I am on vacation, so I might not write as much as I could. But when I do write, I will write multiple things!

Chapter Two

I woke up and groaned. I was in the backseat of some random taxi and I had no idea who was whistling in the front seat. I sat up slowly and winced as a flash of lightning and a crash of thunder rolled across the sky. The, well, whatever it is stopped whistling and looked towards me. "Ar, ye finally be awake! Ye just appeared in me cab, sleepin' like a log." I looked around and groaned, not knowing where I was. The thing looks closer at me. "What be your name?"

"Laura," I mumble. The thing nods and looks at the road, going around the curves at top speed. I was about to comment, but he continued. "I be Kapp'n. Where are ye wantin to go to?"

"..." I shake my head slowly. "Never mind the fact that I have no idea how I got here, how can I understand you? How... What is going on?" The car screeches to a halt as Kapp'n pulls off to the side of the road and turns around to look at me. "You can talk to me," he states in a normal voice, seeming to drop the pirate accent. I nod slowly and tilt my head.

"Is that strange?" Kapp'n blinks. I watch him, waiting for a response. When he says nothing I continue. "What is going on?" The driver sighs. "Maybe Tom should tell you. Come on, let's go to Paradise." He starts the car and turns around, heading in the opposite direction then where he was going before. I look out the window and mumble, "I guess I have no choice..."

About three minutes later, Kapp'n slows down and says, "We're here!" I look out the window and gasp. The town is beautiful! There are marbled pathways and flowers lining them with huge trees dotting the town. Animals are meandering around, smelling flowers and talking to each other. When we pull up to the Town Hall, all of the animals stop and stare. After a second, whispers break out, overwhelming my hearing. I could hear some of the things they were saying.

"Why is Kapp'n here?"

"Is that a human in his cab?"

"That is a human!"

Kapp'n turns around and says, "Well, we are here! Welcome to Paradise!" I look at him, wide-eyed. He sighs again and gets out of the car. Walking slowly, he opens the door for me and holds out a... hand. I take it and step out, breathing in the fresh breeze. My face twitches when I smell a bit of something different and I look around.I blink when I see it, a dark red cloud hanging over the village, turning and shifting as if it is alive. Kapp'n watches me and whispers, "That is the dreaded akai ankoku, which means Red Darkness. That is part of the reason you were brought here."He shakes his head. "But I am getting ahead of myself. Please, come and meet Tom Nook."

Next chapter is coming soon!