"One would think," Barnaby huffs, staring at the single bed afforded them, "our sponsors would splurge on a better hotel room."

Kotetsu shrugs, sets his bag down, stretches where he stands and generally looks unconcerned. "Look, I can just sleep on the floor – "

"No. I'll go and speak to the manager – "

"Jesus, Bunny, it's 3 in the morning. Let's just forget about it and sleep."

Barnaby frowns. It had been quite a long day, between traveling and interviews and now, staying the night outside of Sternbild for a marketing conference with their sponsors. Really, how could Kotetsu see this pathetic excuse of a hotel room – with one bed, not even a king size – as anything but unacceptable?

For someone that rushed into battle without thinking for more than five seconds, there was something to be said about how Kotetsu was terribly unconfrontational.

"… Fine. But you aren't sleeping on the floor."

The position they end up in is uncomfortable and a little bit strange at first, because Barnaby's still not used to sleeping in the same bed as someone else. He's not sure he likes it, this closeness, the feel of Kotetsu's breath against the back of his neck – until the man simply gives up at trying to keep an invisible dividing line down the mattress and rolls close to him, slinging an arm around Barnaby's waist, a leg practically over his hip, and kisses the back of his neck, warm and soft and ruffling his hair as he nuzzles up into the curls of his hair.

"Kotetsu – "

"If you get too hot, lemme know. For now, though, isn't this comfortable?"

It is, Barnaby slowly admits, lidding his eyes and sinking down into the mattress slowly. More comfortable than being curled into a tense ball all night for sure, and Kotetsu is so pleasantly warm against him.

He sleeps better that night than he has in awhile, and even spares their sponsors his complaints in the morning.