I know I have another chaptered story on here already, but this idea is just eating at me to put it up. It's only a short prologue at first but I can't help myself. Please know in advance this story will be very dark at times and will contain many sensitive themes and such. Austin will be very different from what you see on the show, and Ally will be too. It's AU. They will still have some of the adorable moments and Austin is still damn awesome, but he is not the same character from the show. Enjoy!

All her life, Ally had been the one people came to for advice. It didn't matter if she knew them or not, they would stop her wherever she went and ask her for some advice on their problems. At first, it bothered her. She had enough of her own problems and didn't need anyone else to add to it. But after a while, she actually started to enjoy helping others and started to go out of her way to help those around her.

It started with a blog.

She made an account on one of those websites, offering to help the anonymous people of the internet with whatever was bugging them that day. It was a few messages at first… simple problems. Relationships. What they should wear. Should they try and lose some weight. Sometimes, it was serious. Eating disorders. Cutting. But she was always able to help, and if not, she was able to point them in the direction of someone who could.

Her one rule was to remain anonymous. Her followers, even herself. It was how it worked. She gave them the advice but they couldn't say who they really were.

Eventually, someone found out who she was on there and offered her a job at a local teen shelter. These were some of the most messed up kids in the area. Drug addicts. Runaways. The fuck ups. The people who had more problems than what to wear on their first date. She didn't want to do it at first, but the owner, a woman by the name of Marie, said she'd be good at it. It was a mentor program. She'd meet with a few teens a week; talk to them, help them through whatever was going on in their head.

Many times over the last six months, Ally had told Marie that she wasn't a licensed professional and some of these kids needed more help than she was able to give.

Marie insisted that they needed someone their age to help them through.

But there was only so many abuse stories, and drug trips she could take. Ally was planning on quitting the job on the day he walked in. She didn't know what was wrong with him, but the second he stumbled through the door and collapsed at her feet, begging for help, Ally felt a pull she hadn't felt in a long time. A need to help someone.

And she didn't even know who he was.