It is zat time again! I really have been kept busy and hooked on DeviantArt and given so much homework from school, so I apologize! I hope I can make my other updates quicker! So, this one's a real shocker! Nobody got the stalker's name right.

Hidan glanced under the bed and heard whimpering and saw a shiny blue eye in the darkness. So he tried to coax his friend from getting out from under there.

"Deidara, come f*cking out! There are d*mn cockroaches under there." The albino swore he saw the blonde shiver slightly, but remained there and did not move even an inch out. Sasori slapped Hidan from behind and he yelped and let out a 'what the f*ck was that for?', but the redhead ignored this and glanced under the bed.

"You don't do it right," He mumbled to the albino before turning his face to Deidara. "C'mon sweetie, you can't stay under there forever, why not get out now?" Hidan laughed loudly when he heard a smack from under the bed. Sasori shot him a death glare and that shut him up, but he was still stifling snickers from the red mark on his left cheek.

"Fine, you made me," Deidara was immediately scared to the bone when he saw the mischievous twinkle in those gorgeous brown eyes. Sasori grabbed the blonde's arms and forcefully- but gently yanked Deidara from under the bed. At this point, what was going on in Hidan's mind? Sasori: 1. Deidara: 0. He randomly pulled a miniature yellow notebook from his pocket and marked a tally next to Sasori's name.

The albino chuckled and put the notebook back in his pocket to see Sasori fussing over and hugging Deidara, the blonde slightly blushing and looking away at no particular thing. Very uke-ish like. Hidan laughed in his mind.

"Hey, I hate to interrupt you two lovebirds, but it's time for archery." Sasori just shrugged, put on some random clothes, and followed the albino out the door, dragging a blushing blonde behind him. Suddenly, the weird plant man Deidara had seen earlier popped straight out of the ground and yelled "BOO!"

The blonde was frightened by this sudden appearance and hid behind, clutched tightly for protection on the nearest person to him, which oh-so-happened to be Sasori.

"Deidara-chan!" The redhead let out a cheerful and lovingly sigh. Then, and only then, did Deidara realize what he had just done. He fell back, embarrassed. The plant-man glanced weirdly at the pair and turned to Hidan. "Oh, your cabin mate got f*cking tangled in his stitches again! And he wants you to get him out." Deidara shot him a questioning glance, and he shot back an "I'll tell you later" look.

"Seriously?" Hidan groaned. "He f*cking makes me untangle them so d*mn carefully! It could take hours! That b*stard Kakazu owes me even more now…" He mumbled before walking off in the direction of his own cabin. Deidara watched the plant man sink back into the ground in awe.

"I guess it's just you and me, Dei-chan~" Sasori purred. Deidara flushed once more. Gosh, the redhead was really cranking it up today.

Deidara tried to find something else to talk about; rather an escape out of Sasori's flirting. Sasori was impossible. He was too witty. He expected it when Deidara played along. He expected it when Deidara refused to give in. And in the end, the blonde would always lose by a landslide.

"Oh, look at the time, un!" Deidara looked at a pretend watch on his wrist. "We'd better get to archery!"

"Oh, but I thought you didn't like archery?" Sasori mused.

"U-um…" The blonde stuttered. He had told his cabin mate once that he hated archery when they were informed that the schedule planners were going to cut the break time out and put an extra archery session in the schedule.

"Oh whatever, un! It beats walking with you!" Deidara ran as fast as his scrawny legs would let him in the direction of the archery clearing. "Wait Dei-chan!" The redhead laughed and chased after him. Surprisingly the redhead didn't catch him until he reached the clearing where a small class stood.

"Gotcha! You're a slow runner, Dei!" Warm arms wrapped around his waist. Even an idiot would know by this point that Sasori wasn't really trying- he was just being slow on purpose for the sport in it. Another win for Sasori. Deidara facepalmed at the thought. Escaped from Sasori's flirting, yes, but just got himself into another trap. And he'd fallen for it like an apple from a tree.

The two listened to the counselor blab on about waiting for the right time to shoot, where to aim, and when to collect arrows while the campers stared boringly at the person lecturing about safety. Someone let out a loud yawn and a few people laughed. Later on the counselor sorted the campers into left hands and right hands.

Just when it was Deidara's turn, Sasori interrupted. "You're left handed?"

Deidara simply replied what was at the top of his head. "You're not, un?"

The redhead remained silent as the two shot their arrows. Sasori landed all five of his on the edge of the target and one didn't even make it. Deidara landed all of his squarely into the center of the target. Fellow campers 'oohed' and 'ahhed' as the blonde shot his last arrow in. Even Sasori held a pure impressed expression on his face.

"You shot an arrow straight into my heart~" The redhead quoted, acting like a poet as they went to pick up their arrows. The blonde rolled his eyes.

"Maybe I will, I've spent my life learning and thinking about when I kill you, un." He countered.

"I'm hurt, Dei…" Sasori pouted.

Deidara petted his head triumphantly. "Don't worry, when you do, I'll send you a postcard to addressed specifically to hell." His response was a whimper but by then the blonde knew for once he had won. Some people who noticed giggled. He let out an exhausted sigh and continued archery.

During his wait in line, he got socializing with the other campers, which was a foreign action to him. He actually met some pretty interesting people. Deidara was surprised that he found himself disappointed when archery was over. But on the other hand, if archery was over, it was break time, then dinner. Pretty much of all the campers were starved.

This time, Deidara was able to avoid Sasori, because apparently Kisame was lecturing about something to him. So the blonde walked to his cabin alone, ready to rest a bit before dinner. Boy, how much of his energy would the activities zap out of him today? He opened the unlocked door and was too lazy to relock it again. Who is on this ground to harm him? The campus area was private.

The blonde jumped onto his bed and stared at the ceiling, and looking for textures in the wall. After a few moments, he sat up, bored. Even sketching in his book didn't seem to pass any time. So much had happened already. So Deidara began sketching some random person on the blank page when he heard the door open.

"Oh, is that you, Danna? You're late. It's almost time for dinner, un." Deidara said without looking up.

But this wasn't Sasori. He had too much of a frightening aura. It took Deidara at least three seconds to figure this out, but before he could look up and question who was there, he was thrown against the wall in the blink of an eye. The book flew to the floor with a thud. What he saw before him was a dark shadow in front of the blinding light from the door.

The blonde moaned. The back of his head ached. He had hit the wall of the cabin very hard. His attacker stood before him, no emotion showing on his face. His onyx eyes glinting in anger. He held Deidara by his neck, the blonde squirmed uncomfortably and his arms uselessly tugging on the man's firm grip.

"Itachi, un?" The raven remained silent.

Deidara screamed. He hollered and yelled. He cried in pain and fear. What was going on? Why was his friend attacking him? Why wasn't anybody coming? Well of course nobody could hear him. They were at dinner, on the other side of the campground. At that moment the blonde wished he had a loud voice.

"Silence." Itachi drew a weapon from his pocket. He held a silver kunai and placed the sharpened blade just on top of the blonde's neck, ready to slice his flesh at any moment. Deidara shut himself up immediately; cold drops of sweat running down his face. "I've been watching you. You took my warnings lightly." Two bright blue eyes widened. The raven paid no attention to this.

Deidara wailed something unclear. However, Itachi seemed to understand it without a repeat. "Why, you ask? Because… your father murdered my little brother! And yet, you've done something I despise most about you…" (A/N: Yes, this story's AU, so Sasuke IS dead.) The blonde's eyes shimmered in question. "Knowing you, you think you're innocent..." Itachi pushed the blade down just a smidge. A small stream of red liquid fell from Deidara's throat.

The blonde gulped nervously. Of course, the cut wasn't that deep, but the raven could go further if he wanted; he was utterly defenseless at this point. Tears fell downs his cheeks. "And you want to know why, I'm guessing. Because I hate you. I hate…" Itachi trailed off and Deidara looked up.

"I-I…" The silver kunai fell to the ground. "I hate the way you… I hate the way you make me love you."

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