Sherlock stood over the body, head tilted to one side, completely still. John mostly watched him, avoiding looking at the destroyed body. Lestrade stood nearby, not too close and also not looking. Even Anderson had lost his usual sneer and seemed slightly pale.

"Interesting," Sherlock mumbled as he bent over what was left of the body.

They were in an old warehouse, the scene of the crime. Police were stationed outside, blocking the street and both entrances to the building.

"Find anything?" John asked.

"Just that the killer didn't use a knife... or anything recognizable. He was trying to preserve the organs, but he didn't know where they were exactly, so he destroyed a few. He will probably kill again to right that."

"What, now you're predicting serial killers?" Anderson spat.

"Shut up," Sherlock answered calmly. "And no, he's not a serial killer... just a student."

"A student?" Lestrade repeated. "Like in university?"

Holmes rolled his eyes. "No, Lestrade, not like a university student. He did this to try to learn about the inside of the human body. He didn't know enough, which is why he wasted some parts and why he'll try again. Whoever did this is not hu-"

Before he could finish, the door flew open, and a strange man stepped in. "Sorry to interrupt," he said. "But I think you're going to need my help on this one."

Rory and Amy had been struggling to keep up with the Doctor as he dashed in front of cars and through buildings to get to the crime scene. They finally made it into the room just as he was showing his "credentials" to the police officers gathered around the...

Neither of them made it two feet into the room before suddenly becoming ill.

"Don't contaminate the crime scene!" the Doctor warned them.

"What the hell happened to... it?" Amy called from the hall.

"Mycroft sent you?"

"Yeah," the Doctor answered it. "Sent me to investigate. Said I might be a match for his brother."

Amy slowly edged into the room, looking at the people standing around the room and not the body. The Doctor was facing off with a tall, black-haired man wearing a long jacket with a turned-up collar. His eyes were cold and calculating, and his smile was as smug and conceited as the Doctor's. Behind him stood a shorter, blond man who looked amused, if a little sick.

"Ah, Amy," the Doctor said. "This is Sherlock Holmes. Mrs. Holmes, this is my assistant, Amy Pond."

The tall man glanced at her. "Mycroft is hiring amateurs now?" he asked thoughtfully. His voice was deep and more than a little condescending. "That's not like him."

"Hey," Amy protested.

The Doctor crouched beside the body and studied it, buzzing it with his sonic. "Well, that's interesting," he mumbled.

"He sounds just like you," the blond man said to Sherlock, hiding a smile.

"Sorry, and who are you?" Amy asked him, folding her arms.

"John," the man answered. "John Watson."

"My assistant," Sherlock said.

"You're assis - I'm not your assistant," John said, annoyed.

The Doctor was still studying the body.

"Rory!" Amy called. "Coming in any time soon?"

There was a short silence before her husband answered. "Uh... I think I'll just wait out here..."

"Oh, it's just a body," the Doctor said. "You've seen bodies before."

"That's not a body," Rory answered. "That's... I don't know what that is."

"A science experiment." Sherlock smiled.

"Whatever it is, I need some information to go on," the detective standing nearby told them.

"You'll never get anything with this circus destroying the crime scene," a funny-looking man wearing gloves sneered. "Honestly, this freak show-"

"Oh, shut up, Anderson," the Doctor snapped.

Anderson gave up and left the room, which made Sherlock smile again. The next few moments were mostly silent as the Doctor and Sherlock went through there own thought processes... But only a few moments.

"So?" Lestrade asked them.

"So what?" the Doctor responded. "Nothing. You'll never find it, and even if you could, it would kill you instantly. No, you should probably just forget the whole thing."

"Forget it? It's a murder!"

"Yeah, just forget it. Seriously, let it go; you can't win them all. Come along, Pond." He walked out, and Amy followed him quickly, thinking that she wouldn't want to be alone with the body.

"Sherlock?" she heard Lestrade say as they left.

"He's right," Sherlock answered. "Just forget it." And then he and John were following the Doctor as well, but they didn't speak and separated when they reached the street.