It's only a week till my 16th birthday party! Okay well 6th, but I look older than I am. And I am praying me and Jacob will turn into something besides best friends. For about 3 months now I have had feelings for Jake that I never had before. I understand he imprinted on me but what if we never actually love each other like THAT? It drives me crazy! I looked at the clock, 6am. I have been getting up early for a week now with my head full of this stuff.

"I knew I heard you waking up." Alice chanted walking into my room.

"Good morning stalker, whoops, I mean Alice" I joked.

"Very funny. But your about to love me!" Alice sang.

"Oh why is that?" I said looking at her doubtfully.

"I arranged a dinner party here tonight, and invited Jake and several other friends to keep us occupied." She said winking at me.

"That sounds... Amazing actually." I said getting the full thought threw my head.

"Wait till you see what your wearing!" She said running to her room and brought back a bag. "Open it!" She nearly screeched. I looked inside, first thing I saw was an actual bra, not a sports bra, a hot pink bra, bra!

"Awesome!" I said. Then I looked at what else was in there, a matching THONG! at first I was excited untill dad ran into my mind. "Alice I can't."

"Yes you can, your old dad doesn't have to know!" She said giving me a nudge." Then I looked in the bag and pulled out a black lace tiered skirt. It was gorgeous. A pink drape neck top was the next thing that was pulled from the bag, revealing a box. When I opened this mysterious box I found a pair of pink pumps that matched my top with black soles.

"Alice I love it!" I sceamed giving her a big hug.

"I knew you sleep a little while longer and I will get you up to get dressed." She said walking out.

A few hours later it was 4pm, I guess I finally caught up on my sleep. I walked to the bathroom and took a hot shower, when I got out I finally looked at my maturing body. I looked at my snow white skin, carmel hair, small frame, and admired my small breast supplying my thin figure with subtle curves. I finally began to appreciate my body. I walked into my room and put on my new bra, It added a full cup size I had cleavage for the first time ever. Then I slid on the panties, I actually looked like a mature young woman.

"Knock Knock!" Alice said walking into my room. "Let's get you sexy!" She quickly dried and straightened my hair, did my make-up and put on a pair of hug hoop earings. "Jakes here." She said smiling. "He just drove up, go answer the door." I ran down the stairs and opened the door when he knocked.

"Hi Jake!" I said. Giving him a huge hug.

"Hey Ness." He said looking at me up and down. "You look gorgeous."

"Thank you, you too." Come on in and sit down. We walked to the table and I sat right next to him. Dad came in the second I sat down, I could tell he wasn't thrilled with the outfit, but It gave me a sense of confidence knowing that.

After we ate dinner me and Jake went to the back yard and sat on the porch bench. Small talk went on for about 30 minutes, then.

"You look so beautiful in this light" Jake said.

"I think you look really handsome tonight." I told him. During a while of silence our faces grew closer together untill our lips met, and we kissed. After that first kiss I started giggling. "I'm just so happy! That was amazing."

"Best kiss of my life too." Jake told me making me blush. The rest of the night went by in a blurr till I went to bed thinking of my first kiss.