Bunny has a tendency to burn.

No surprise, really, because he's fair-skinned and pale and has been for as long as Kotetsu's known him. What else could you be when you're that blond, anyway? Still, it's kind of comical to watch him sulk underneath an umbrella while he and Kaede roll around in the water – sparkling, pretty, crystalline, way too blue to be real underneath a startlingly bright, hot summer sun.

Eventually, Kotetsu can't stand seeing him sulk.

"Let me put some sunscreen on you," he wheedles, slinking underneath the shade of the umbrella, dripping wet and with sand clinging from his feet up to his calves. Barnaby purses his lips, glances to the side over his glasses, not putting his book down. Who the heck reads when they go to the beach?

"No. It makes me break out."

"Yeah, well, I'm about to get hives watching you sit here and suffer. Let me put some on you."

He doesn't let Barnaby argue when it comes down to it, and tugs the book out of his grasp, pushes him down onto his towel and rather enjoys listening to Barnaby sputter as he smoothes sunscreen down the man's chest, yanks him back up to put it down his back, and takes a sickeningly large amount of pleasure in smearing it down his nose and over his cheeks.

Barnaby does not look impressed.

"And now," Kotetsu announces, wiping his hands off onto his swim trunks, "you're going swimming."

A kicking, spitting, hissing Barnaby scooped up and thrown into the water had to be the best practice for princess carrying under duress that Kotetsu's ever had.