This story is only a fanfiction created for enjoyment, not profit.

It is set in Sherlock between Season 2 episode 1 and Season 2 episode 2. It is also set somewhere in the sixth season of Doctor Who. (What this means: Rory is already the centurion, and Sherlock has already met Moriarty.)

Please excuse any overuse of the few British terms of speech that I know, the complete disregard for Amy's accent (I really can't write like that), and any fangirl moments over Rory, the Doctor, Sherlock, or John.

Chapter One

Sherlock was too intelligent to believe in the fantastic. The unexplained was simply that - unexplained. There was no magic, no higher power, and nothing outside the atmosphere of his Earth.

John was always trying to persuade him there were other planets, named after ancient gods and such, but Sherlock just didn't see the point. It wasn't like that information could help him solve cases, and everything else was just...


"Okay... How about this one?" John handed him the newspaper. "Missing person, lots of-"

"He's run off with his secretary," Sherlock interrupted. "Something else?"

John frowned and turned to his computer. "Here's a homicide," he said. "Police are baffled-"

"Aren't they always?"

"-by what appears to be... Oh, God, that's disgusting."

Sherlock raised his eyebrows but tried not to let himself get excited. It took much more to impress John than the great-

"His brain was dissected."

"His brain?" Sherlock peered over John's shoulder, still trying to remain calm. "Ah, and several organs were missing."

"Could be selling them on the black market," John suggested.

"No, no... Good guess but wrong. I'll take it."

"So where are we going this time?"

The Doctor pulled the a switch and grabbed the screen. "London," he told Amy.

"London?" Rory asked. "Not another planet or a spaceship or something equally as dangerous and terrifying. Just London?"

"Have you ever been to London, Rory? There's never anything 'just' about it."

"Okay, so you like it there," Amy said. "Why are we going?"

"There's someone I need to see. An old friend."

"So we're going to have tea with an alien in London?"

"No, he's not an alien," the Doctor answered, then paused thoughtfully. "Well... No. Anyway, they're probably won't be tea; he doesn't actually know me yet."

Amy frowned. "What?"

"Time trave," Rory said. "Like with River. The Doctor knows him, but he doesn't know the Doctor. Right?"

"You're getting too good at this," the Doctor said, slightly annoyed.

The TARDIS shook, and the whooshing sound finished as the the machine materialized on a London street. The Doctor grinned.

"Let's go see Sherley."