Authors note: Sorry this one took so long... had quite a bit of writers block when it came to writing this chapter... In exchange for me taking so damn long, here is a long ass chapter for youu :)

Chapter Six :
Getting Lost


"Damn it, where the hell is that girl?" I asked.

"I don't know, Kid... You'd better find her fast... This place gives me the creeps..." Liz replied.

I'd landed in a garden right in front of that castle and had been searching for Sai for roughly fifteen minutes now. I was on her tail for majority of the ride here... Until she cheated and did something that resembled a miniscule soul resonance with her weapon, causing her weapon to rapidly compress her wavelength. To my dismay, she left me behind in the dust after that.

"She's scared! She's scared!" Patty said with a laugh.

Suddenly, I saw what looked like a silhouette of someone that appeared to be standing. I'd found her.

"Finally, there you are!" I called.

I started running up to Sai.

"I guess I'm buy-..." I stopped running and trailed off as I didn't see a soul... The first time I saw Sai in the basketball court, I could see her soul without even trying. It was about the same size as mine. It had a pair of goggles decorating it and shimmered a vermillion color. Her soul was red, as the souls of most evil entities were because she was a vampire. Vampires came from evil origins... but her soul was a different shade than the Afreets that we usually encountered.

"Kid, what's wrong?" Liz asked.

I readied Liz and Patty as I walked over to the figure.

"It's a statue..." I said as I finally came up to it. The statue was of a woman. She had her arms at her sides and stood as if she were looking up at something. Even though her eyes were blank, I could still tell from the expression on her face that she had given up hope.

"Look, Liz! She's pretty!" Patty said.

"W-Why the hell is it just out here like that?! T-That's soo freakin' creepy!" Liz yelled.

"It's just a statue, Liz. This is a garden..." I said.

Then I began to look around... It was in complete ruin. Whoever made this garden had absolutely no idea what they were doing and put forth little effort. It disgusted me.

My eyes started to dart all over the place. "This statue... There's nothing mirroring it... Those pots aren't lined up.. There's weeds everywhere... This grass... This grass is so overgrown... It should be perfectly cut...-"

"Kid! This isn't the time for that! We have to find Sai!" Liz yelled.

"B-But... everything is... unsymmetrical... IT NEEDS FIXING! NO ONE'S BEEN TAKING CARE OF THIS GARDEN!" I yelled.

My eyes started to dart at all the imperfections again. I could only see things within about a six to eight foot radius because of the fog, but everything that I did manage to see was disastrous.

"KID, WATCH OUT!" Liz and Patty yelled at the same time.

Suddenly, I was hit hard with a blast of gold energy. I coughed up blood as it impacted me and was sent flying back. I recovered back onto my feet as tumbled on the floor and went trigger happy in the direction where the blast had come from.

"What the hell was that...?" I asked.

"It came outta nowhere! Like that bird poo when it fell on Liz's head the other day!" Patty said.

"Shinigami..." I heard a voice say.

The voice seemed like a combination of a whisper and a regular male. Still, no one was around.

"Who are you?" I asked, readying Liz and Patty once again.


I had Ikki at the ready, but I'd just been a sitting duck for about ten minutes. I had been trying to detect the soul of the wolf demon, but it was no use. I guessed that the only time that I would be able to see his soul was when he manifested himself to attack. All I could do was play the waiting game... It was making me extremely anxious. My fighting style wasn't the type to just counter attacks. I was the type to aggressively attack until my enemy fell, which Vergil said would be the end of me.

Suddenly, another energy blast came out of nowhere, leaving a trail behind it. I rolled out of the way to dodge.

"Ikki! Lock on!" I called.

"Roger!" Ikki responded.

I pointed Ikki in the direction that the blast came from and waited from him to respond.

"Error: Lock on failed. Wavelength undetected." Ikki stated.

"God damn it!" I yelled in frustration.

The same thing continued on for another thirty minutes. One easily dodged attack would happen. I'd dodge it and either shoot in the direction where it came from to hit nothing, or Ikki would try and lock onto the wavelength of the Afreet and fail.


No reply.

I yelled in frustration and kicked at the earth, making dust come up. In the middle of my cursing fit, Ikki spoke up.

"Trace ally wavelength detected." He stated.

Just as Ikki said that, the fog thickened. I smiled.

"Kid... So that's why... He's playing with both of us to keep us separated." I thought.

At least he was that smart.

"Don't think you can handle the both of us at the same time?" I asked loudly.

"Foolish..." echoed the voice of the Afreet.

The wind picked up, but the fog still remained everywhere. Out of nowhere, waves of flame and golden energy came flying at me from all directions. I dodged the first three, but was hit brutally by the fourth wave of energy. As I stumbled backward, another energy wave hit me in my back. I slammed into the floor and groaned in pain. I raised my head, only to be hit by another wave that sent me tumbling back. As I slowly and shakily recovered, I saw a figure coming down from above me. I rolled out of the way, dodging the huge paw of the Wolf Afreet that smashed down, creating a crater in the earth underneath me.

I was in between the wolf's two front paws. I looked up at it as it stared down at me. It roared at me loudly, but I was too distracted by the blood like substance that was dripping from its mouth. I licked my lips eagerly as my fangs popped out. I rolled under the wolf, dodging it as it tried to bite me. I landed in a squatting position. As I came up, I swung Ikki as hard as I could, hitting the wolf demon in its rib cage. The wolf demon wailed a little and jumped backwards. Once again I was in front of it.

I jumped out of the way as it did another 360, trying to hit me with it's energy enforced tail again.

"Not this time!" I yelled as I held down Ikki's trigger, setting the wolf demon ablaze.

It disappeared after a couple soul bullets hit it and manifested behind me. I ducked, dodging a swipe of its paw. It disappeared again and reappeared in a different place. I only saw a wave of energy coming towards me underneath a pair of glowing eyes. I rolled out of the way just in time to see that the place where I had just been had been turned into solid stone. Then I realized... Those statues... They were people who wandered in here.

I aimed Ikki right in the middle of the wolf's eyes, though I still couldn't see the rest of him, and held his trigger down. It seemed to have absolutely no effect since the wolf hadn't completely manifested itself. Suddenly, the eyes turned to the side, as if something had caught its attention. The Wolf Afreet roared. I saw a large ball of golden energy brewing. After a couple seconds it went flying away.


I was walking around with Liz and Patty held tightly in my hands. I was fighting the urge to either attempt to fix everything that was wrong in the garden or to just curl up in a ball on the floor and cry about it. I couldn't do that right now... Someone had just tried to attack us. It bothered me even more that I couldn't sense the wavelength of whoever did...

I was just alone with Liz and Patty... or so it seemed. I wouldn't be able to tell if there was someone ten feet in front of me with this fog.

Out of nowhere, a huge ball of golden energy came flying out at me. The energy looked exactly like the attack that had hit me beforehand.

"Kid!" Liz yelled, just to make sure my attention was on it.

This time it was. I jumped backwards to get out of the way. Just as I did another little jump backwards to get some more space... I toppled backwards over something hard that was about the height of my knee. I hit my head hard on the floor, Liz and Patty flying out of my hands.

"You okay, Kid?!" Patty asked.

I scrambled to grab both of them and got up.

"What the hell was...-" I stopped talking when I saw another statue.

This one was of a man. He sat down in the fetal position, his head resting on his knees and his arms around them. Now that I had gotten up, I could see that the statue was looking at me... Unlike the rest he was smiling. It looked like he was laughing.


I narrowed my eyes as I stared at the statue. Something weird was going on here. I hadn't moved from the place I was standing in before from the first time I had gotten attacked. I was perfectly sure that there was no statues... I raised Liz and Patty and shot the head of the statue, making it explode. Its body remained in the same place for a couple seconds before I completely obliterated it.

"There... Now we won't be tripping over that again." I said.

Once again, there was nothing but complete silence. I had no idea if it was just because I had gotten startled by the statue or not, but now I felt like I was being watched. All I could do was hope that seeing souls would be enough in this fog... I readied my weapons again, waiting for something to happen. When nothing happened after another two minutes or so, I sighed and then started to walk around. Right as I took my first step, something emerged from the ground and grabbed both my ankles. A solid object came flying at me. I shot it before it could hit me.

Then I looked down. I was grabbed by... stone hands. I shot at the hands to free myself and then jumped away, getting into a fighting stance. Suddenly, a mob of figures that used to be stagnant statues was walking towards me. There looked to be about twenty of them.

"NOW THEY'RE MOVING?!" Liz yelled.

Patty laughed. "Look Liz! One of them is a little girl!"


"Don't worry Liz, I won't drop you again." I said.

She was silent for a second as I started to shoot the incoming statues down.

"K-Kid... Why couldn't you detect the wavelength of the statues that grabbed you before?" Liz asked.

"Because they don't have souls..." I answered as I shot down the last of the mob.

"How are they moving then?" Patty asked.

"Someone's controlling them... We're going to find out who soon." I answered.


I had decided to play the same game that the Wolf Afreet was playing with me. I would stay in one place until an attack came and just continuously dodge. There was no point in me attempting to hide from it. This was its territory. It got pissed off getting a taste of its own medicine and finally manifested itself in front of me. I smirked... Finally...

Just to make sure this wasn't another trick, I continued to dodge its attacks. Now it was attacking me more physically rather than using its energy to blast at me.

"That's more like it!" I yelled as I jumped back to dodge a forth swipe of the wolf's huge paw.

"Ikki, soul shell mode!" I directed my machina.

"Roger, roger." Ikki responded.

His barrel glowed and changed from a revolving machine gun barrel to a missile launcher barrel. I raised him again and steadied myself before I fired at the wolf. I tensed up, resisting the recoil. The wolf was his by the second soul shell I fired, but quickly disappeared. Then it started to charge at me, disappearing and reappearing from one side to the other as it ran (authors note: think of pikachu's quick attack)

"Alright, puppy... Let's play." I said with a smile.

I stood my ground until the last minute I could, rolling right under the wolf's huge body right before it headbutted me.

I laughed as I came up right behind it and shot a weak shell at its behind. The wolf's quickly spun around with its teeth barred as it growled at me.

Its two toned voice echoed in my mind again. "Don't taunt me, vampire. You'll die and serve me... just as the rest have..."

"The rest...? What the hell does he mean by that? There's no one else-" My thoughts were interrupted when something emerged out of the ground beneath me.

Before I could react, stone hands grabbed my ankles as what used to be a buried statue fully stood up and swung me around. It threw me as if I were a shot put, right towards the open mouth of the wolf. It was as if the whole world was moving in slow motion. If I didn't do something... I'd get chomped to little bits and pieces.

"Shit! Ikki, barrel biter!" I commanded.

"Roger" Ikki responded as he quickly compressed my soul energy around his barrel, making it glow red.

I spun around and slammed Ikki down on the wolf demon's nose as hard as I could. The wolf demon's head slammed into the ground. Since my wavelength had been charged into Ikki's barrel it had helped me pack much more of a punch than I could manage on my own. I also had a harsh meeting with the grass below me, but I recovered quickly. Suddenly, all the statues that I had stumbled upon before were closing in on me... I had to end it now. I turned around and faced where the wolf demon was. Then I repositioned Ikki on my right shoulder.

"Ikki, Soul Amplification!" I yelled.

"Engaging." Ikki responded.

My soul enlarged itself as it created a wind around me. Ikki glowed brightly and transformed into a gun that was three times the size that he was before. The designs on him had also become much more elaborate and detailed. A small glow had crept from him up to my head, where large soundproof headphones that were attached to a green lens that covered my right eye that had a bullseye on them as well as a bunch of statistics on the status of my amplification with Ikki. I knelt down on one knee as he finalized his transformation. Red glowing loops went back and forth over the length of his extremely large barrel, which was went from about 6-7 inches in diameter to about two feet. A red electricity was sparking from parts of him as well.

Ikki stated the most important factors on the amplification. "Lock on complete. Amplification Strength at 74%. Noise level at 80%."

I pulled down on Ikki's trigger and a red glow started to manifest itself in Ikki's barrel.

"Ready to fire in 3... 2... 1..." Ikki stated.

I tensed up as Ikki started to count down, getting ready to resist the recoil.

"Boom." I said as the countdown ended.

A millisecond later, a huge red column of soul energy shot out Ikki. An eardrum popping scream accompanied it. This was much like the technique that I had used to fly over here, but it was extremely amplified. The sound was similar to the sound produced when I used that ability except it was much, much louder and had the sound of a jet taking off mixed in with it. I held down the trigger for for three seconds after the shot had been fired. It had taken almost all the strength out of me to resist the recoil coming from Ikki as I dug the ball of my right foot and my left knee into the ground. As I released the trigger, I let Ikki's barrel drop to the floor and stayed in the same place, breathing hard. I could see the remains of walking statues in front of me, but I couldn't see the wolf. The fog was still thick...

I lifted my head as something move in front of me.

"Fuck..." I said.


I spun around as I felt a wavelength.

"Kid, watch out!" Liz yelled.

I jerked back and ducked just in time to dodge a swipe of one of the walking statues who had gotten too close to me.

"Quit staring at the rubble, Kid!" Liz said.

"No, there's a wavelength..." I said as I continued dodging attacks from the five statues that were attacking me. I was trying to hard to concentrate on pinpointing who the wavelength belonged to and where it was to try and counterattack. Suddenly, the wavelength had increased in strength.

"It's Sai!" I said.

I summoned Beelzebub and went flying off into her direction, leaving the statues that were attacking me in the dust and maneuvering around others that popped out of the ground and attempted to grab me. I heard a sound similar to the one that I had heard before when she was riding her gun here, but it was much louder and felt a large amount of energy.

"Is this her... Soul Resonance? How can she resonate with that weapon of hers... It didn't have its own soul..." I thought.

The sound continued on for a couple seconds and then it was gone.

"Shit! I still don't know where she is!" I cursed myself in my mind.

I sensed another soul... It was a similar to the one that I had faintly sensed before when I heard someone call to me. I also heard a female scream accompanied by a loud crash.

"Sai!" I yelled.

I was close enough to sense Sai's soul even though she was no longer resonating with her weapon. I cautiously made my way to her as quick as I could. Her body rested in a clearing of broken trees... which I guessed she had smashed into. Once I was close enough, I ditched Beelzebub and it disappeared back into the underworld. I ran up to her with Liz and Patty still in my hands and propped her up in my lap after I knelt down.

"Sai, what happened? Where is it?!" I asked.

"B-But... I h-hit it..." she mummered.

Then she was out cold...

More statues began to emerge around us. I also felt that familiar soul length lingering in the fog... It was close. Much closer than I would've liked it to be right now.

What the hell was I supposed to do now?