The Night out!


After a very stressful week Germany decided he needed a small break, he hadn't had one in years and finally thought he could permit himself to neglect duty for one night. I just hope Italy doesn't wander off and get himself captured, Germany thought to himself, I spent too much time working on plans for him to spill it to England. At that very moment Italy came prancing in.

"Germany! I made some pasta! Would you like to have some?" Germany considered it and then replied,

"Well all right, I could use some food."

"Yay! I'll go get you a plate!" Italy told him and skipped away.

While eating the pasta with Italy, Germany considered how he could be sure he would stay out of trouble. He finally decided to just talk to Italy.

"Italy, I will not be here tonight, so you have to stay out of trouble! I won't be here to answer the phone and save you from England." Germany said seriously.

"Okay Germany! Pasta!" Italy replied. Germany decided to quiz Italy on what to do if England tried to capture him.

"Well, I tell him everything I know, wave my white flag and try to run away!" Germany shook his head in disgust at Italy's answer but knew better than to try to teach him the proper thing to do.

"Germany, what are you doing tonight?" Italy asked him.

"I'm going home and going to a German bar to relax." He told Italy.

"That sounds like fun! I have never been to a German bar before! Can I come?" Italy asked happily. Germany considered this, he didn't know what would happen if Italy got drunk, but if he managed him it might not go so badly, and, lately Germany was having a harder and harder time to say no to Italy.

"All right then." Germany said after some time.

"Yay!" Italy said.

"If I want to may I bring someone else along?" Italy asked.

"Alright, if you take them."

"Ok! I will!" Italy replied. Germany hoped Italy would survive getting to the bar, but at least he wouldn't have to take him, the pasta talk was getting to him.

That afternoon Germany made sure that Italy could drive so he could get to the bar safely, after many attempts and two cars later, Italy could drive well enough to not kill himself. Germany really hoped that the guest that Italy was bringing wasn't Rome or Romano, that would make the night quite stressful indeed.

That night, after checking Italy's seatbelt was on, and he remembered most of the important rules of the road, Germany waved Italy goodbye and watched as the car disappeared into the sunset. Germany spent a full hour worrying about how Italy was doing driving, he worried a lot more than he thought he would and when he finally took off in his car he drove quite badly due to his loss of focus.

He pulled up to the bar and saw Italy's small, blue car pull up moments later. Italy stepped out of the drivers side and out of the passenger side out came ROMANO! This looked like it would be a very bad night for Germany.

"It's you, potato lover." Romano said rudely.

Italy, unfazed explained

"I thought he needed some rest, like you! So I brought him along!" Romano glared at Germany, while Germany remained calm. Italy seemed to notice the awkwardness and decided it was time for hug therapy. He gave Germany a very long hug, and Germany realized he was a bit sad when Italy finally let go…

They all walked into the bar (Romano being forced by Italy), and found a place to sit. Germany spotted Prussia on the other side of the bar and hoped he wouldn't notice them, it was bad enough with Romano there.

Tonight just seemed like a cursed night for Germany, Prussia walked over laughing, and when he saw the Italy brothers he just laughed harder.

"What are you two doing here? Have you even tried a beer?" Prussia said a bit too loudly in between laughs. He walked over to the bartender and said

"Two beers for those two, over there." and winked at him. The bartender laughed knowingly and disappeared for a few minutes. Germany worried what was going to happen, but in the meantime ordered a beer and tried to relax.

The bartender came over with two large, and very full mugs of beer for the Italy brothers, who inspected it, took small sips at first then both drained their mugs in one gulp. They both went up to order another, and another, and another. Germany was getting very worried when they ordered their fifth mug.

After draining the fifth mug Romano, looking very pink in the face grabbed two napkins and tied them around his waist like a skirt and started to dance. Italy on the other hand after drinking half of the fifth mug passed out spilling the beer all over himself. Germany was about to get up to go yell at Prussia when Romano danced by singing in a very high voice

"I'm a pretty lady!" many times, then primping his hair. Germany realized he had much more immediate problems and tried to stop Romano from making everyone leave the bar.

"STOP ROMANO!" Germany bellowed but then realizing it was pointless to try to reason with a drunk Romano (it was hard enough when he wasn't drunk!). Romano spent over an hour dancing around singing "I AM A PRETTY LADY!" and crashing into people, with Germany chasing him trying to get him to stop.

Finally Romano crashed into a wall and crumpled to the ground, knocked out cold. Germany finally stopped running after him and grabbed Romano by his collar and dragged him over to the area where they were sitting and propped him up on a chair. At that same moment Italy's eyes burst wide open, he stood up and shouted to everyone

"I LOVE YOU GERMANY!" Then flung his arms around Germany. Germany suddenly realized he was blushing and his heart was pounding, he hoped nobody noticed. Then Prussia yelled

"LOOKS LIKE LITTLE BRO HAS FOUND HIS TRUE LOVE!" Then promptly started laughing. The whole bar joined in and everyone was laughing at Germany, who awkwardly threw Italy off who staggered around a bit then tried to kiss Germany's cheek.

Everyone was laughing and Germany decided that if he was ever going to get some relaxation he needed to go somewhere else.

"Prussia! Get over here! I need some help carrying Romano!" Germany bellowed.

"Alright, I the awesome Prussia shall assist my poor, helpless younger brother." Prussia grabbed Romano and proceeded to drag him out the door while Germany tried to control Italy who kept trying to kiss him.

It took almost fifteen minutes to get the two brothers out of the bar and onto the street. Germany looked around for a nice, quiet place they could stay till Romano and Italy sobered up a bit. After about two blocks of walking (and lots of complaining from Prussia) they found a nice café called the Panda Café.

Prussia and Germany looked at each other, unsure weather to go in or not, both intimidated by the huge amount of cute things all over the outside of the Café. Prussia nodded in a way that meant "it's better than nothing". They pushed the doors open and went in…