Kotetsu has a penchant for ruining things.

Now is no different than a day on the job with Kotetsu somehow destroyingsomething (in the name of their work, of course), even if they are in the confines of Barnaby's apartment. Somehow, somehow, in the time Barnaby has disappeared to shower, Kotetsu has messed something up, and it takes Barnaby a moment to put an exact finger upon it.

Then he realizes.

Indirect lighting is entirely reliant on the reflective values of a surface – in his apartment, stark and dry and dark, such a thing is hard to come by, and thus all of his lighting was controlled very specifically by a keypad and tilted all to specific degrees and sources. The gentle, diffused shadow effect that it was meant to cause was – well, gone, and replaced with sharp, useless angles that made him blink and twitch and grind his teeth.

It might 'only' be a pet peeve, but it's a big one.

Barnaby opens his mouth to snap, to complain, to toss the towel he was scrubbing his hair with across the room, but Kotetsu's just there, stretched out in his single leather chair, contently waiting with two plates of the chinese takeout they had snatched up, having cheerfully already made Barnaby a plate. It's hardto be angry with the man when he looks so happy, when he's radiating that happiness and far brighter than any stupid, subtle light that he could have lurking around creating shadows that he really has no more need to hide in.

He supposes this time, he can put aside Kotetsu's penchant for ruining things, and chalk it up to the man actually making things better than they ever were before.