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Chapter 1: Home in Shambles

Yep coming back here was probably one of the dumbest ideas she had ever had, but what else was she supposed to do? Forks held too many memories; how apparently she wasn't good enough for him and Jake, it wasn't fair to either one of them. She would lose her best friend one day eventually and he would just feel guilty when it happened. She had one of two choices…Mystic Falls in the old house or Florida with mom. Maybe some time alone would do her some good…help her figure out where to go next. The only problem…Damon Salvatore; the piercing ice blue eyes of that man were enough to make her melt, but there was more to him than looks and she knew it. At one point they had become close…friends even when everything changed with the arrival of Katherine. Being the good friend she was, she tried to make him see there was something going on, but he didn't listen. Instead Katherine coming back brought up a side of him she didn't like and he didn't care.

Their once close relationship turned into constant fighting matches where hurtful words were thrown like grenades. The once fun nights they had together became night time battles where she tried to make him see reason and all he did in return was cut her heart deeper.

"Bella," Caroline said, tapping on the car window.

Bella smiled and opened the door, "Hey Caroline."

"I'm so glad you're here," Caroline said, hugging the friend that she had known since they were in diapers.

"That makes one of us," Bella replied dryly.

"Try that makes seven of us," Caroline said than her eyes turned sad.

"Caroline what's going on?" Bella said studying her friend, "I know there's something."

"I have to go away," Caroline said, "Mom told me you were here and I just wanted to say goodbye."

"What?!" Bella said shocked, "Why? What is going on?"

"It's complicated," Caroline said looking around, "If anyone sees me I'll be…" she couldn't even finish her sentence.

Realization hit Bella, "Come inside…we'll figure this out."

"There's more than just me," Caroline said.

"Okay, just come inside and let's talk." Bella replied.

Caroline and Bella sat in the house for two hours while she told Bella everything that had happened in the past few months since Tyler had killed Sarah at the masquerade ball. Bella left after that because she couldn't take Damon's attitude anymore.

"Why didn't any of you call me?" Bella asked a little angry, "You know I would have come back."

"We didn't want to put you in danger." Caroline explained. "Besides what would you have done?"

"I would have used," Bella said.

"Bella you lost your powers remember," Caroline said quietly, "After you tried to bring Anna back."

"I didn't lose them," Bella replied, "I lost faith in them; there's a difference."

"But Bonnie said the spirits…" Caroline started to say.

"Oh screw the spirits," Bella screamed, "They can kiss my ass. They didn't know Anna, they had no right to say who lived and who died. They didn't take my powers away, they tried but I wouldn't let them."

"Isn't that like a big no-no?" Caroline asked.

"Do you think I care?" Bella replied as she rubbed her temple, "What else Caroline…what else is going on?"

"Elena," Caroline said. "She got hurt and Meredith healed her with vampire blood, but none of us knew that. Last night she….last night she and Matt were in a car accident on the bridge."

Bella froze, "Are they…" she trailed.

"Matt's alright," Caroline said quickly then she said softly, "But Elena didn't make it…she's in transition."

Bella looked shocked, "She never wanted this," she said slowly.

"I know," Caroline said sadly, "Everyone's at her house now…she hasn't come out of her room."

Bella sat there for a few minutes before she stood up, "Come on." She said.

"What are we doing?" Caroline asked surprised.

"Damage control," Bella replied, "You get your mom and Tyler's mom to get the council together tonight. I'm going to fix this."

"You can't," Caroline said, "Bonnie tried everything."

"Well Bonnie's not me," Bella replied,

Bella walked to the kitchen and opened the pantry, pulling out jars of herbs and things.

"Caroline I want you to bring Elena here…without everyone knowing I'm back." Bella said.

"Why?" Caroline asked.

"Just please go and do it." Bella replied and started to mix things. Caroline started to leave, but Bella added, "One more thing…don't tell anyone I'm back…not yet."

Caroline nodded and then disappeared.


An hour later she had everything ready for the council and a knock on her door was heard as she was putting things up before making a rush to answer it.

As she opened it, she smiled and held out her arms, "Hey girl," Bella said.

Elena walked into them and just broke down sobbing.

After a couple hours Elena finally calmed down enough to where they could talk.

"You should have called," Bella said, hugging her friend.

"There wasn't anything you could do," Elena replied, wiping her tears away.

"Yeah there is," Bella said and sighed, "I didn't lose my powers Elena."

"But the spirits Bonnie said they took them away, she saw it," Elena argued.

"She thought she saw it, but I didn't let them. When I tried to use the next time it wasn't that I had lost them, it's that I had lost faith in them. Mental block thing," Bella said shaking her head. "I'm so sorry I wasn't here, but I'm here now for you no matter what you choose."

"I don't have a choice," Elena said sadly.

"Yes you do," Bella replied, "I don't want to lose you Elena; you're my best friend. None of us want to lose you, but we don't get to make this decision for you. You can either complete the transition or not. Whatever you decide I'll be behind you and help you."

"What about Jeremy?" Elena replied.

"If you choose to not become one I'll take care of him. I'll look after him, I'll make sure he gets into college and does what he wants. I'll keep him off the drugs and anything else." Bella answered.

"You would do that," Elena said shocked.

"Of course," Bella said.

"You know Damon won't let me die," Elena added.

"He'll have to go through me to stop you if that's the choice you make," Bella replied the anger evident in her voice.

"Still angry at him," Elena said shaking her head.

"Obviously I was right when I told him there was more going on, but he didn't want to listen," Bella said tensely.

"Well you can tell him 'I told you so' now. You know how much he loves hearing that." Elena said sarcastically laughing.

"Screw him and what he loves," Bella replied, "Look, forget him this is your decision."

"I don't know what to do," Elena said.

"Then stay here until you figure it out," Bella said.

"Bella one question," Elena said.

"What?" Bella asked.

"Did you always smell this good?" Elena asked.

Bella laughed, "You know I guess I do, everyone says so."

Elena smiled, but it was a sad smile.

Bella sighed and grabbed a box, "Here," she said.

"What is it?" Elena asked.

"Every memory I have of you, me Caroline, Bonnie, Jeremy, Matt, and Tyler. Look through it and I'll be back in a while." Bella replied.

"Where are you going?" Elena said as she opened the box.

"Damage control," Bella replied grabbing the bottled potion off the coffee table, "Apparently the council knows about Caroline and Tyler; I'm going to fix it."

"Bella the super witch to the rescue," Elena said.

"Obviously not; I can't save everyone," Bella replied quietly.

"Bella," Elena said, "I'm sorry."

Bella shook her head, "It's not your fault, I just wasn't strong enough. I'll see you in a little bit. Look through that box though and when I get back I'll have some alcohol and we'll talk some more."


Bella drove to the Lockwood house and walked in.

"Bella," Liz said "I don't know how this is going to work. I mean your powers."

"Trust me," Bella said and walked into the sitting room, "Hello everyone."

Each member of the council greeted Bella civilly, but they glared down upon her, Liz, and Carol.

"No need to be angry ladies and gentlemen," Bella said kindly, "I'm going to fix all of this."

"A witch; it's bad enough we have werewolves and vampires now you," one member said and the others nodded in agreement.

"Council members, there's no need to worry," Bella said smiling.

"Why is that?" A woman asked.

"Because you aren't going to remember a thing," Bella said and threw the vial containing the potion down on the ground.

Immediately the room filled with smoke and Bella chanted a few words then she used her powers to open the windows, allowing the smoke to clear. The council members shook their heads and looked up smiling.

"Bella it's so good to see you," One said and came to hug her followed by all the others.

Bella spoke with everyone for a while then said she had to depart to get the house in order.

"You have your powers," Carol whispered surprised.

"Like I said; trust me," Bella replied, "When have I ever let you down. Now look I need to get back to Elena. If anyone comes looking for her, don't tell them she's with me, in fact don't tell anyone I'm back."

Bella headed back to her house and when she walked in, she heard Elena laughing.

"Good memories?" Bella asked, taking off her coat.

Elena showed her a picture of her, Bella, Bonnie, Caroline, Matt, Stefan, Jeremy, Vicki, Tyler, and Damon at the Falls, "You remember this?"

"I remember," Bella said, sitting down next to Elena, "That was before we found everything out."

"And Damon being Damon just had to step into the shot the last second and wrap his arm around you." Elena added.

"Caroline was pissed." Bella said laughing, "She didn't get Stefan so she set her sights on Damon."

"Well she got more than she bargained for there." Elena added sadly. "Everything just got so out of control after that party."

"It's called life Elena," Bella said gently.

"No it's called I fell for a vampire," Elena said, putting the picture down.

"You aren't the only one," Bella said.

Elena looked at Bella shocked, "You and Damon! I mean I always knew there was something there, but I never thought that's why you left. Did he cheat on you? What happened?"

"Whoa," Bella putting her hands up, "I wasn't talking about Damon, Elena. The reason I left was because I couldn't handle Damon's reckless, selfish attitude anymore. We were fighting constantly and I couldn't watch him destroy himself. I was talking about why I left Forks and came back here."

Bella explained to Elena about Edward, Victoria and James, and then Jake.

"What a douche," Elena said. "How could Edward do that to you?"

"Doesn't matter," Bella said, "It's done and over with. I'm kind of glad."

"Why?" Elena asked.

"Well he treated me like I was priceless crystal…we only like kissed once." Bella said.

"That is just sad," Elena said.

"Forget my horrible love life. I told you I would come back with alcohol and I did," Bella said and pulled two bottles of wine, two bottles of liquor, and two shot glasses out of a bag.

"How did you get that?" Elena asked.

"Carol was very grateful," Bella replied laughing. "So here are the rules; we are going to weigh the pros and cons of the choice you will make."

"Getting drunk on my last night," Elena said laughing.

"Hey if you're gonna go, go out in style." Bella said and poured them each a glass, "Cheers."


"Where is she?" Damon asked.

"We don't know," Stefan replied.

"Well aren't you just dependable." Damon hissed, "She has exactly 2 hours to drink human blood or she dies."

"She doesn't want to," Matt said.

"Well I don't really care what she wants," Damon replied and blurred, grabbing Matt and lifting him up and pinning him against the wall. "This is your fault."

Caroline blurred and shoved Damon, causing him to release Matt; she bared her fangs, "Leave him alone."

"What will you do Barbie?" Damon hissed.

Stefan dragged Damon into the kitchen, "You aren't going to force her to turn Damon. You weren't there when she told me she didn't want this."

"Then I guess you shouldn't have let her die," Damon retorted.

"Guys," Meredith said coming in, "I just saw my parents and they acted as if nothing was wrong; like they don't know about us," She looked at Bonnie, "Did you do a spell?"

"NO," Bonnie said, "I don't have the power for that; only my grams or Bella did."

"That's the other crazy thing," Meredith said, "My parents said I should get ready for many visits from Bella Swan."

Everyone froze and Caroline slowly started to creep out, but Damon caught her.

"Is there something we should know?" Damon asked.

"No," Caroline said, shaking her head and smiling awkwardly.

"Caroline," Bonnie said.

"Okay," Caroline replied, "Bella's back and she took care of the council."

"That's impossible," Bonnie said, "She lost her powers, I watched her lose them."

"She says she didn't," Caroline said. "Elena's fine, she's Bella right now at her house."

Damon let go of Caroline and blurred out of the house.


Three hours later Bella and Elena were rolling on the living room floor in a fit of giggles over some of the stupid things they had said.

"Eating whatever you want," Elena said.

"Never having to spend money again," Bella added laughing.

"Telling the teacher to fuck off and then making them forget." Elena laughed.

"Sleeping with a celebrity," Bella laughed.

Then Elena got a sad look in her eyes, "Watching everyone you love grow old and die." She said.

Bella stopped laughing and scooted over to Elena, "It's not that bad."

"It is. I've lost so many people, I can't lose anymore." Elena said, a tear appearing.

"We'll get through this," Bella said, hugging Elena.

A banging on the front door interrupted their moment.

"I can guess who that is," Bella mumbled and stood up, "Stay here."

Bella walked and opened the door, "What?" she asked.

"You're really back," Damon said, shocked before he looked pass her, "Is Elena here? She has to feed."

Bella pushed Damon back and walked onto the porch, shutting the door behind her.

"Yes, she's here and she'll do whatever she likes. You don't control everyone Damon," Bella replied crossing her arms.

"Bella right now I don't have time to deal with your attitude." Damon said. "Invite me in."

"You can go to hell," Bella replied, "Over my dead body are you going to force her to change."

"You know that can be arranged," Damon said while getting in Bella's face.

"Go ahead," Bella said, "Still wouldn't matter, the house isn't in my name, it's in Charlie's."

"You are so infuriating," Damon said shaking her.

Bella pushed him away and slapped him, "And you're a selfish, self-centered, egotistical, harsh, ignorant, stubborn asshole." Bella said, "No one, not even you Damon, gets to make this decision for her. Now get the hell off my property."

Bella opened the door, stepped inside then looked at Damon, "Oh and one more thing about the whole Katherine situation…I told you so." Bella said and slammed the door.

"Evil witch!" Damon yelled.

"Soul sucking vampire," Bella yelled back and walked into the living room, "Where were we?"

Elena laughed.

"Don't worry he can't hear us," Bella said happily.

"You two were such good friends," Elena said quietly.

"Well he fucked that up," Bella said, pouring herself another glass of wine and silently thanking Liz for bringing them more alcohol.

"Two hours," Elena said, looking at the clock.

"Don't let him influence your decision." Bella replied, "Don't let any of us do that."

"I had so many plans," Elena said wistfully. "So many things I wanted to do."

"Pro…" Bella said, "Living."

"What?" Elena asked.

"You could live the life you want without being afraid," Bella said. "It's a pro."

"The life I want to live," Elena said thoughtfully. "I like the thought of that."

"The only question is; are you willing to take the good with the bad?" Bella asked, "If one day you decided you were tired of living, you could choose to end it."

"Kids," Elena said.

Bella sighed and hugged her friend, "Everything happens to us for a reason sometimes good, sometimes bad but we always learn something in the end when we have to make a choice. It's your turn to make a choice; you can either stop fighting or you can live…it's time to make your choice." Bella said.

Elena was quiet for several minutes when finally she looked at Bella and said, "I wanna live."

Bella smiled and grabbed a knife that was nearby, "Gotta say girl, I'm glad you chose that otherwise my coming back here would have sucked," Bella said as she cut her wrist.

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