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Maka's P.O.V

"James! Elsa! What the hell are you doing here!?" I said, bewildered by their presence.

(May I introduce Lialane Graest's OCs, James is the son of Azusa and Spirit, Elsa is the daughter of Marie and Stein please do check out her stories as they are awesome!)

James pushed up his glasses. "Well we we're hunting pre-kishins around the area when Elsa felt a huge wave of madness. She was curious so she decided to check it out,"

Soul snorted and grinned widely. "Figures."

Elsa's golden eyes widen a little before she scampered to hid behind James back, murmuring about how sharp and pointy Soul's teeth were and I let out a giggle.

"Are you injured Maka?" Crona asked without hesitation in his voice. Checking the place where the sword impaled me when I was lost in black blood, I was shocked to see no wounds.

"Don't worry, the black blood already healed you." Soul said as he rubbed my arms soothingly. The fact kind of bothered me, telling me that the black blood isn't something to be taken as lightly as i had now.

"Here is not the place to talk, we ought to get back." Kid said in a matter-of-factly tone. We nodded in agreement and he begun to arrange the jet plane to get us home.

"James, how's your soul collecting going?" I asked curiously. The son of a 2 death scythes and a daughter of a death scythe and one the most powerful meisters, surely it ain't that far.

"Well, we collected-" Kid intercepted his line, making it unable for him to answer.

"The plane is here," Kid announced as he snapped his phone shut.

"Well see ya back at DWMA sis." James stated, preparing to leave with Elsa.

Tsubaki furrowed her eyebrows in concern. "Well the storm is bad, why don't you stay at the villa until tomorrow? It's getting late."

"That sounds really pleasant, Aunt Tsubaki," Elsa smiled warmly before walking onto the plane, dragging James who was protesting the entire time.

We collected the witch's soul and boarded up the plane. This was going to be a long night.

At the villa~

Passing hot cocoa to everyone, I snuggled comfortably in Soul's chest, having a light conversation with James.

"Dad was going to kill Soul for running away with you and deflowering you," James said as he light glinted off his glasses when he pushed it up.

I snorted. "Typical papa."

"Jeez that old pervy death scythe never learns..." Soul shook he head in dismay.

"Das has always been protective of us, hasn't he."

"Too protective," I retorted flatly as I sipped my hot cocoa. Soul patted my arm sympathetically, forgetting the fact that his family were way worse than mine.

Leaning forward to James, I whispered. "So Stein didn't kill you for being with Elsa anyway?"

"Maka, I can hear that!" Elsa shouted loud enough from the guest room and I shut up immediately. Trying to provoke Stein's daughter was like asking for a dissection voluntarily.

We sipped our drinks quietly, enjoying the silence after the fight when he broke everything.

"STUPID GAME SYSTEM IS NOT GOOD ENOUGH FOR A GOD LIKE ME!" A loud thud followed, making me feel like trouble was brewing already.

Elsa came rushing out, fuming. "One day, i swear me and papa will dissect him and see how small his brain is." She exploded, unhappy about what he had done.

"Elsa, calm down. What did that tiresome Black*Star do again." James immediately rushed to her, saying softly and stroking her hair.

She growled in response. "He smashed the game system when i was about to beat his high score." Cringing from the hostility in her voice, i wasn't surprised that Stein's tenancies passed on to her. After all, she was a daddy's girl.

"Take it down girl," Soul joked as he attempted to lighten the tension in the room but failed horribly.

"Would you like me to change your teeth?" She spat mercilessly, trying to reign in her anger.

"My teeth? No thanks, i think they are cool." Soul shrugged, unfazed by her dangerous remark.

She calmed down and gave Soul a smirk. "Aren't you afraid of dissection?"

"I am, but if i'm not source of anger i guess i'll survive." Soul replied.

"Where's Black*Star?" Tsubaki asked as her head popped out from the kitchen, looking around for her meister.

"In the gaming room." Elsa replied smoothly. Nodding, Tsubaki raced up the stairs with a bowl of hot miso soup.

"BLACK*STAR WHAT HAPPENED TO YOU?" She shrieked. Curiosity killed the cat and i decided to investigate what happened.

"Elsa great job!" I said breathlessly through my laughter that i could barely control. The sight was just hysterical. Black*Star was curled up in the corner of room, looking all depressed murmured something between the lines of i shouldn't have brag too much and i wish i never surpassed god. A few scalpel and knives were just a few inches of his body, it made it promising that there would be dents in the walls.

Kid walked in on us and his eyes widen in shock before realization struck him. He started to clutch onto his side as if it was going to split, rolling up and down laughing like mad.

"God, Black*Star what happened to you?" He said as he wiped away his eyes. Black*Star didn't answer, he currently was in a traumatic stage.

"Elsa happen," Soul retorted as he was still chuckling away.

"It wasn't my fault that he was being irritating." Elsa grumbled as she crossed her arms.

"No one's blaming you." James smiled warmly at Elsa and she allowed herself a little grin.

Taking a picture, i couldn't help but think that i should black mail him. However, he will probably be smashing every single device that has that picture in it and i definitely do not want to get my phone crushed.

"We've got a second Crona around here haven't we?" I smirked triumphantly as i stated a fact.

"I bet with you Black*Star will only be able to snap out of it when there is a new mission." Soul murmured in a low voice in my ear, so that no one could hear our quiet conversation.

"Well i think he will snap out of it in 2 hours." I rolled my eyes at him. It was pretty easy for Black*Star to pick up his 'godly' persona.

"Then we have a deal Lady Albarn." He gave me his famous grin and my face was painted with a slight hint of red.

"Penalty?" I questioned curiously, hoping that it wouldn't be too harsh.

"Anything the other wants." His grin got wider, but there was cockiness added to it. I nodded in agreement, he stuck out his hand.

Shaking his hand to seal the deal, i was fairly certain i was going to win this bet.

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