dog to the back door of the truck and opened it. Toby hopped in immediately and April shut the door behind him.

She glanced at Michael and he nodded, making his way to the driver's side of the vehicle as she opened the passenger door and climbed inside.

As Michael drove out of the cemetery, a weight lifted and April made an unconscious decision to move on. Her once a year visit was over, and it was time to return to the present.

Time didn't stop for those stuck in the past.

April pulled a notepad and pen out of a bag in the truck and began writing a list of liquor she and Michael needed to buy before they opened the Plentywood bar that night. They had owned the bar since the owner moved away, eight months ago, and April was determined to keep the place afloat.

It was the only reason she and Michael had been able to buy their wedding bands when they had married a month later, and it was their only hope of making enough profit to keep the house her grandparents had passed onto her.

Michael eyed the list. "Grocery store, then the bar?"

April nodded and Michael turned onto Plentywood's main street.

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