Barnaby really doesn't know the slightest about how to act in relationships.

The idle chick flicks he's watched for half a minute while flipping through channels yield little results, and why should they, anyway? Contrived messes, all of them, and Barnaby can't help but put his nose in the air at the concept of even using that sort of material as a reference.

That being said, he's still quite lost.

It's a cold, rainy day when he and Kotetsu leave the Apollon Media building, and Barnaby, always, firmly prepared after checking the weather that morning, can't help but notice how Kotetsu simply isn't. He's dressed as always, sans a coat at that, and Barnaby wants to open his mouth and chide him for his poor choices.

Kotetsu would probably shrug it off, if he even tries.

Exhaling a long-suffering sigh, Barnaby waits until they stop at a crosswalk to shrug off his coat—a long, heavy thing, a far cry from the leather jacket he normally sports. Kotetsu blinks at him in open confusion for a moment, but that turns to a sort of wry, amused expression as Barnaby settles the coat in question around the man's shoulders, trying not to flush as Kotetsu grins at him.

"You looked cold," Barnaby tells him defensively, shoving his own gloved hands into his pockets after adjusting his scarf. "Also, you're old. I bet the chill was bothering your arthritis."

"I'm not that old," Kotetsu points out, though he sounds little more than pleasedas he sinks back into the warmth of Barnaby's coat, pulling the heavy material a bit more around his shoulders.

Barnaby tries not to like how it's just a bit too big, tailored specifically for his own, wide-shouldered physique.

He tries not to like how Kotetsu looks so content about wearing it.

It's a battle impossible to fight, and for once, that's okay.

Barnaby settles for smiling, just a bit, instead.