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Chapter 1

Clove's POV -

I fold my arms, watching on the television behind the stage for Interview Night. Katniss twirls for Caesar, and he claps and laughs. The crowd cheers, and I just watch the camera that's angled at her face. I never really took the time to study my opponent's face, and she looked pretty damn good.

The smooth, flawless, olive skin. The dark hair, always pulled back into that braid. And her gorgeous eyes. I smile to myself, and then feel an arm slide around my waist. I suck in a deep breath, then look up at Marvel. Why was Marvel always trying to hook up with me? It's bad enough that Cato is always trying to make a move on me.

"What a toy. She's totally going to be my kill." Marvel says, making the words pierce my heart.

"Not if I get her first." I smirk, forced to play along.

"Care to wager on that?" Marvel asks.

"Sure. If I kill her before you, I get to kill you in the final four. If you kill her before me, which you won't, you get to kill me in the final four." I snicker, spitting in my hand and holding it out to Marvel.

"Deal." He says, spitting in his own hand and shaking with me.

Glimmer and Cato walk by, hand in hand. "Ugh, you guys are disgusting." Glimmer says, brushing some hair over her shoulder.

I roll my eyes, thinking of something clever to say in response, but Marvel beats me to it.

"At least we aren't sluts." Marvel shrugs, a smirk crossing his lips.

"Oh my god, Marvel... Just shut up. You're just jealous that Cato's sexier than you." Glimmer says, sliding a hand down Cato's chest.

"Get a room, please." I say, covering Marvel's eyes.

He covers mine as well, and I roll my eyes. "Whatever." Glimmer replies.

"C'mon, babe. Let's go. Leave these two preschoolers to act like three year olds." Glimmer says, leading Cato into the elevator.

"Ick." I laugh, wiping at my mouth.

"Glimmer's so... Ugh." Marvel says, strolling off.

I look out to the television, and Katniss is walking off the stage. I frown, then watch as she walks over to Haymitch and... Efftard or whatever the heck the Representative's name is. Efftard squeals and laughs, and Haymitch smirks. They talk, and then Katniss stands a few feet away from me, watching the television.

I work up the guts to walk over to her, despite being a Career, and suck in a breath. "That's a really pretty dress." I smile, nodding at her.

Katniss lifts an eyebrow at me, then tilts her head. "What the hell are you trying to pull, District Two?"

"Nothing. I just thought I should tell you your beautiful... I mean, uh, the dress! I mean the dress is beautiful, not you. I mean, uh... You're beautiful, but so's the dress... Um..." Wow. I sound like an idiot, and I've never felt this nervous.

How come I feel this way? Isn't a Career supposed to be ruthless and mean? Well look at me! Telling my biggest threat that she's beautiful. What the hell am I doing? I bite my bottom lip, and Katniss stifles a laugh.

"Wait, woah, woah, woah... You have a crush on me!" Katniss yells, pointing an accusing finger at me.

"Psssht, no I don't. I'm straight as a line. Um..." Think fast! "Me and Marvel are a couple, duh." I say.


"You and District One? He doesn't really strike me as your type. You know... The funny people? But I guess opposites attract?" Katniss says, totally not buying my act.

She grabs my arm, then pounds the elevator button and leads me into the elevator. The doors close, and then I glare at her.

"What're you doing?" I ask.

"I want to talk to you. Alright, what I said out there, that was fake. But, a question if I may." She says.

"Uh... Sure?" I reply.

"Are you and Marvel really together? And be honest!" Katniss says, jabbing her finger at my chest.

"Um... No... I just said that..." I say quietly, playing with a fallen strand of hair.

"Aha! So you do have a crush on me!" Katniss yells.

"What?! No!" I yell back, shoving her against the wall of the elevator.

"You bitch!" Katniss screams at me, delivering a hard slap to my face.

Oh! She's feisty, too? Wow. Totally my type... The complete package. I grin, then grab her arm.

"Let go of me, Clove!" She shrieks, shoving me hard.

I don't listen, but instead, grab her waist and pull her against me. I do exactly what I've seen my brother do to his girlfriend. And it drives her crazy... I brush back some loose strands of hair, and tuck them behind her ear. I gaze into her eyes, then whisper.

"Kiss me."

She just looks at me for a while, and I trace my fingers along her soft jawline, and pull her chin forward gently, capturing her lips. We stay pressed together, and then I pull back. Katniss' eyes flutter open, and then her face shifts from elated to enraged. She removes her hands from my wrists, and slaps me again.

"Stay out of my way," She hisses, running from the elevator quickly, and leaving me to stand there all by myself...

What just happened?

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