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12 Years ago

I awoke suddenly, shocked by the sound of crashing pots and pans coming from the kitchen area. I quickly scrambled out of bed and nearly tripped on the thin sheet of blanket that was rapped around my ankles. Pushing aside the cloth acting as the door to my room I ran into the darkness only to run straight into my master.

"Hard Master, whats going on?" I asked while trying to recover my breath from reacting so quickly. Hard Master looked at me calmly before speaking,

" It is unknown to me Red Star. Come, we shall go see." Reaching out, I placed my tiny hand into his strong, large ones and followed his lead as he led us both towards the large ruckus that had waken us both.

When we reached the end of the hallway I was shocked to see my twin brother fighting a stranger that did not seem to be any older than us. He has golden hair which were long enough to just come above his eyes and was about the same size as my brother. He looked like an orphan from the streets outside the temple that I had only seen when I had gone out to get the groceries and yet he held his own against my brother who had trained his whole life by our uncle, Hard Master. My train of thought was quickly stopped short when I saw Storm Shadow choking the boy with his foot.

" Enough! Storm Shadow!" Hard master says, immediately causing Storm Shadow to turn towards him as he steps forward, with me following closely behind not saying anything.

"Master, he was stealing. We need to call the magistrate." My brother argued back, trying to prove his actions in attacking the stranger.

"He was hungry. We need to invite him in and show him the way." Master replied, remaining calm throughout my brothers outburst.

"He's a cur! A frenchie!" Storm Shadow carried on yelling.
"He doesn't fight like one" I finally spoke. Causing my brother to switch from glaring daggers toward the boy to me. Hard Master nodded his head.

The look on my brothers face is pure fury as he looked between Hard Master and me. His gaze finally landed on the boy and remained there, with pure hatred.

"Now what shall be your clan name?" My master asks the outsider, causing him to glare at my brother with narrowed eyes furiously. But Hard Master just smiled and said.

"Ah, you shall be known as Snake Eyes. "

My brother refused to stay there with us and ran out of the kitchen. I was about to follow him in attempt to calm him down but was stopped by Hard Master.

" I am Hard Master. This is Red Star, she shall take you to your new room and help clean up your wounds caused by Storm Shadow." Master then turned and faced me and said "Red Star, Make sure to give him a decent meal before he sleeps."

"Yes Master" I bowed at him as he left the room, leaving me alone with Snake Eyes. I Turned to face the new clan member and studied him. His face, his hair, his height, his clothes, the new scratch across his face caused by my brother and lastly, his eyes.

"Hi, My name is Red Star. " I smiled at him, and watched as his faced eased to a face that showed no emotion. I found that better than staring at a boy with features that only showed anger.

Turning back around I walked through the now damaged kitchen and opened a cupboard, removing a bowl. I then walked to the undamaged stove and added some food into the bowl. I could feel Snake Eyes watching me the whole time and I walked calmly up to him, still smiling and gave him the bowl. He cautiously took it from me and watched me for a moment while I placed a pair of chopsticks into his hand. He lifted them up curiously, trying to figure out what it was. I then remembered that he probably didn't understand what it was and replaced it with a spoon.

He remained silent throughout the meal and only stared at me. After he finished I grabbed the Medicine bag and led him toward the spare room next to mine. I could only hear his soft, slow footsteps behind me. Thinking it would fasten his pace I carefully grabbed his hand in mine. I expected him to rip it away from my grasp but the only thing I could read from him was pure shock. I continued to hold his hand as I led him through the door of the room, trying to ignore the glare I got from my brother across the temple grounds sitting in front of his door. I could tell that Snake Eyes was still thinking about my brother as his hold on my hand had tightened, so I led him towards the bedding mat and sat down in front of him and watched as he followed me in suit.

"Just ignore my brother and he shouldn't disturb you. If he does, I'll help you beat him up." I joked with him, trying to ease the tension. receiving no reaction, I sighed and opened up the medicine bag to get out the equipment I needed to clean the scratch on his face.

"He's your brother?" I stopped immediately as I heard the voice of Snake Eyes for the first time and listened intently. My smile only got bigger as I tried to continue the conversation.

"We're twins actually. Though we look nothing alike. Hard Master said that he resembled more of my father while I looked like my mother."

" Your mother must have been a beautiful women." He replied, slightly smiling slightly.

" Thank you, but I don't think we should talk about the past so much. It doesn't matter now. It doesn't matter where we came from, only where we are going to go. We can't wallow in the past never moving on, right?" I giggled as I tried to quote what I remembered of masters words.

Snake Eyes only nodded.

"You should stay still. This might sting a bit." I told him as I tried to clean the wound. I could still feel his eyes on me as I focused on my task at hand. He didn't make the slightest move thought out the whole thing until I was finished.

"Done! Good as new." I said, winking at him. "You probably want to get to sleep now, right? I'll come check on you tomorrow, okay?" I continued as I got up and walked towards the door.

"Wait!" I heard and stopped. " Stay with me. Please, just tonight." I smiled sweetly at him and nodded. I placed the medicine bag I had carried by the door and walked at towards him and laid down next to him.

"Good night, Snake Eyes." I whispered to him. I then fell asleep thinking about all the fun I could have with my new friend.

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