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Katniss's POV -

I blink my eyes open, seeing Clove smiling at me. I scrunch up my nose, feeling a stuffiness build up in my nostrils. And then I smile back at her.

"I could get used to that," Clove says, sitting up and glancing out to the Arena surrounding the Cornucopia.

"You missed the announcement of the feast. I woke up before sunrise. They told us it'd be this morning. And right now... It's..." Clove crawls closer to the entrance of the forest on all fours, and I casually steal a glance at her butt, "It's pretty much the ass-crack of dawn." She shrugs.

"Sounds like Cato's going to be on his way, then?" I ask, wiping sleep from my eyes.

"Doesn't it?" Clove grins at me, that malicious smile covering her thin little lips.

"So, run me over the plan again." She adds.

"Cato will come to get a pack he needs," I start, beginning to gather up my stuff and organize my pack, "When he does, you'll be hiding in position, ready to kill him. Just throw a knife... Right to his face... And then, we're home free."

"Then we just have to worry about Loverboy." Clove finishes.

Crap... Peeta. I forgot about him...

"Yeah... And, uh... Then we'll be out." I say nervously, pulling the pack over my shoulders and then helping Clove to stand.

Clove gives me a "What's wrong?" glance, but I ignore it and then walk towards the Cornucopia. Clove takes point, though. She clutches a bundle of throwing knives on her belt, keeping careful watch. We just reach the entrance of the Cornucopia when the table clicks into place and scares the hell out of Clove. She jumps upright, then shakes her head. Each pack has a designated number on it.

There's a 2, a 5, an 11, and a 12 marked on the packs.

I know Thresh will be here soon, as well as Cato. Thresh is a threat Clove and I forgot while conversing the plan, but he'll be an easy kill if we catch him sleeping. Clove tosses her pack in the back of the Cornucopia, then takes all her important knives and best knives, strolls over to the back of the Cornucopia, and hides in waiting. I take my bow and sheath, dashing over to the taller grass and thicker foliage so I can see the table.

It seems like hours that we wait, but someone finally comes dashing through the plain. It's none other than Foxface. She quickly snatches her pack, and I'm hoping Clove ignores her so it doesn't blow our cover. And Foxface dashes back into the forest, completely unharmed. Then comes more waiting, and all of a sudden, a blonde head of hair is rushing towards the table. He grabs the '2' pack, and I notice it's Cato. I scoot up a little to see where Clove is.

But I don't have to. Clove jumps out from behind the Cornucopia just in time.

Clove's POV -

I managed to ignore Foxface in her genius plan to grab and go, but this time, I have to go. I can tell it's Cato just from the sound of the footsteps and the running patterns. I feel him coming around my side of the Cornucopia, and I jump out and throw a knife right towards his face. However, my fingers are covered in sweat and the knife slips, only hitting him in the shoulder. He continues to go barreling towards me, and I attempt to throw another knife, but he thrusts me to the ground with all his might. My back hits the ground first, leaving me breathless as I fumble for another bunch of knives.

Cato flashes me this twisted smile, plucking the knife from his shoulder and then holding it to my throat. I shake my head violently, finally coming to his mercy. I know he'll kill me anyway, and I find myself beginning to wonder where Katniss is. I kick my legs, trying to remove Cato from me. But he's so heavy. He grabs my jaw and tilts my head back.

"Now we'll see who's top dog, won't we, Clove?" He asks.

"Go to hell, Cato! I hope you die a horrible death." I hiss with rage.

"Wow, Clove. I'm impressed. Even as you know I'm going to kill you, or can, you're still a total bitch!" Cato exclaims.

"Just kill me already, then." I growl.

"My pleasure." Cato says, pressing the tip of the knife into the side of my neck.

I whimper out, then as if my wishing has worked, Cato is gone. I hear an angry voice, that makes me scurry back a bit on all fours.

"What are you doing, boy?!" Thresh, the guy from Eleven, yells in Cato's face.

"What's it look like, Einstein?!" Cato yells back.

"You mocking me?! Ain't you the boy that killed Rue? The little girl?!"

"What do you think?!" Cato challenges.

What a dumbass...

"I had enough! This is for you, Rue!" Thresh declares in a thundering voice, taking Cato's neck and thrashing his head against the Cornucopia.

Cato goes flying forward, and Thresh quickly twists Cato's neck. A cannon booms out, and then Thresh points at me, picking up the District Eleven pack.

"I know you probably helped... But since that guy's such an ass, I'm givin' you a free go. Better hurry," Thresh snarls, taking off.

I quickly stand, and then Katniss appears from nowhere, pulling me into a hug.

"Thank god you're okay." She whispers.

"I'm fine, now." I say, a bit shaken from the recent incident.

"Good." Katniss says, suddenly capturing my lips.

I feel her tongue brush against my bottom lip, which only makes me crave more. But she pulls away, then takes my hand.

"Come on." She says, gesturing towards the forest.