Michael and Fiona arrived back at the loft after having dinner with Sam. As Michael closed the gate, Fiona stood on the bottom step watching Michael.

"It was good to get out." Michael said, putting his arm around Fiona's waist.

"It certainly was. I missed Carlito's when I was away." she purred as he gently kissed her neck. "I missed other things too."

Michael gave Fiona a long, slow kiss. He broke the kiss and whispered "Do you want to take this inside or should we stay out here."

Fiona turned around and took Michael's hand in hers and led him up the stairs. "Are you up to this? You've been through alot lately."

He planted both hands in her hair and whispered before he kissed her again "I need you."

Sometimes when he said he needed her, he'd be rough, but other times he wanted to take his time. Whatever he wanted was fine, he needed the control that night and Fiona would give it to him. Michael pulled her inside the loft and shut the door. He helped her take her dress off, planting tiny kisses on her exposed skin. She helped him take his clothes off while they walked to the bed. He took his time kissing and touching her. She let his hands lazily roam around her body as she slowly let her hands do the same. Even when he finally entered her, he moved so slowly even up until the very end, making sure they both tumbled over the edge together. The entire time their lips were locked in passionate kiss. After they finished, they laid side by side. Michael held her close, their legs entwined. They continued to kiss, until exhausted they fell asleep.

In the morning, Michael woke up first. He saw he missed a phone call from Tom Card. Tempted to take a hammer to his phone, he listened to the voicemail.

"Michael, its Tom Card. I need to see you and drop off some papers for you to sign. I'll be there about ten this morning."

Checking his watch, he saw it was nine thirty. He decided to go outside and wait for Card, not wanting to wake Fiona.

At ten o'clock, Card walked through the gate. "Michael, you look good and by good, I really mean you look like crap. I came by to have you sign some papers and talk to you for a moment."

"What do you have to say and what am I signing?" Michael asked, keeping his distance from Card.

"I went to bat for you after you left. I fought tooth and nail with Langley and made some deals that gave you the papers I need you to sign off on. I'm sorry things ended with us the way they did." Card said, handing Michael a folder.

"Inside you will find three documents. One is a confidentiality agreement. The other is that you accept the pension package we've arranged and the final document is to continue health coverage for you and any little Westens that may come your way. No negotiating, just sign."

Michael took a moment and read the documents, signing each one and its copy. Card gave him a set. As he left he said "You should keep that Sam Axe around, he plays a good game."

Michael confused, watched Card leave. Fiona appeared at the top of the stairs "Was that Tom Card? You should have woken me up, I wanted shoot him." Fiona said.

"Card came by and had me sign off on a pension and health care package. I also agreed to be quiet and not do anymore governmental work."

Fiona made her way down the stairs and wrapped herself around Michael's waist. "He also said to Sam around because he plays a good game."

Michael took the file and put it on the hood of the car. He began to kiss Fiona who let out several low moans. Michael would have continued kissing Fiona, but instead they heard a voice.

"Excuse me. Hate to interrupt." the voice said.

"Evan, Sam isn't here." Fiona said, slightly annoyed.

"I'm not here for Sam, I'm here to see Michael." Evan explained.

"Why me? If you are in trouble again, tell Sam. I'm not up to working right now." said Michael.

Evan came into the lot a little further. "I need your help, but its not trouble related. You know I have a garage, right? I'm short a mechanic. Most of the guys I hired were guys I know. This guy was someone I didn't know. He hasn't shown up and now I'm behind. Sam said you were good with classic cars and might help me out. There's even some money involved."

Michael looked at Fiona. "Go help Evan. It'll keep you busy for the afternoon and get us some extra cash. I'll be fine. We can 'reconnect' later." Fiona said with a sly grin.

Michael gave Fiona a kiss and told Evan he'd meet him at the garage. A one day project turned into three days, but at the end of the third day Evan offered Michael a job if he wanted.

After discussing it with Fiona, she agreed as the pay was good and it was something he was good at. A few months passed and Michael found himself working late hours trying to finish a custom paint job. One night, Evan left him alone to work. It was hot, so Michael had the garage door open.

"Michael?" a familiar voice called out.

Michael dropped his wrench and inhaled "We're closed. I'm just here finishing up a job. If you want to have your car fixed drop the keys and someone will look at it in the morning."

"That's not why I'm here. I just saw Fiona in the store. She looks good. She said she's four months but I think she looks bigger." Madeline said, sitting on a stool. Her voice was chipper and bright. Michael felt annoyed that she acted liked nothing happened.

Michael started to work on the car again. "She's feeling good. When she isn't sleeping, she's eating."

The two sat in silence for a what felt like hours to Michael. Finally he said "What are you doing here? Our last didn't meeting go so well."

Maddie's voice shook. "I know. I heard what happened after you left. I heard you had a breakdown. I'm sorry you went through that. I never meant to hurt you."

Michael slammed the hood of the car shut, making Maddie jump. "But you did Mom. Do you know anything I went through after I left you that night? I almost killed myself and Fiona. I would have tried to kill sam if he didn't tackle me. Even after I was better, they were still afraid to leave me alone."

Maddie sniffled. "All I knew was that I was hurting and you were the one person who kept coming back. You called and stopped by. Sam, Fi and Jesse stopped. I wanted someone to hurt as much as I did and you were the one who was there and I lashed out at you. I'm so sorry" Michael looked at Maddie who had tears falling from her cheeks.

He felt tears forming in his eyes so he covered his face with his hands. "All I wanted that night was forgiveness and comfort. I thought that by avenging Nate's death that somehow it would make up for not protecting him. I just wanted someone to tell me that I did good and I would be OK. I wanted my mothers love but I couldn't even get that. So you say you wanted someone to hurt as bad as you, you did great job mom because between my job and you I lost myself."

Again the garage was silent. Michael sniffled. "The worst part was that you took the pictures down. You didn't want Sam, Fiona, Jesse or me. Especially me. Anything that I gave or made you, I noticed it was gone. You didn't want me."

Michael leaned against the Hood of the car, looking away from Madeline so she didn't see him cry. She came over and gently touched his arm. "You have no idea how sorry I am you went through that alone. I should have been there but I wasn't. I'm here now though."

Michael looked at Maddie and said " I miss him mom. I miss him." He finally let his guard down and allowed himself to miss his brother. Maddie wrapped her arms around Michael and whispered. "I do too, baby."

It was close to ten o'clock when Michael arrived home. Fiona was in the kitchen eating spaghetti. He stood there, smiling at the sight of his pregnant wife eating in the moonlight.

"You saw your mom? I can tell."

He walked up to her and kissed her belly and then kissed Fiona. "You told her where I was "

"That I did. It was time you guys cleared the air. I didn't want our baby to be born without you trying to settle things. I hope you aren't mad."

"I could never be mad at you. I love you Fiona Glenanne. I don't know what I'd do without you." Michael said, leaning in for a kiss.

"Why don't you show me how much you love me?" Fiona purred.

Michael smiled at Fiona. "With pleasure" he replied as he pulled her into the bed, where they spent the whole night doing anything but sleeping.