(Set directly after Regina visits Emma's office)

Regina started back down the hallway, but turned around. She reappeared at the entrance of Emma's office and leaned on the doorframe, crossing her arms.

"What now?" Emma didn't even look up.

"Care to take a break and accompany me to the miner's day fest?" Regina asked as if the idea had just occurred to her, but she'd actually been thinking about this all day.

"I need to work on finding Kathryn as you just said," Emma sounded dejected like Regina's words had chastised her. She looked up for a moment, holding Regina's eyes with her own, before turning her attention back to the page of phone records.

"Sometimes a little distraction is good. It can help you refocus and find things you might have missed otherwise," Regina kept her voice light, as if she didn't care either way.

"Maybe you're right about that. So you're actually willing to be seen with me out in public?" Emma felt a little too hopeful.

"It's very dark out there, Ms. swan and by this point the drinking is well underway. No one will notice us," Regina arched her eyebrow and waved her hand dismissively.

Emma nodded and grabbed her coat.

The vendors and the children's game section had closed up for the evening, and the street dance was underway. They walked through the crowd bumping shoulders occasionally, cocoa in Emma's hand and a hot cider in Regina's. Everywhere Emma looked she saw couples, dancing laughing, drinking couples. Just as a test she discreetly reached for Regina's hand, but was summarily denied before she could even get a proper hold.

Regina admonished her with a cold glance, "Come with me. Miner's day is a time of celebration to remember the sacrifices and hard work with founded this town."

"To be a miner would have sucked. Crawling down in a dark hole, which could collapse at any minute, doing hard physical labor for hours and hours a day, glad it wasn't me," Emma mused as Regina led her over to the secluded, and shut down section. She paused in front of the kid's bouncy castle which seemed to be slowly deflating from the power outage.

"Is this the historically accurate miner's day bouncy castle?" Emma sassed and then balked when Regina slid off her heels and climbed through the grey plastic flap, disappearing inside. Emma rolled her eyes and looked around; most of the commotion from the party was down the block although some people were wandering by on the street. She tugged off her boots, lining them up on the mat next to Regina's heels and followed her in. The castle had four enclosed walls, but the top was open and the moon and stars overhead did little to illuminate the darkness of the castle. Regina kneeled and removed her coat.

"Why are you taking off your coat? It's cold," Emma hugged her own arms around her chest, as Regina stalked toward her. Regina took Emma's tingling fingers in her own hands and brought them to her lips to kiss the numb digits and then cupped them and warmed Emma's hands with her breath.

"Keep me warm, dear?" Regina smiled mischievously and pulled Emma off balance. She fell down and landed on her back on the soft bouncy air of the floor of the castle next to Regina. The floor rippled from the force and they both dared to laugh, the sound lilting and jubilant amidst the quiet.

Emma turned her head and sought out Regina's shining brown eyes. The woman looked hopeful and pitiful all at once. Regina reached for Emma's hand and entwined their fingers. She swallowed and looked up into the night sky.

"You didn't come over the other night, why?" Regina tried to mask the hurt and confusion in her tone, but her voice cracked anyway.

"Regina…" Emma searched her mind for the correct answer. She didn't want their relationship to be just about sex, and she didn't want Henry to be a bartering chip between them anymore.

"I know. You don't trust me. And you shouldn't," Regina continued to look up, her thumb lightly stroked over Emma's hand.

A beat transpired between them, thoughts whirling. Emma remaining silent confirmed Regina's statement. Emma couldn't take the quiet, and she hated that she didn't know how to properly express her jumbled messy feelings for the incredibly complex woman next to her. Emma turned onto her side, they hands broke apart. She propped herself up, and trailed a cold finger over Regina's cheek. She moved to cover Regina's body with her own and warm them both up.

Regina hugged back eagerly, holding Emma tight and still, they barely breathed. Outside the thin walls they could hear the hoots and hollers of the drunk and energized folks of Storybrooke passing by into the night. Regina smelled sweet, and Emma could feel every inhalation and exhalation she took. Emma lifted her head from Regina's chest to look once more into brown eyes now brimming with tears. Regina looked like she was about to share her heart; to empty it upside down and pour it out. She looked conflicted and anxious, her throat tightened and her fingers dug deeper into Emma's back.

"Regina? What? Tell me….what is it?" Emma grew alarmed, but just as swiftly as the emotion had bubbled up in Regina, it was gone. Instead of expressing her emotions verbally, Regina resumed her wicked smile, sliding her hands from Emma's back to the waistband of her pants. She made quick work of untucking the black sweater and worked her hands under to slide up and down Emma's soft stomach in a way that almost tickled.

It shouldn't have turned them on so much: knowing that pretty much every member of the entire town was twenty feet outside, and here they were inside a flimsy structure made of pool floaty plastic and about to have sex. Emma let herself be tumbled over, growing heady and dizzy as Regina flipped her swiftly and straddled her hips. She needled Emma, teeth bared as she leaned over and nipped and pulled at the sensitive skin of her throat. When she kissed her lips, Emma could taste cinnamon apples on her tongue.

Regina removed her clothing, tossing into dark corners. It would be a bitch to find it later and try to redress on this buoyant surface, but none of that mattered now. Emma's sweater slipped off and Regina worked off the chunky belt and pulled Emma's pants free of her body. Then Regina resumed her position on top, sliding against Emma. There was nothing predatory about the way Regina looked at Emma, not now at least. Her eyes shined with a just one simple need.

If anyone caught them, if anyone knew the mayor and the Sheriff were in there divested of clothes, rubbing and sliding their bodies to generate erotic heat in the cold dark…Emma thought about that, and her arousal grew, trying to control her breath and her heart. Regina slid her talented fingers between Emma's legs, letting her fingers dance over the warmest part of her yet, and smearing wetness on her inner thighs. Regina gave Emma a warning glare when she pushed inside of her, and Emma wanted to cry out.

Regina watched Emma's face so intently, Emma did her best to get what she needed, riding Regina's fingers, panting excited breaths and mouth opening and closing uselessly. Regina sat atop Emma's right thigh, holding in a vice grip between her own as she rocked against it in time with the push and pull of her hand in Emma. Regina kept the sexy growly noises she always made during sex low, even though she looked like she wanted to scream.

She succumbed to her greedy desire, flopping on top of Emma, and feasting on her pulse points, lips, tendons, rocking her hips harder until she came against Emma's leg. Regina had lost her pace, distracted by her own orgasm, but Emma whined in need and Regina snapped to, resuming the action. She rubbed her face on Emma's breasts, her mouth latching onto Emma's nipple and sucking it in between her teeth cruelly. Emma came from the added jolt of pain, letting out a relieved moan.

They took their time coming back to themselves. Regina rolled to the side and pulled herself as close to Emma as possible. Their bodies cooled as sweat evaporated leaving them shivering. Emma reached for Regina's coat and spread it over them as makeshift blanket, and took Regina's hand in hers once again squeezing lightly. Regina squeezed back.