~~~Author's Notes~~~

I swear to god, I keep making too many ideas and I never have enough time to write it all down.


So here's my newest story, another multi-chapter story. Yay me. Short Prologue. Next one is 1900 words, though.

Derek walked away from his ex-girlfriend's house.

He couldn't believe it.

Five times he had trusted, and five times he had been fooled. Five fucking times.

And he had thought that, maybe, just maybe, this would be that last time.

But luck had a way with Derek Stiles, and unfortunately for him, he had pulled the short end of the stick.

He couldn't just let her go, could he?

Derek thought quietly to himself as he walked to his car and got in. Looking back, he could've sworn something was watching him.

Shaking his head and clearing his tired mind, Derek started the car and drove away.

As the road blurred past him, Derek, who had had a bad day at work, realized he was tired.

So fucking tired.

His eyes slipped off the road for a second, off the lights for a mere second, but a second was enough.

An incoming SUV ran into Derek's car at over 70 mph, catapulting Derek through his window.

From there, everything happened so quickly he didn't have time to form a coherent thought.

His right leg hit a tree, causing multiple fractures and lacerations, and fantastically twisted his body and changed his course of impact.

Blinding pain twisted through his body. Derek let out a soundless scream.

The twist itself shattered four of Derek's ribs, and three other miscellaneous bones, including his pelvis. Shattered bone caused lacerations to form over his left lung, and the force caused some of his serous membranes to rupture, causing a hemothorax.

Derek's body went limp.

Pinwheeling through the air, he landed right next to the road. The impact crushed three more of his ribs, fractured his collarbone, and ruptured his appendix.

Receiving scrapes, cuts, and an assorted number of other wounds, Derek finally slid to a stop, unconscious and without a heartbeat.

~~~Author's Notes~~~

I KNOW IT'S SHORT. It's a prologue, though. Can't blame me too much. The next chapter is angsty. Have fun.