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~Lasrea's POV, as usual~

Karalyn, stop making so much noise! I complained as I watched the young Aerodactyl screaming wildly outside, playing with her cousin and best friend, Flauna, a Skarmory.

My long time mate, Drissor, watched the scene from the cave entrance.

Ah, let'm fool off, Lassie. He sighed, grinning.

But they're giving me a migrane… I moaned, then decided to go along with Driss and watched the two play together outside.

Riotaye and Sterala soared by overhead, and I gave them a slight wave.

Hey sis! How are you and Drissor coming along? Riotaye asked cheerily, flaring his wings and landing nearby.

Riotaye, stop it with all the motion. I whined. You know I'm expectant.

I think Karalyn's just joyous at having a new brother or sister. Riotaye explained. We should know. Before Flauna and the twins were born, Irianda kept complaining about being lonely.

I nodded, knowing the story about Riotaye and Sterala's first-hatched daughter, Irianda. She was mighty annoying during those days when she had no one to play with.

But hey, look on the bright side. Aerodactyls… He looked at Sterala. And Skarmories… Don't suffer nearly as much labor during birth as most Pokemon do because of their tough armor.

Gee, thanks. I muttered dryly. You don't have to worry about it, you're a boy.

I can't change that. He said happily. But being male isn't all perfect either you know…

Please, stop arguing before this conversation becomes inappropriate…Especially around the children! Sterala scolded us both.

Riotaye and I looked at each other. We weren't going to let it go that far. I interjected.

Yeah. Riotaye agreed.

Still, It'd be disrespectful to let Kara or Flaun see you arguing like this. Usually parents want to make a good impression by not arguing… The Skarmory continued.

Sterie, must you be so overprotective of everything? Riotaye asked.

I'm only doing my job. Sterala teased. I believe I'm the only one here who's capable of remembering their age.

Riiiight. Riotaye laughed, only to receive a warning gaze from his mate. He gulped.

Well, we'd better get going. Nice seeing you, Lasrea. Sterala concluded. Flauna! Tell Karalyn good bye! We're going home now!

Buy, Karalyn! Flauna waved, and followed her parents home.

Karalyn? Be a good Aero-girl and go fetch some Tauros for dinner, okay? I asked her.

Yes, mom.


My thoughts were interrupted when I heard the sound of my daughter's wings. I took one look at the Tauros she clutched in her talons, and swooned.

Well, Kara girl, you've really outdone yourself this time! I smiled, and took the heavy beast from my exhausted daughter.

You know how hard it was dragging that thing back here? Came the response. I paid her no mind. DRISSOR! Kara's back with dinner!

Coming! Drissor sailed down into the cave from his perch high above, the same one in fact which we had admitted our feelings some 14 years ago.

I eagerly plunged into the food, but I froze soon after:

Mom, what's that big colorful bird up there?

I looked toward the sky, but saw nothing.

What do you mean? I asked. She couldn't have seen Ho-oh, could she?

well, it's big, and pretty, and it's flying on a rainbow. My daughter sounded almost like she was in a trance.

Well dear… I began, but paused. I'll tell you later.


Oh mom!

Yes, Kara? I asked. I sailed over to her, only to see her standing before a young male Charmander. I didn't really like the Char-family all that much, so I was uneasy.

Mom, I found this Charmander! He's nice! Can I be friends with him? Kara chirped.

Who said you have to ask me? I challenged playfully. Of course you may, Karalyn.

Suddenly I caught a glimpse of a shadowed figure standing near the old volcano where Charizard and his sister used to live. I looked into the sky, and saw a similar one drift down to join the original one.

They're back… I murmured. Karalyn looked at me in question.

don't mind me, dearie. I assured her, but continued gazing worriedly at the figures near the volcano.

Karalyn, fly home. Go to Drissor. There's something I need to do.

My daughter, with a questioning look to me, obeyed and flew back to our cave. When I was certain that she was gone, I began the flight to the volcano.

Finally I arrived, only to see a familiar human face and a boy who looked like her son standing there as if waiting for me.

"Lassie, I'm back. I'm never leaving again. I couldn't bear to stay away from you for so long…"

Reina… I gasped, taken aback, as she ran up and hugged me.

"I'm so glad to see you're still here!" Reina squealed. "This is Fitzgerald, my son… Oh Lasrea… Are Drissor and Riotaye still here?"

They're alive and well. I smiled.

"That's great news!" She exclaimed. "Well, you're going to have to show me around this place again. I've lost my knowledge of this area…"

If I have to do it all over again, then so be it. I agreed. Reina climbed on my back. Hestitantly, I turned around and gave Charizard and the female Charizard (his mate. Apparently his rotten sister, Chaura, drowned just last Spring from flying into a pole above water and knocking herself out) a small smile. To my surpise, they smiled back.


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