Lookie! I *finally* decided to write a Romance! My first! And most likely my last, too! I can't stand writing human romances. I tried it once, and it basically stank. *holds nose* Ick. Sooo. here's a new, better one. With Pokemon! Everyone fears the Aerodactyls, but have you ever seen the heart of one? .Didn't think so. And do I really need to put the stinky disclaimer on this? I don't own nuttin but my mangled brain. That's all ya need to know. :-P Oh, and the only Aerodactyl that actually exists in this story is Tylreao. (on my GB)

Thus Ancient Hearts Alike

By The Crimson Lugia

Started: 7/5/02

Everyone is born into this world with a purpose, the purpose of some being more clear than others. I was born as one of six eggs; five of which hatched to be me and my brothers and sister. The last child was never born. He or she had died before birth. That happened to many baby Aerodactyls back then, as their reproduction system was often a bit skittish.

I was the third awakened; the third of my siblings to break free of my egg. I remember my mother, a vicious-looking but kind Aerodactyl as she nuzzled us in our nest. Silently, without tears, she delicately picked up the unhatched egg with our dead sibling inside it, and flew off with it. She came back a minute or so later, to take care of us. Us hatchlings were, at the time, very small and demanding. Aerodactyls were more intelligent than you think; we still are, or at least the ones around today. Our mother named us. My youngest sibling and only sister was Edhia. My older brothers were Kalsah and Riotaye. My younger brother was Tylreao. And I? I was Lasrea. Goddess of the wind, beauty of the clouds. My mom gave me that name specifically, for when I was born, she said I was born of a different color; I was somewhat bluer than my siblings, and my eyes were a pure cerulean blue. My wings had whitish parts near the wingtips and claws.


"Lasrea! The herd is on the move!" Came my brother Riotaye's voice.

"Huh? Oh, right!" I flew over instantly and looked down to see a swarm of ancient Tauros down on the ground.

"Wanna try to catch one?" Riotaye asked, his claws outstretching and taking careful aim above the herd. "Sounds good to me!" I exclaimed. We dove down at a tremendous speed, aiming for the baby Tauros in the middle of the herd.

Down we dove! In an instant, our ancient, frightening bodies were seen as shadows silhouetted against the Earth. The Tauros knew of our presence instantly, and kept running.

We both curled in for the catch. My claws closed on a tiny baby. I felt the warm sensation of meat from under my talons. Likewise, Riotaye dove at one of the older children, but since my bro was bigger and stronger he could handle it.

We flared our wings and quickly sailed away from the herd before they could attack us. We Aeros have powerful wings, so we could handle ourselves in air. I felt the baby squirming rapidly under my grasp, so I lowered my head and bit down into the neck. There was a squeal- and nothing more. Satisfied with my catch, I headed home to show my parents what I had caught.

"Nothing beats a nice hunt." Riotaye sighed happily as we sailed home with dinner. We alternated the jobs. Edhia and Tylreao with Kalsah, and me with Riotaye. Tylreao and Edhia were the youngest, so they had to go with one of our older siblings.

As we sailed home, my mother, Arviesa, looked up from her perch to see us. I could see she was smiling proudly at us. I zoomed forward ahead of my older brother, my bluish wings catching the wind and I sailed gracefully over to her. My brother looked at me with awe, and flapped as hard as he could to catch up.

"Well, goddess of the wind, beauty of the clouds, you amaze us yet again." My mother teased as she looked up at me.

"We have a beautiful daughter, indeed." My father grinned, and motioned for us to come in the den to eat. We lived in a sort of tunnel in a cliff. Not comfortable to most Pokemon, but it was the latest must for an Aerodactyl family.

We bit into our prey instantly, and began to rip the bull apart. Now, to avoid misunderstandings, we don't relentlessly attack Pokemon, thinking only of ourselves. Oh no. It's actually quite the opposite. We respect all Pokemon we eat. We must eat them to survive. It's part of the food chain.

One night, all was silent. The only noises were the occasional creaking and croaking of the things outside the den. Then, out of nowhere, came a soft shriek from the ground.

"Kalsah? Go take care of whatever that is." My father moaned groggily. I heard the faint flapping of wings in my semi-sleep state, and my brother's voice, then the cry of a young Tauros, probably one that had gotten separated from its herd. My brother flew in again, clutching it in his claws, and quickly put the bull Pokemon out of its misery.

"Looks like we've got ourselves breakfast tomorrow." Kalsah sighed, and we fell back asleep. Or at least, they did. I couldn't sleep. There was something odd.

I looked out the cave opening, just to be safe. I saw another group of Aerodactyls flying across the plains. Quickly I stuck my head back in. Mom told me that other Aerodactyls would often attack other families. Our family would never think of such a thing, but my mom just says all families are different. I peeked out from my hiding place behind a rock, in time to see the leader of the flock look at our cave. He recognized it as an Aerodactyl den at once, and called his group over to attack. I saw them coming and screamed my ancient scream in panic. My parents and siblings woke up instantly. My dad ordered all of us young ones to go with mother, and leave, saying he would keep the attackers away and stall as much as he could. "Kids! Fly!" My mom cried, more terrified than I had ever seen her. We did as we were told. Tylreao and Edhia were too young to fly as fast as we were, so mom carried them in her talons.

I sailed out in front of my older brothers, and soon even my mother, as my sky-blue wings caught the wind and made me sail beyond them. I dared not look back.but I wanted to know how our attackers were faring. I looked back. They were gaining on us, and father was trailing behind the attackers furiously, but they paid him no attention.

"Why are they attacking us, mother?" I heard Tylreao cry.

"It's every pack for themselves out here, little one." She replied sadly.

Suddenly, I saw something move under me. I looked down. The leader of the attacking Aerodactyls was flying underneath me. From the looks of it, he was very strong, and sailed even faster than I was.

Soon he swerved up so suddenly, and I crashed into his rough hide. I went into a temporary daze, and fell several stories from the air before regaining balance. The leader went into a frenzy, and began ripping at my brothers. I watched in horror as his jaws closed on Riotaye's neck, and didn't stop until Riotaye's eyes closed in a way I had never seen them close before. He threw my brother's body to the ground, where it hit the floor without resistance.

Kalsah rammed the leader while he was occupied, and tried to go for the same fatal spot. But the other Aerodactyl knew what my brother was trying to do, and swatted him away furiously with his wing. Now the leader wanted to hurt my mother. Edhia and Tylreao closed their eyes, and started crying. My mother looked at me, then dropped them from her talons.

Edhia and Tylreao opened their wings, and flew over to me as fast as they could. My mother was squaring off against the leader of the others, but she was losing. The other was stronger, more agile, and had a great deal more experience. Finally my father caught up to the fight, and whammed the leader away.

The rest of the Aerodactyls furiously attacked our family. We were outnumbered. I sailed away from their claws and jaws barely. They kept missing me by a hair. I watched in absolute terror as they seized my two younger siblings and easily ripped them apart. The vision will be stuck in my mind forever. My mother and father also fell from the sky, outnumbered. Kalsah awoke, and flew over the join me. "We have to get out of here!" He shouted. We flew away at full speed. The others were gaining. getting closer.

I glided in front of my brother, which had always been my natural talent. We flew for quite some time, until I heard a cry behind me. The leader still had a bit of strength, and caught up to us. They grabbed my brother, which made me go even faster; I had heard the cry of death too many times already that day.

I guess it was hopeless. I managed to get away from the swarm, but now I was alone, and my family was gone. And in the middle of nowhere. That angry swarm had taken over our territory, so going back would mean I would share the same fate. For days, not a sign of a single other living creature, or at least one that I could eat. And not a drop of water. It was barren and deserted; how can your family get killed and you get exiled from your own home in one single day? My life was ruined, all because of others of our kind.

On the ninth day, I collapsed in the sun. It was too much. My consciousness was fading away. Then all went black.