(Missing scene that happens just before Emma and Regina arrive at MM's classroom looking for Henry)

Emma blinked in the bright light as she dutifully followed Regina out of the mansion over to the black Benz. She had a hard time keeping up. Regina walked fast and Emma was still sore from her car accident the night before. Also, jail cots aren't the most comfortable things to sleep on.

Emma slowly folded herself into the passenger seat, while Regina backed out of the driveway without a word even before Emma had fully closed the door. Emma studied Regina's face: her lips were tight and her dark eyes refused to give Emma any insight.

"Um, could we stop by McDonald's drive-thru real quick?" Emma asked nervously, as Henry's "I'm hungry" from the night before ran through her mind.

"Ms. Swan, my town does not have the McDonald's," Regina scoffed at the preposterous assumption.

"Oh..Hardees or Burger King is fine," Emma's stomach rumbled louder than the car's engine.

Regina sighed, "If you're truly starving, you may eat Henry's lunch, seeing as he won't be having it today."

"Are you sure?" Emma asked feeling a bit guilty.

"Yes," Regina replied staring straight ahead, but Emma noticed she was gripping the steering wheel so hard her knuckles were white.


Emma reached down to the floorboard and pulled up Henry's 'Tron' themed lunchbox. She lifted the hinges, and took stock of the neatly arranged contents: turkey sandwich on wheat with the crust cut off, a baggy of sliced vegetables, ranch dip, yogurt and a juice box."

As she rifled through she noticed a folded piece of paper. She curiously opened it and read the neat 'mom' written script:


Good luck on your math test. You studied so hard and I am so proud of you! Have a good day.

I love you,


Regina noticed Emma reading the note and loudly cleared her throat. Emma startled and dropped it back in the box, opting to take the apple juice box out instead. It had been a very long time since she'd had a juice box and tried to pry open the top seam like it was a little milk carton. She stole a glance at Regina, to make sure she wasn't embarrassing herself as she failed to open the juice. She took in Regina's profile and realized how exceptionally beautiful she was.

Regina looked sideways and caught Emma staring. Emma quickly turned her attention back to the stubborn red box with the little white bendy straw wrapped in tight cellophane. Regina let out a laugh that was a mix of annoyance and amusement.

"Oh for goodness sakes, give it here," Regina rolled her eyes and reached out her hand. Emma handed it over, watching in awe as Regina momentarily gripped the steering wheel with her bare knees, while she tore off the cellophane with her teeth and violently stabbed the straw through the hole.

She handed it back to Emma, their fingers brushed together briefly, and Emma felt as if a lit fuse was burning rapidly through her body. Regina retracted her own hand as she stifled a gasp. Emma squeezed the juice too hard and a little bit spurted through the straw, landing in Regina's open black purse which was perched on the middle console.

Emma winced, hoping Regina hadn't noticed. She sucked the juice, grateful to have something to soothe her parched throat. Feeling sheepish, she chanced another look at Regina through the corner of her eye. Regina slowly turned her head and looked at Emma, a faint smile curling her lip. Emma turned to look out the window, trying to be casual as she drank her juice and pretended not to have noticed the weird vibe between them.

They pulled up to Henry's school; Regina threw the car into park, grabbed her purse and exited with lightning speed. Emma could tell that Regina was curious too; she was now certain of that much. She'd have time to ponder it later. Right now the priority was to find Henry.

Emma finished the juice and pulled herself out of the car, struggling to catch up.