Hooray! I'm not dead! Okay, I suddenly came up with this idea, and sounds like a great story to write! I should be working on Believe, but my mind is going to explode if I don't write this. And yesterday, I was working on the next chapter for that, but my computer shut down and I forgot to save! So I lost the motivation for a while… but don't worry, I'll get to it.

The large bus shook violently as it ran over a pothole in the road. No one in it seemed to mind, though, as they were too busy with whatever they were doing to occupy themselves until the time came. The time of the arrival. A blonde growled in frustration as his bag fell and his sketch pencils scattered upon the floor and starting rolling around, making it almost impossible to retrieve them on this rough ride.

He had managed to stop his books and necessities from falling out, though, and an old book with a scratched dark green color caught his attention. This book was very important to him, but it was blank except for some scattered pictures sketched onto the first few pages of it. The boy took out a sharp tool which he used to sculpt his clay figures and engraved 'Property of Deidara" onto the metal plate on the cover. Now it was really his.

Realizing he had nothing better to do on this bus, he flipped through the pages with drawings on them. Memories. The drawn pictures were of the happiest moments of his life. Deidara had acquired this when he was only four, a present from his mother before she died from a fire. Almost fifteen years ago, someone set their house on fire, his dad wasn't home from work, and Deidara had safely escaped but failed to rescue his mother. This is part of the reason why he was on this bus.

After his dad had heard about this tragic event, he dearly took care of Deidara until he was twelve, when he married another woman. Back then the blonde was truly clueless. His father was out more nights when he was off from work, and spent littler and littler time as he aged. His stepmother wasn't all that kind either. She resented Deidara and everything about him. She would even abuse him when his father wasn't home.

But it was just about to get worse. Over the years, his father also became stressed and much stricter. He hardened, much to Deidara's displeasure. One day, he couldn't stand his son much longer and sent him to a campus to be taught how to behave. That pretty much brings him to the present, on a noisy bus on a four-hour drive to the campus.

When the bus stopped to refuel gas, the blonde quickly snatched up the fallen pencils that he'd dropped. He took his favorite one, a silver colored pencil, and starting sketching a scene he'd forgotten to draw those years ago. After he'd received the book, Deidara grew to be one who loved and appreciated art. He was skilled at drawing but also loved making clay figures and blowing them up. Explosions were art in his opinion.

After a few minutes of hard concentrating, Deidara finished yet another sketch: His father taking him out for ice cream when he was six. The blonde was one to remember every pleasant memory as he had gotten so few in his past. He doubted that he would get any more to complete his book. Clarification? Deidara's life goal depends on that one book. To draw a pleasant memory on every page until all of them have been filled in. And he was almost an adult and he was far from finishing it.

Now the sketch was finished, and Deidara neatly (he was always an organized person) put away his belongings because now he could actually see the campus. It wasn't that good looking either. Some other people must have noticed that as well, because the blonde could hear several disgusted groans as they neared the campground. Yes, things were about to get worse. All hope is lost. And he didn't have any friends either. Actually the blonde didn't know anyone-

"Hooray! We're here!" A masked happy-go-lucky boy yelled. "Tobi, you're being a bit loud- Shut up! You're bothering everyone on this bus!" A plant-like guy replied to him. Okay, so Deidara knew Tobi's name, but knew nothing else of anyone.

In just a little while, finally after four hours of non-stop driving (except bathroom breaks) they have arrived. Deidara dreaded this. It was time for the counselors to start talking for long periods of time and then go meet the dreaded cabin partner. Deidara knew this too well, because of past incidents from going to summer camp. He always got extremely bored when reviewing the rules and got the worst cabin mates.

The blonde quickly grabbed all his bags as the bus skidded to a halt, making sure everything was there before standing up and looking for an opening in the lines. Much to his dismay, Deidara was one of the last few to get out. He squealed and fell back when the bus engine started up again, scared that the bus was going to drive him all the way back- with no one to take him in.

"Um, are you okay?" A blue skinned boy asked, holding out his hand. He looked like a shark. He seemed nice enough, so they started a casual conversation like friends. Deidara took this to his advantage, so he wouldn't have to listen to the boring speech the counselors were giving. During this Deidara found out that his name was Kisame, and he hated his appearance.

There were also times Kisame rambled a little too much, like about his pet goldfish, so the blonde did get in little tidbits like two of the counselor's names were Pein and Konan, that they shouldn't fool around with our cabin mates, and that they have to be on time for meals or they won't get to eat. He had gotten to chat a little bit more with his first friend, and then it was time to assign cabins.

At last Deidara's name was called. The blonde claimed his map, paperwork and key, then waved goodbye to Kisame and started walking to cabin 216. Dang it was far. He had reached the end of the clearing and was only at cabin 50. Beyond the clearing was a dark pine forest that held an eerie aura around it. Slowly and cautiously, Deidara stepped into the mist that was beginning to form. After five minutes of walking, he was beginning to creep out.

The woods weren't the cleanest, either. He had tripped over a log and fell into some mud face-first… twice. He had stepped in pond scum… four times. The frogs surprised him, way too often. Deidara's last resort was to run. So he did, running through the whole forest, clutching his bags tightly, shutting his eyes, and surprisingly, didn't run into anything…

Beyond the forest was much lovelier. The prairies made Deidara wonder of if he was still at camp. It was remarkable. Well, there was no time to stop and look at the scenery, so he unlocked the door and walked inside. There was no one there. The blonde let out a sigh. Maybe he didn't get a cabin mate this year.

He'd always envied the other kids who didn't get a cabin mate. He always had to suffer from the horrible ones… which caused him to think that it was too good to be true not to have one this year…

Suddenly the door burst open. For a minute Deidara considered two options. One, it was his cabin mate. Two, robbers. The sun's glare made it impossible to tell.

"Tobi's name is Tobi!" A masked man shouted energetically. Oh, it was that guy on the bus. "Senpai is Tobi's neighbor!" Deidara twitched. Senpai?

"Here, you dropped something." Deidara just noticed that Kisame was there. His book? When did he drop it? He took the green book and brushed off the leaves. He must have fallen and the book fell out.

"Thanks, it's important." He looked around for a moment. There were a lot of people here. Kisame, Tobi, some guy with red eyes and black hair, like a weasel, and the plant-like guy he also saw on the bus. "What are you guys doing?"

"Meeting our neighbors," The weasel said. "Kisame and Tobi insisted."

"Well, we gotta go around some more," Kisame said. "Heard you got Sasori as a cabin mate."

"Sasori? There's no one here, un."

The weasel chuckled. "You'll find out soon enough." So the four left to greet the other neighbors. Which left Deidara nothing to do except unpack a few things. That's when he heard the door open. A redhead boy walked in.

Omigosh! Cute! Deidara's mind yelled at first glance. But all he said was, "You're late," The blonde glanced at his watch. "Archery has already started and I was stuck waiting for you. You must be Sasori."

The redhead raised an eyebrow at this, and went to his bed and started unpacking. During this time Deidara decided to just skip archery and read a book. Only when he put the book down was when he saw Sasori right in front of him. "Ah!"

"You are a cutie," Sasori almost purred. "Want to play with me, hot chick?"

Even the calm people, like Deidara, have some taboo setoff. And Deidara's just took effect.

Ooh! Sasori's referring to Deidara like a girl… That's like taboo to that guy. Ugh, it took longer to write than I thought. I get distracted very easily… well, I should get updating to my other stories…