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It had started with the bowl.

A little ceramic dish, a bone with his name painted onto it on the side. It reeked of low quality paint and Stiles. Derek had found it on his counter after a pack meeting one night and his eyebrow twitched in anger as he stared at the offending bowl.

"Cute." he said flatly despite being alone in the house. The bowl stayed buried in the back of one of his cupboards because the alpha simply couldn't bring himself to throw it out.

The next one didn't come until a week later, after a cut on his inner thigh just wouldn't heal. After he'd told the pack and borrowed some medical supplies from Scott, he found the cone on his bed.

He growled, eyes flashing red as soon as it hit him what it was. Once again, the horrible piece of plastic stunk of Stiles.

Derek picked it up and tore it open, effectively ruining it. "Stilinski, you little shit." He snarled as he threw it to the floor.

A week and a half later, there was a stuffed soccer ball on his car. The kind with a squeaker in it. He pursed his lips as he picked it up, ignoring the snickers Boyd gave as he fled the house. The stupid dog toy had been with Stiles at least a few days, but he didn't need to smell it to know it had been the hyperactive teen who put it there.

His claws were out and it would take almost no effort to tear the damn thing apart. And yet, he couldn't. With a frustrated groan, he kicked at the dirt and the stuffed ball ended up on his desk.

He wasn't even surprised when he found the dog whistle three days later, and he simply rolled his eyes as he shoved it in his pocket. Isaac asked about it, having spent the night to discuss how to deal with his new girlfriend and the wolf together. The alpha growled at him and didn't answer the question.

It was left on a chain around his neck, the metal of the whistle always under his shirt.

He merely rolled his eyes when he found the rubber bone on his porch. "Really, Stiles?" He muttered, bending down to pick it up. He tossed it into a dresser drawer, still unable to throw away the unwanted gifts.

Derek lost it at the collar.

A little green strap, complete with his name on the tags and Stiles' phone number under that.

He snarled, eyes going red, and he clutched the tags in his hand. It took less than ten minutes before he was at the teen's bedroom. He grabbed Stiles off his chair and slammed him into the wall, holding the collar up.

"I am not a dog." He growled, nose almost touching Stiles'. The teen gave a smirk, despite the tinge of fear.

"After all of the shit you put me through? Think of it as payback." he said with more confidence than he had.

"Quit it, Stiles." Derek demanded, pulling him back to slam him into the wall again before he was gone.

Stiles stopped leaving the dog toys and supplies. But there was a pleased smile on his face when he saw the collar hanging in Derek's rear view mirror.

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