A/N: This pairing is Draco/Lucius and the prompt is: antiques. By the way, this is set when Draco is about six, so Voldemort has been dead around five years.

"Now Draco, best behaviour," Lucius told his son.

"Yes, Father," the boy replied obediently as the two walked into Borgin and Burke's. Once inside, Draco could barely hide his interest; there were so many interesting objects. He glanced around the shop as Lucius murmured quietly to Borgin about 'things that were a bit too sensitive to have lying around the house.' Draco was peering around the store, trying not to be a nuisance. He really didn't want to be scolded in public and wanted to be punished in private even less. The only reason he was with his father in the first place was because his mother had a party she needed to attend.

He looked around and spotted label. He knew better than to touch anything in this store, especially with all the creepy stories his father had told him before they entered. He sounded out the letters to see what the word on the label said.

"An-ti-ks," he mouthed to himself. He kept at it for a while until finally, "Antiques." He pronounced proudly after five minutes of hard work.

Borgin came up quietly behind him while Lucius was signing the Agreement of Sale contract at the counter. He watched as the boy spelled out the word and then looked closely at the wares without touching them. His father taught him well. Borgin thought. The grimy old man moved forward to entice the child into asking his father to buy something when Lucius came up behind him.

"Draco, you haven't touched anything, have you?" He asked sternly.

"No, Father," Draco answered dutifully, turning to the older man.

"Good, what are you looking at now?" Lucius asked, exasperated, as the boy turned back to the shelf of antiques.

"Antiques, Father, I read it myself." Draco responded, sounding slightly smug but knowing better than to be obvious about it in front of his Father.

"Indeed, which one would you like, Draco?" Lucius asked. If it preoccupied the child for a while then he would gladly part with a few galleons or more. The boy looked up and down the shelf before settling on a sapphire brooch. Lucius checked to make sure that the brooch didn't do anything dangerous before turning to his son and raising an eyebrow.

"For Mother," he explained, seeing his Father's expression. Lucius nodded at him for his thoughtfulness towards his Mother and paid Borgin the three galleons that the brooch was worth.

"Back home, Draco, hold on to my arm." Lucius informed the boy and, once he had a secure grip, Apparated them away.